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<p>oice VTheB U S I N e S S S p O t l I g h t</p> <p>On the Web:</p> <p>FAI R FI E LD -S U IS U N C IT Y C HAM B E R O F CO M M E R C E</p> <p>Governor vetoes four job killer bills; signs one into lawGovernor Edmund G. Brown Jr. concluded his work on legislation last month, vetoing two more CalChamberopposed job killer bills in addition to two earlier vetoes and signing one job killer bill into law. A total of five job killers ultimately made it to the Governors desk from the 30 that were identified for 2011. We commend Governor Brown for vetoing nearly all CalChamber identified job killers, said Allan Zaremberg, President and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce. Governor Browns commitment to do no more harm to Californias economy See Governor, Page 9</p> <p>November 2011</p> <p>OUR MISSION: Improve the local economic base through active advocacy and programs to assist our members.</p> <p>Meyer Corporationuses cutting edge technology to produce cookware</p> <p>B</p> <p>ased in Vallejo, Meyer Corporation is part of Meyer International Holdings. With manufacturing plants throughout the world, they manufacture and distribute high quality, top performing cookware, utilizing cutting edge technology and design. Using various materials such as stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum, and nonstick aluminum, they produce four different brand names, including Farberware and Kitchen Aid, that are effectively marketed to satisfy a wide spectrum of cookware needs. This marketing strategy made them one of the fastest growing cookware companies during the 90s. Today, they are the second largest distributor of range top cookware in the country. Our newest distribution center in See Meyer, Page 6</p> <p>Solano named one of 100 Best Communities for Young PeopleSolano County has once again achieved national recognition as one of Americas Promise Alliances 100 Best Communities for Young People presented by ING for its ongoing activities to help children and youth. This year marks the fifth time that Solano County has been recognized as a 100 Best winner. The competition recognizes communities across the country that focus on See Solano, Page 11</p> <p>Robinson Kuntz/Daily Republic (2010)</p> <p>An automatic rail system moves pallets of cookware at Meyer Corporations distribution center.</p> <p>CHAIRMANS CLUB</p> <p>pRESIDENTS CLUB Anheuser-Busch DIRECTORS CLUBCopart Hilton Garden Inn Lewis Planned Communities MV Transportation Solano Garbage Company Sutter Health (SRMF/SSMC) Techpro Source</p> <p>DIAMOND CLUBB &amp; L Properties Bryan-Braker Funeral Home Credit Bureau Associates Daily Republic Emerson West Coast Engineering, The First Northern Bank Ford Lincoln Fairfield Gaw Van MalePacific Gas &amp; Electric</p> <p>PRIDE Industries Rexam Beverage Can Co.</p> <p>pREMIER CLUBCostco of Fairfield Goodrich Quality Inn &amp; Suites Kaiser Permanente Potrero Hills Landfill Raleys Super Stores Solano Athletic Clubs Wal-Mart WestAmerica Bank</p> <p>11.14 11.30</p> <p>UpcOMINgMIxeRSJelly Belly Candy Company Staybridge Suites</p> <p>2</p> <p>the VOIce The official newsletter of the Fairfield-Suisun City Chamber of Commerce November 2011</p> <p></p> <p>Board of Directors2010 - 2011CHAIR</p> <p>Barry YoungSolano Athletic Clubs</p> <p>Why we are thankful for our ChamberFROM THE DESK OF</p> <p>CHAIRMAN ELECT</p> <p>Sue VaccaroSolano Garbage/Republic Services</p> <p>VICE CHAIR/TREASURER</p> <p>David Welch David L. Welch, CPAVICE CHAIR</p> <p>T. Burt McNaughtonDaily Republic</p> <p>VICE CHAIR</p> <p>I</p> <p>Anthony Russo B&amp;L PropertiesVICE CHAIR</p> <p>Steve Lessler The Lessler GroupIMMEDIATE pAST CHAIR</p> <p>Kevin JohnsonHilton Garden Inn</p> <p>DIRECTORS</p> <p>Andy AndersonTravis Credit Union</p> <p>president/ceO leslie Fay</p> <p>Ken BrockBrock Law Group, APC</p> <p>Kevin FingerAnheuser-Busch</p> <p>Ron MarletteMission Solano</p> <p>Don McDonaldRE/MAX Gold Elite</p> <p>Bridgit StrachanNorthBay Healthcare</p> <p>EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS</p> <p>Harry priceCity of Fairfield Mayor</p> <p>pete SanchezCity of Suisun City Major</p> <p>Dr. Jowel LaguerreSolano CC, President</p> <p>COMMITTEE CHAIRS</p> <p>Charles McCullarChief Ambassador</p> <p>Chuck WoodChair, Business Issues</p> <p>Steve LesslerChair, Membership</p> <p>Mike CortezChair, Technology</p> <p>Dale BaumlerChair, TRAFC</p> <p>n times when the world is upside down with unemployment rates that are skyrocketing, the stock market is unstable, the housing market is a disaster, small businesses are closing because the mandates are unfair, manufacturing jobs are being exported to other countries, school achievement scores are not where they should be, and national politics are becoming a joke, how can we be thankful? Many ways! We must look around and think about our forefathers and their contributions to the economy and recognize why business was good and great. Thank you. We can be thankful for all the past presidents of the Chamber. They worked together with their board members and other volunteers