November 2015 Voice of the Spirit

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Monthly Publication of the Ohio State Council, Knights of Columbus


  • KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS NOVEMBER 2015 Monthly Publication of the Ohio State Council

    Brother Knights,

    A little about

    membership As your State Deputy I

    have to congratulate

    the Brothers Knights

    throughout Ohio. We

    have done a fantastic

    job with membership

    intake in October. To

    date we stand at 30% of

    our Supreme Council


    requirements. We rank

    18th of the 74 K of C

    Jurisdictions worldwide

    and we rank 3rd among

    the Division 1 State


    On Wednesday, October

    28, 2015 I received a

    call from Mr. Al Cala.

    Brother Al is the

    Deputy Director of

    Membership Growth for

    the Order. He just

    called to say Thank You for Ohios efforts in membership this

    year. Needless to say it

    was a gratifying to

    accept this call on

    behalf of all our hard

    working members.

    Membership should be

    the foremost priority of

    every Grand Knight

    and Membership

    Director throughout

    this great state of Ohio.

    We have shown an

    increase in councils

    recruiting and bringing

    in new members. To

    date about 35% of the

    Council's around the

    state are carrying the

    load in new

    membership. If the

    State of Ohio is to

    improve our

    membership status and

    grow as a jurisdiction

    we need the other 65%

    or roughly 260 councils

    to step up and begin


    We are again looking

    for big opportunities

    again in November.

    There still may be some

    left over prospects from

    Octobers Parish Drives

    that need to be

    contacted. Inspector

    Membership has some

    incentives for

    November for Councils,

    District Deputies, and

    Brother Knights. Watch

    us on Facebook or get

    signed up for our social

    media blitz on some

    unpublished midmonth

    membership incentives.

    (Continued on page 2)

    Mission Statement We as men of the Knights of

    Columbus, men of faith, are

    called through Baptism to

    grow and increase in faith.

    We are thereby summoned

    to serve as witnesses to that

    faith in our daily lives, in

    the lives of our families, and

    in the lives of others

    throughout our


    Mission Objective Fostering men united in a

    faith that will continue the

    growth of Fr. McGivneys dream ensuring the spread

    of Columbianism; becoming

    more visible through the

    good works of Charity,

    Unity, and Fraternity;

    creating an atmosphere

    which encourages and calls

    all Catholic men to serve

    with their Brothers.

    Check Us Out At



    Growth in new membership

    brings new Brother Knights,

    new ideas, and new energy into

    your councils. Please get on

    track with your councils

    membership program and sign

    up a new member today. If you

    havent brought in a new member this year please take a

    moment and ask yourself why.

    Congratulations to the

    September Membership Contest

    winners and all who brought in

    a new member that month.

    Contest winners should be listed

    in State Membership Director

    Nick Greskos column.

    Some thoughts on degree

    work Please continue to schedule

    frequent degrees. Our

    requirement is one 1st Degree

    per District per month,

    statewide. I see the results of

    these frequent degrees already

    paying off in our membership

    numbers. Every District Deputy

    is required to schedule and

    conduct a 1st Degree in his

    district every month. Please list

    all of the degrees on the State

    Website. The degree posting

    page should be overflowing with

    scheduled degrees. There should

    be a minimum of 80 degrees per

    month posted on the State

    Website. If you schedule them

    they will come. If you post them

    others can see them and they

    will come too.

    Please continue to remind your

    candidates about the proper

    attire when they come to take

    any of the degrees. A candidate

    in t-shirts and shorts is just not

    an acceptable dress for a

    candidate making a degree.

    They should be dressed at the

    very minimum some type of

    Dockers or dress pants and a

    polo shirt or dress shirt.

    Squires Congratulations...

    Congratulations to our State

    Squire Circle. They stand on top

    of the Order with a percentage

    net gain of 7.12%.

    Congratulations as well

    to Grand Knight Nathan

    Helmstetter and Chief

    Counselor Eric Huelskamp and

    the Knights at St. Henry

    Council #2640 upon the

    reactivation of their Squires

    Circle #3773.

    Our Fall Fundraiser the

    Football Frenzy


    The Football Frenzy

    Sweepstakes is beginning to

    take in revenue from around the

    state. Early returns of

    sweepstakes tickets are

    promising. Final sales results

    will be available soon. Thank

    you to all who took the time to

    either purchase a ticket or to

    sell tickets at your council. If

    your council has not made their

    returns please make them as

    soon as possible to Past State

    Deputy Gary Eckstein.

