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  • September 2016


    Staff 2016-2017

    Laidlaw Call-In System/


    Laidlaw Lunch Program

    Strong Beginnings

    Dates to Remember

    Allergies & Anaphylaxis

    Parent Advisory Council

    Notes from the Music Room

    Guidelines for Parking

    Subscription on Line Resource

    Library News

    Strong Beginnings Letter

    School Information

    School Milk Order Form

    The Principals Message

    We have had an excellent beginning to the 2016/17 school year at Laidlaw! Children and teach-

    ers are always excited about the first day back, and this was evident by the energy that was felt as

    students and parents began to gather in front of the school. As we gathered, one couldnt help but

    notice the many new faces that we are welcoming to the student body and Laidlaw community

    this year.

    Over the summer, several parts of the school were updated. We installed a new intercom/bell

    system; upgraded our wifi capacity; painted the Middle Years hallway; and received new furni-

    ture for the Grade 7/8 science/math room. As always, the cleaning staff, tradespeople, and teach-

    ers worked very hard to have the school ready for the arrival of the students. Work continues in

    the Learning Commons (library), where you will soon see new shelving. This is also

    Laidlaws year for cyclical replacement of computers. All of these updates will allow us to bet-

    ter meet the needs of our students and provide increased opportunity for student engagement.

    As you will see on our 2016-2017 staff list on the following page, there have been several chang-

    es. This year, we welcome Mrs. Cornelia Marcil (Reading Recovery), Ms. Amy McLeod

    (Kindergarten), Mr. Garrett Glenwright (Grade 1/2), Ms. Christine Gouriluk (K-5 Music), Mr.

    Sayed Noureldin (6, 7 & 8 French), Mr. Jesse Thomas (Band), and Mr. Michael Stupak (Phys.

    Ed.). Laidlaw School also welcomes six student teachers from the University of Manitoba: Ms.

    Kirsten Chan with Mrs. Bradbury, Mr. Vincenzo Bruni with Mrs. Aiello, Ms. Ashley Mayberry

    with Mr. Matas, Ms. Nicole Strick with Mr. Glenwright, Ms. Madison Jocelyn with Mrs. Oike,

    and Mr. Riley Colpitts with Mr. Stupak. We love the energy and ideas that all these new people

    bring to Laidlaw.

    On Wednesday, September 14th, we continued our tradition of the Ringing in the School Y ear

    assembly. We took this opportunity to formally welcome everyone back, and to especially wel-

    come all our new students. September also means Strong Beginnings, where teachers will

    gather information in order to provide appropriate academic programming. We will also continue

    with work in the area of Human Rights and inclusion at the classroom level and school level in

    order to continue building a positive school atmosphere and responsible citizens.

    I look forward to meeting you at the Parent Information Evening at 7:00 pm on September 14 th.

    Ryan Scott

    The following forms should be signed and returned during the first week of school:

    Student Information Update

    Technology Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

    Media Release Form

    Laidlaw School Lunch Program form and fee

    Registration fees

    Please review, sign and return to your childs classroom teacher no later than Tuesday, September 20, 2016.



  • Laidlaw Call-In System/Communication

    Communication between home and school is of utmost importance

    and we are trying to make it as easy as possible for you. You may

    call us at 204-888-1678 or fax us at 204-888-2058. If your child is

    to be absent or late, please leave a detailed message on our Absence

    Line at 204-888-1678. Press 3 before 9:00 a.m. or 12:45 p.m.

    A newsletter and calendar of events will be on our website: each month. It includes classroom

    information posted by teachers and is updated regularly.

    Please check our website often for classroom information, monthly

    newsletters and calendars, and important information that may be

    posted on our site.

    Laidlaw Lunch Program

    Registration forms for the lunch program have been sent home.

    In order to account for all students, every family must register

    with the lunch program. Completed registr ations are to be

    returned to the school by September 15th, along with the payment.

    Milk Program/Lunch Coupons An order form for sheets of milk coupons is included

    in all newsletters. Individual milk tickets may also be

    purchased in the school office at 11:45 am. White milk

    is 75 and chocolate milk $1.00. Sheets are also availa-

    ble; 20 white coupons for $15.00 and 20 chocolate

    coupons for $20.00. See the back of the newsletter for

    order forms.