and did many great things for this Chamber. Many past presidents continue to be involved like Ray Schoch, Ben Huber, Kendall Hillman, Mac MacManigal, Kathy Parsons, Anand Patel, Scott Reynolds, Darelyn Pazdel, Gary Falati, Steve Epps, Yvonne GreerMcManigal, John Monson, Chuck Goldman, Mark Sievers, Steve Spencer, and Ed Lippstru. We couldnt ask for a more professional dedicated group of men and women who devoted their time and effort towards the success of the Chamber. Thank you. Volunteers are special . . . it is very important that we make sure we express our appreciation in many ways. Today our ambassadors continue to support the Chamber by volunteering countless hours to make sure the Chambers good will is spread to others. To Charles McCullar, chief ambassador, and all the other ambassadors of good will. Thank you. It has been an exceptional few months for the Chamber. We are blessed to have filled some of our office space with new tenants who not only want to</p> <p>: Website numbers, referrals forSeptember2011Unique visitors:2,049 Total visitors:5,318 Total page hits:71,251 Member referrals:90</p> <p>be a part of the Chamber team, but a part of a great atmosphere to work. We are all working for the common good to advocate for our businesses! Welcome, Bob Lee with BluePrint Investing, LLC; sMartketnow. com Don MacDonald; The Friendraisers Lanny Couvillon and John Youngberg; Ken Brock of the Brock Law Group; and Anand Patel, The Fairfield Tourism Association. Thank you. We are also blessed to have a great relationship with Travis Air Force Base and the command officers. The Travis Regional Armed Forces Committee continues to strive for the highest when it comes to support for the base operations. Thank you. I am personally thankful to work for a loyal group of individuals and professionals on the FairfieldSuisun Board of Directors and to have a great staff Melissa, Debi, Darlene and Maury. It is also wonderful to have the partnership with the City of Fairfield and Suisun City our neighbors and friends! Thank you. May you all have a blessed holiday and remember how important it is to be thankful for what we have around us in Fairfield and Suisun! Happy Thanksgiving!</p> <p>CHAMBER STAFF</p> <p>Leslie FayPresident &amp; CEO</p> <p>Melissa ManryAdministrative Assistant</p> <p>CITATION CLUBAmos &amp; Andrews, Inc. AT&amp;T Ball Corporation Cache Creek Casino Resort Creegan &amp; DAngelo Engineers Emeritus at Rancho Solano enXco Fairfield Tourism Association Gateway Health Alliance Gillespies Abbey Carpet IHOP of Fairfield Meyer Corporation Momentum Auto Group Paradise Valley Estates Taco Bell Umpqua Bank Video Pro Productions Wells Fargo Bank Westfield Solano Yin McDonalds</p> <p>Debi TaveyCommunity Relations Director</p> <p>3 Reviewing YourOrganizationBy Barry Young</p> <p>chAIRMAN OF the BOARD</p> <p>7 New EducationalOpportunity for Local YouthBy Sean Quinn</p> <p>FAIRFIelD cItY MANAgeR</p> <p>The Voiceis published monthly by the Fairfield-Suisun City Chamber of Commerce 1111 Webster Street Fairfield, CA 94533 707.425.4625 707.425.0826 / Fax Printing by: Daily Republic For advertising call: 425-4646</p> <p>INSIDE THIS ISSUE</p> <p>Dont Forget to Update Your Info for the New 2012 Business Directory</p> <p>Special Events Downtown</p> <p>pAST CHAIRS CIRCLEEdLippstreau76-77</p> <p>RaySchoch94-95</p> <p>BenHuber98-99</p> <p>KathyParsons01-02</p> <p>4 Business News 5 Calendar 6 Chamber Events</p> <p>8 New Members 9 How Many ShoppingDays Until?By Suzanne BragdonSUISUN cItY MANAgeR</p> <p> Opportunities to build business relationships</p> <p>The official newsletter of the Fairfield-Suisun City Chamber of Commerce the VOIce November 2011</p> <p>3</p> <p>Reviewing your organizations a business owner or leader, you can never go wrong by taking a close look at your business or department. We get used to habits and daily routines. We are so close to the work, we dont see the possibilities of redesigning and re-engineering. As the driver-leader, you must accept total responsibility for the results you are getting. No one on your team should care nor will care more than you! Owners and leaders must eliminate confusion; they must be clear and complete . . . they must keep the main thing, the main thing. I would like to suggest that you get and read (if you havent already) the great book, Good To Great by Jim Collins. This book can serve as a great workbook for you and your team as you begin to redesign and recreate your organization or department. I will provide the following briefs on two key points for your consideration. Becoming a Level 5 Leader Great companies have leaders who build cultures of greatness through a rare blend of personal humility and professional will. They lead by example and ensure that communications are clear, reasonable, fair, and that all people are treated with respect and integrity. No great organization can be built that has double standards and inconsistency. Level 5 Leaders find ways to recognize, reward and celebrate the good work of their team members. Level 5 Leaders also hold people accountable and are sure to redirect