    Remember an increase this year

    of $50,000 in profits at the State

    Council will negate the $1.00

    per capita increase that will be

    proposed to the delegates at the

    next state convention.

    Supreme Council Icon

    Program The Holy Family Icon program

    is on hold for now. We are

    waiting on Supreme Council to

    publish the program booklets

    that will lead us through the

    adoration ceremony. Hopefully

    the four icons will circulate

    through the State of Ohio soon.

    Look further in this issue of the

    Voice of the Spirit for the schedule and when the icon will

    come to your district. Please

    take full advantage of this

    prayerful opportunity within

    your council and parishes.

    State Council Financials State Secretary Brother Kevin

    Miller has just issued the last of

    the Measure Up Grant Checks

    to those councils who were a

    little late in getting their

    collections in to the State

    Chairman. I have instructed

    State Advocate Brother Mark

    Siracusa of a cutoff date of

    December 1, 2015 for the end of

    the 2015 Measure Up

    Campaign. On behalf of all the

    State Officers I would like to

    thank everyone for their efforts

    in the Measure Up Campaign.

    Due to your efforts we showed

    an increase in donations this


    Brother Miller has also paid the

    last batch of the 2015 State

    Convention Delegate Mileage

    and Per Diem checks. The

    checks have been set to the

    Financial Secretary of record.

    The only checks that may not be

    paid are the councils who have

    recently sent in the State Per

    Capita check. Remember that

    the 2015 Convention Mileage

    (Continued from page 1)

    (Continued on page 3)



    and Per Diem check is not paid

    until the State Council receives

    the State Per Capita check.

    The Matching Funds Campaign

    is running a little behind usual

    donations. Councils contributing

    early have the opportunity to

    have their contribution

    matched by the Ohio Charity Foundation up to the first

    $25,000.00 collected. Remember

    all funds stay in your diocese

    and are used for religious


    A cutoff date of December 1,

    2015 will end this years campaign. Thanks to all who

    have contributed to this worthy


    A little about the Statewide

    Retreat Please reserve the weekend of

    February 4th and 5th, 2016 for

    the Ohio State Council State

    Retreat. A Reservation Form,

    event costs, rooming and

    rooming availability will be

    available in the next issue of the

    Voice of the Spirit. I know I promised it this month but will

    have it next month for sure.

    Please make every effort attend

    this 24 hour day with your

    Brother Knights in some

    fraternity, meditation, and


    District Deputy Midyear

    Meeting The District Deputy Midyear

    Meeting will be weekend of

    January 8, 9, and 10, 2016 at

    the Columbus Hilton at Easton.

    Supreme Council Membership

    and Programming Consultant

    Joe Ramirez and Supreme

    Council Training Consultant

    Tom Ciborski will lead the day

    of training on Saturday


    Every District Deputy is

    required to attend this weekend

    conference. Please plan to

    attend and clear your calendar

    for this all-important weekend.

    District Deputies will receive a

    personal invitation with

    requirements he will need for

    that weekend. Plan to provide

    information concerning required

    forms, membership,

    programming, and degree work

    that day.

    Town Hall Meetings

    The Town Hall meetings seem to be working well. I have

    attended in the Archdiocese of

    Cincinnati, in the Toledo

    Diocese, and several in the

    Cleveland Diocese. Meetings

    have been very well attended.

    There has been excellent

    dialogue and debate among

    myself, other State Officers,

    State Directors and the Brother

    Knights in attendance. These

    meeting are a great place to

    learn about the working of your

    State Council, the State

    Website, State General

    Program, Church Drives, and

    membership recruiting. All

    meetings start at 7:00 p.m.

    Thursday, November 5

    Marian Council #3813

    Tuesday, November 10

    Mantua Council #3766

    Thursday, December 10

    Garfield Council #4130

    Wednesday, December 16,

    Greater Columbus Area

    Thursday, December 17

    Kenton Council #1597

    Tuesday, January 19

    St. Marys Chardon Council #15942

    Two dates in January in the

    Steubenville Diocese are yet to

    be confirmed.

    Special Lapel Pin I have been working with Vice

    Supreme Master Donald Hall to

    produce a special lapel pin for

    any 4th Degree member who

    brings in a new member and get

    him through his first 3 degrees.

    Our 4th Degree Sir Knights are

    always looking for ways to

    increase not only their

    membership but the State

    Councils as well. I, Vice

    Supreme Master Hall, and State

    Social Media Chairman Jim

    Maslach are working out the

    final details of this pin. Look for

    more on this in upcoming issues

    of the Voice or from your District Masters later this

    fraternal year.