    Students who only stay occasionally for lunch may pre-purchase

    casual lunch coupons from the school office. If a student is not

    participating in the lunch program but would like to stay for lunch

    periodically, a casual lunch coupon is required ($20.00/10 coupons

    or $2.00 a day).

    Microwave Availability/Utensils A microwave is available to students in each classroom. In order

    for all students to have access to the microwave, please do not send

    any food that will require more than 2 minutes to heat. We would

    also recommend that food be packed in microwave safe containers.

    Would you please ensure that you provide all utensils that your

    child will need for lunch, i.e. spoon, fork, etc. The lunch program

    has a very limited supply available.

    Allergies & Anaphylaxis (see information sheets)

    At Laidlaw School, there are students with life-threatening

    allergies that could result in an anaphylactic reaction. Several

    classrooms have been designated as reduced risk zones due to

    life threatening allergies to peanuts, nuts, and nut products. An

    information letter will be sent to families with students in these

    classrooms. In addition to knowing how to respond in an emer-

    gency, parents and staff also need to be pro-active in avoidance


    Avoid peanuts, nuts and products with nut extracts within the confines of the school.

    Keep lunchroom and eating areas clean.

    Instruct students in proper hand washing both before and after eating.

    Teach children not to trade or share food.

    Monitor carefully food coming in for special celebrations.

    All parents, staff and students need to be aware about anaphylaxis, the appropriate action in an emergency and


    We all play a part to ensure that Laidlaw School is a safe place

    for students. All parents are encouraged not to send food

    items containing peanuts.

    Website: Absence Line:


    Press 3

    Laidlaw Staff 2016/2017

    Ryan Scott Principal Amy McLeod Kindergarten Cathey Gornik Multi-Age 1, 2 Garrett Glenwright Multi-Age 1, 2 Shauna Oike Multi-Age 3, 4 Kim McGregor Multi-Age 3, 4 AM, Resource Courtney Skinner Multi-Age 3, 4 PM John Matas Grade 5 Caterina Aiello Grade 6 Jessica Denolf Gr. 7 Homeroom, Gr. 7 & 8 - Science, Math Diana Bradbury Gr. 8 Homeroom, Gr. 7 & 8 - ELA, Social Studies El Sayed Noureldin Gr. 68 French Ingrid McMillan Gr. 68 Art, K-8 Counsellor Christine Gouriluk K Gr. 5 Music Michael Stupak K 8 Phys. Ed. Jesse Thomas Gr. 68 Band Liann Pelser Resource; ELA Cornelia Marcil Reading Recovery Sue Hjalmarson Librarian; MakerSpace Judy Grimstrup Library Technician Karen Rempel Educational Assistant Marcia McKenzie Educational Assistant Kristin Rempel Educational Assistant Amanda Mann Educational Assistant

    Donna Rodgers Educational Assistant - AM Grace Ballard Performing Arts EA Charity Lamontagne Rehab Assistant Cheryl Hay Administrative Secretary Andy Coffman Day Custodian Dave Simpkin Evening Custodian

  • Allergy Aware

    School and Childcare Settings Tips for parents whose children attend allergy aware settings

  • Tree Nut and


    Food Allergens


    For more information: Dial-A-Dietitian 604-732-9191 (Greater Vancouver), 1-800-667-3438 (toll free)

    What is the difference between tree nuts and peanuts? Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts (filberts), macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts

    (pignolias), pistachio nuts and walnuts are all considered tree nuts. Peanuts are part of the legume family and are not considered a tree nut.

    How can I know if a food contains tree nuts or peanuts? Read product ingredient labels carefully to make sure they dont list any source of tree nuts or

    peanuts in the food. Often, different names are used for tree nuts and peanuts.

    See the Health Canada fact sheets found at the websites below for other common names to watch for on ingredient lists. Avoid foods and products that do not have an ingredient list.

    Manufacturers may occasionally change their recipes or use different ingredients so read labels every time you shop. Be cautious of bulk food items as they may be contaminated with trace amounts of nuts.

    Watch out for allergen cross contamination Cross contamination is the transfer of an ingredient (food allergen)