energy and effort that is</p> <p>Dont forget to update your info for the 2012 Business DirectoryBy Debi tavey</p> <p>A</p> <p>I</p> <p>Community Relations Director</p> <p>Barry Young</p> <p>Chairman of the Board</p> <p>not consistent with the stated goals of the company. How do you stack up? The Hedgehog Concept Have you heard the Greek parable of the hedgehog and the fox? The cunning and quick fox is after the hedgehog only to always find the hedgehog tightly closed up with nothing but sharp quills to attack; a very focused and well protected animal that is built to survive the assault. Is your business tightly focused? Do you have laser quality focus? Great companies build goals around three basic concepts: What can you be the best at? What, exactly, drives the economic engine of your business? What are you deeply passionate about? Have you built your company around these kinds of concepts? If you have the privileged opportunity to either own a business or lead one, you also have the chance to make it great! The concepts and ideas mentioned offer a start as to how to move from good to great! The choice is yours . . . why not begin today to take the first steps.</p> <p>ts that time of year again to get out last years Business Directory and review your contact information. Every year the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce partners with the Daily Republic to publish and distribute the annual Business Directory. The 2012 Business Directory will reach more than 65,000 readers which will result in new business for our members. Im sure you understand the importance of reviewing the existing directory. Go to the Chambers website at to make sure your information is correct, especially if you joined after Nov. 30, 2010. There are three key components to an effective listing, the first being your general information name, address, and phone number and if you have moved, added a name or changed your phone number. The second would be to review what three industries you are listed under, have you added or illuminated a service</p> <p>and no longer belong under the category in which you are listed. The third is contact information. Are the people you have listed still with the company and is their contact information correct? This should be reviewed on a regular basis. If you see any changes that need to be made please email me at debi@ffsc-chamber. com or call 425-4625. I assure you the changes will be made in the system and in the 2012 Business Directory. Having updated contact information for your business on our website and in the print directory is key to the success of your business. While perusing our member listings last week on the website, I noticed how many of our members havent yet put their bios on their listing. I encourage all of you to tell us what makes your business special, why should a potential customer do business with you? Tell them what sets you apart from like businesses. If you need help navigating through this process, please dont See Directory, Page 8</p> <p>4</p> <p>the VOIce The official newsletter of the Fairfield-Suisun City Chamber of Commerce November 2011</p> <p></p> <p>Business News</p> <p>Tell us about your accomplishments, promotions and items of interest regarding your business. E-mail a press release to the Chamber at: or fax it to 707-425-0826.</p> <p>NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield is Solanos first trauma centerIts official. NorthBay Medical Center is now Solano Countys only Level III trauma center. An unveiling party was held Friday, Sept. 30, to undrape the Trauma Center sign, now posted at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and B. Gale Boulevard in Fairfield. The crowd roared when the blue blocking was pulled down by a host of NorthBay officials and local dignitaries. Representing NorthBay at the ceremony were Dr. Pete Zopfi, trauma medical director and chief of surgery, Kathy Richerson, vice president and chief nursing officer, Heather Venezio, trauma director and Daman Mott, director of Emergency Department/ Trauma Services. Also present were Solano County Supervisor Linda Seifert</p> <p>and Fairfield City Councilman Rick Vaccaro, who were ably assisted by Fairfield Fire Chief Walt Tibbet and Solano County Deputy Public Health Officer Dr. Michael Stacey, along with Fairfield Fire Battalion Chief Rob Bartoli and Fred Zaragoza, representing county Supervisor Mike Reagan. The party in the adjacent parking lot included NorthBay Healthcare staff and senior managers, the NorthBay Trauma Team, local responders from fire departments, CALSTAR and Medic Ambulance. Its been a long journey, but well worth it. Were very proud of all the hard work that went into this achievement, said Richerson. Its a real victory for the citizens of Solano County, said NorthBay President and CEO Gary Passama. They will no longer have to take their injured 45 minutes away to a trauma center. Dr. Zopfi said hes been See News, Page 10</p> <p></p> <p>NovtUe</p> <p>1</p> <p>8 to 9 a.m. Courtyard by Marriott, 1350 Holiday Lane, Fairfield</p> <p>14</p> <p>Nov</p> <p>9 to...</p>