    The State Website is up and

    running for the 1st General

    Program grading period. Yes we

    have had some web issues. All

    problems to my knowledge have

    been worked out with

    Webmaster Brother Gilliland on

    a person to person basis. He has

    taken to task the corrections of

    (Continued from page 2)

    (Continued on page 4)



    any deficiencies that may have

    come along. Remember our

    website is only 125 days old so

    its just getting up on its feet.

    With this said and confident in

    the working of the Website thus

    far Brother Gilliland working on

    the ability for District Deputies

    to view all of their respective

    councils programming. Brother

    Gilliland is also working on the

    State Chaplains Page, the State Deputys Page, links to video productions on the Supreme

    Website, State Council Website

    tutorials, and better

    information to our Membership

    Inquiry Page.

    Please be patient with us. If you

    have any issues please address

    them to me and I'll get with you

    and Brother Bob to get them


    A little about K of C

    Insurance Earlier this Fraternal Year the

    State Officers sat down with the

    five General Agents of Ohio in

    an informal day-long meeting

    discussing how we can assist

    one another. We are truly

    blessed with a great group of

    men dedicated to our Order and

    the financial protection of our

    families. Each and every one of

    them is full time employees of

    our Order and day in and day

    out live Father McGivneys Dream.

    Please take every advantage of

    these fine gentlemen with not

    only your insurance needs but

    with Parish Drives and

    Membership Promotion within

    your council. They are all

    excellent cold call recruiters;

    well versed and able to help

    secure that new member.

    James Valent, 740-319-5632;

    Dave Roberts, 330-614-2063;

    Jeff Hearty, 216-592-8514

    Chad Osterholt, 419-447-0404;

    Patrick Murphy, 513-847-1306

    Look for an article in upcoming

    issues of the Voice by one of our General Agents. We will

    feature Brother Patrick Murphy

    in the December issue.

    In closing God Bless and continue to do

    the work you do in Jesus name.

    Dedicate everything you do for

    Him to the honor and glory of

    God and see what changes it

    will make in your life.

    Bob Collins

    State Deputy

    (Continued from page 3)

    Council Grand Knights are reminded to get their orders for Measure

    Up rulers to their District Deputies. The DDs will receive their Districts rulers at the Mid-Year meeting in January 2016.

    The Holy Family Icon Prayer Books are still in the process of being

    printed at Supreme. The Icon prayer program will hopefully begin in

    late November or early December. All councils are District Deputies

    will be notified as soon as the prayer books are printed and when the

    program will start in Ohio.

    Larry Droesch

    State Warden





    On December 8th, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception;

    Patroness of the United States, the Holy Year of Mercy will begin.

    Inaugurated by Pope Francis, on 13 March 2015, during a Lenten

    Homily, he wants the whole world to experience the Divine Mercy of

    God, for only when we have been forgiven, do we become truly free.

    We read below the purpose of this Jubilee Year.

    (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis presided over a penance service

    in St. Peter's Basilica on Friday afternoon, during which he

    announced an extraordinary Jubilee dedicated to Divine

    Mercy. Below, please find Vatican Radio's English translation

    of the Holy Father's homily, in which he made the


    Dear brothers and sisters, I have often thought about how the Church might make clear

    its mission of being a witness to mercy. It is journey that begins with a spiritual

    conversion. For this reason, I have decided to call an extraordinary Jubilee that is to

    have the mercy of God at its center. It shall be a Holy Year of Mercy. We want to live

    this Year in the light of the Lord's words: Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. (cf. Luke 6:36)

    This Holy Year will begin on this coming Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and

    will end on November 20, 2016, the Sunday dedicated to Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of

    the Universe and living face of the Fathers mercy. I entrust the organization of this Jubilee to the Pontifical Council for Promotion of the New Evangelization, that [the

    dicastery] might animate it as a new stage in the journey of the Church on its mission

    to bring to every person the Gospel of mercy.

    I am convinced that the whole Church will find in this Jubilee the joy needed to

    rediscover and make fruitful the mercy of God, with which all of us are called to give

    consolation to every man and woman of our time. From this moment, we entrust this

    Holy Year to the Mother of Mercy, that she might turn her gaze upon us and watch over

    our journey.

    As your State Chaplain, I would like us to be merciful, just as your Father is merciful in our relations with one another whether it is in our families, parishes, schools and places of work, local

    community and in our State and Local Councils. How this happens, as Pope Francis states, is

    through a spiritual conversion of the soul. As we conclude the cal...