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Omar Benitez Curriculum Vitae

Text of Obm magazine

  • Crea%ve manager Omar Bentez

  • My Mission is to create and add value in to the relationship between business & people, building knowledge and awareness by c r e a t i n g m e a n i n g f u l a n d significant experiences".

  • Passionate Innovative Dynamic Ecient


    Communicational Negotiator Adaptable Creative

    Conciliatory Versatile

    Personality & Habili%es

  • Educa%on & Skills

    Master Business Administration "Retail & management

    Instituto Europeo di Desig

    Barcelona, Spain Dec. 2009

    Lic. Diseo y Publicidad Thesis: "The Crea8ve process in the

    interpreta8on of a trend"

    JK Universidad Mexico, D.F. 1998-2000

  • "My Philosophy is to cooperate and collaborate with my experience, skills and knowledge to

    promote the concepts of eciency and eectiveness.

  • Interna%onal Projects Singapore

    Raes Privato is an incubator project between RDC and Paragon Shopping Centre aimed to assist up-coming talented designers to establish their own private label in Singapore market. - Produc%on & logis%cs managment - Brand & portafolio Managment - Managment of nancial resources - Consumer / Trade trends monitoring - Pricing scenarios and alalysis - Price and trade terms managment - Category Managment - Business insight

  • Interna%onal Projects India

    Raes Millennium Interna%onal (RMI) Is a design training university oering wordl class programs in crea%ve arts: Design, Life style and Business management. Provide leadership in teaching, curriculum development and research in Fashion Design and Fashion Marke%ng and Management. This include unit coordina%on, development of programs of study, a role in planning or commi[ee work, prepara%on and delivery of lectures and seminars and supervision of sta.

  • Interna%onal Projects Spain

    Muji began life as an own-label range from japonese supermarket Seiyu in 1980. The Mujirushi Ryohin (meaning "no label quality goods") oering had its name shortened to Muji when it was launched outside Japan.

  • Interna%onal Projects Spain

  • Interna%onal Projects Mexico

    Mexican local magazine with a circula%on: 10,000 copies per quarter. Available at Sanborn's, Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, Comercial Mexicana, California Restaurants and Airport of Mexico City. h[p://www.nuestraboda.com - Responsible for translate companys marke%ng objec%ves into crea%ve strategies and designs. - Conceptualize ideas; and assigning projects to sta. - Understand the companys needs and current market condi%ons in order to develop successful crea%ve campaigns.

  • www.omarbenitezatelier.jimdo.com