Old North News Lauren Rider, Beth Booker, and David E. Booker. Photos courtesy of Lauren Rider, Brad Guilford, Beth Booker, and David E. Booker Old North News covers the news and events

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    Page 5ONKs 2013 Holiday Home Tour preview

    4 6Trash and treasures

    found in ONK



    Twenty five years! the annual Old nOrth KnOxville vic-tOrian hOliday hOme tOur has been around longer than the neighborhood newsletter (15 years) and longer than many other home tours or holiday events in Knoxville.

    Originally started to show off the res-toration and revitalization work done in Old North Knoxville, it has grown into a two-day event that regular-ly draws over 1,600 people to tour homes and churches decorated for the holidays.

    Congratulations and thank you to those who started this tradition that has now reached its silver anniversa-ry. They would probably be amazed at what an event it has become.

    remember this: every year the home tour happens because of volun-teers, from the home tour committee whose members work many long, of-ten thankless hours many months in advance of the tour, to the volunteers who work in the homes and churches on tour, to the homeowners who vol-unteer their homes for the tour and then open their homes to a thousand and more strangers for two days right in the middle of the busiest holiday of the year. Thank you to all of them.

    When the first Old North Knoxville Victorian Holiday Home Tour took place, the neighborhood was in the early years of resurgence. Even now, while not all the way to where many folks would like it to be, it is, like a child grown older, much more able to stand on its own.

    No neighborhood ever reaches the point that it can stand completely on its own; then, again, neither does a person. But

    just as you celebrate the years in a persons life, the annual home tour is a celebration of the neighborhoods growth and vibrancy. The homes on the tour each show a part of that re-newal and of the spirit that is Old North Knoxville.

    ticKets gO On sale nOvember 18th at area KrOger stOres. Price is $10 a ticket in advance and $15 a ticket the days of

    the tour. Price for Seniors is $10 a ticket. Children under twelve get in free.

    The lineup for this year includes eleven houses and a church. Two houses on the tour are infill, built from the ground up while another arrived from just a couple blocks away and had the earth filled in around it.

    There will be a bathroom stop at The Time Warp Tea Room on N. Central St., where you can buy refreshments and ornaments. (See separate article about ornaments on page 3.) Ornaments will also be available at house #5 on the tour.

    Holiday Home Tour Volunteers Dec. 7th and 8th

    anOther way tO cOntribute tO the tOur is volunteering to work on event weekend. Join us Saturday, Dec. 7th (4 - 9 PM) and Sunday, Dec. 8th (12:30 - 5 PM) to showcase our neighborhood. Volunteers are needed to help in houses (like a docent), at the ticket booth in the Tennova Hospital Parking lot (where the buses leave from and return), and in the event buses as tour conductors.

    Volunteers and participants also enjoy a pre-tour and holiday party on Friday, December 6th.

    Can you participate this year? Sign up NOW: call or e-mail Lauren Rider, 524-4267 or laurenellent@yahoo.com.

    25th Annual Old North Knoxville Victorian Holiday Home Tour, December 7th and 8th

    The News May Be Old, But so is Our NeighborhoodOld North News

    Newsletter of Old North Knoxville December 2013 / February 2014, Vol. 15, No. 4 www.oldnorthknoxville.com

    Pages 7

    House / CHurCH line-up for 2013 and order of tour route: 1 1417 Cornelia 2 224 E. Scott Ave. 3 115 E. Scott Ave. 4 318 E. Oklahoma Ave. 5 1233 Armstrong Ave. 6 1207 Broadway (Church) 7 108 E. Glenwood Ave. 8 214 E. Glenwood Ave. 9 145 Leonard Place 10 1329 Grainger Ave. 11 1313 Grainger Ave. 12 1349 Armstrong Ave.

    During the tour, if you take a tour bus, which is free, there will be a stop at least one rest room stop.

  • The electiOns are Over, and it may be a relief to some. No, I am not talk-ing about recent city council elections, though, they were important, too. I am re-

    ferring to the Old North Knoxville (ONK) Board of Di-rectors election held at the October 8th neighborhood meet-ing.

    Elections are held yearly. Board mem-bers are general-ly elected to three year ternm, unless

    fullfilling a vacated board position, and

    the terms of the 21 board members are stag-gered, making yearly elections a part of the October meeting.

    Any neighbor residing within ONK for 6 months or more is eligible to serve on the ONK Board of Directors. The Board conducts the business of ONK, Inc., a non-profit formed to preserve, promote and protect the Historic District of Old North Knoxville and the struc-tures within.

    mOre specifically, frOm the bylaws Of ONK, Inc.: The Organization is formed to combat community deterioration and to secure decent, safe, and sanitary housing, community facilities, and other related facilities, services and conditions, economic, social and other-wise, conducive to the progress and general welfare of the public by facilitating rehabili-tation, preservation and improvement of the historical structures and their surrounding en-vironment located in the area known as Old North Knoxville in Knox County, Tennessee. (http://www.oldnorthknoxville.com/onk-inc-bylaws/)

    On behalf of the neighborhood and the board, I want to thank Nancy Hugh, Rhonda Park-er, and Chris Cheatam for their service to the board and neighborhood. Being on the board or an officer on the board is a volunteer posi-tion. That means you give of your time and yourself, and these folks have done so gener-ously. Thank you.

    Newly elected board members are Joy Guild-ford, Rebecca Ridner and Donna Spencer. Thank you for volunteering to serve, and thank you to all the board members. A full list of board members is on page 8.

    i cannOt say enOugh times hOw impOrtant volunteering is to the success of the ONK Board of Directors, but also to the neighbor-hood. You dont have to be on the board to volunteer to help. There are plenty of proj-ects that can use a helping hand. You can even suggest one of your own just be willing to help out on anything you suggest. That is not meant to discourage you, only to say that if you arent willing to help out with something you think is important, who else will think its important?

    An example of this volunteering is First Creek Greenway cleanup, held twice a year for over ten years now. A write up of the most recent one is on page 6. Over the years a number of residents and former residents, and even folks outside the neighborhood have participated. Thank you, Beth and David Booker for or-ganizing this event since its beginning. They were recently recog-nized by Keep Knox-ville Beautiful and Adopt-A-Stream for their efforts.

    Happy Holidays!

    The NewsOld North Knoxvilleof


    Save these dates!Saturday, December 7th ,

    4 - 9 pm and Sunday, December 8th from 12:30 - 5 pm:

    25th Annual Victorian Holiday Home Tour.

    #There is no ONK monthly

    meeting in December because of the home tour and the holidays.

    #Monday, January. 13th, 6:30 pm

    ONK Monthly Potluck and Board of Directors meeting at St. James

    Episcopal, 1101 N. Broadway (enter through rear of fellowship

    hall, off Folsom).#

    Monday, Feb. 10th, 6:30 pm ONK Monthly Potluck and Board of Directors meeting at St. James

    Episcopal, 1101 N. Broadway (enter through rear of fellowship

    hall, off Folsom).#

    Monday, March. 10th, 6:30 pm ONK Monthly Potluck and Board of Directors meeting, St. James

    Episcopal, 1101 N. Broadway (enter through rear of fellowship

    hall, off Folsom).

    #Emergency number: 911Non-emergency: 215-4010City Services information: 311Codes Enforcement: 215-2130 Report illegal uses of property, dangerous or unsanity conditions.Neighborhood watch: Pete Creel, rscreel@msn.com.Recycling pickup: Every other Friday morning. For example, Dec. pickups: 13th and 27th Trash pickup: Friday mornings.

    Editor: David E. Booker Circulation Database: Jesse Ursery Contributors: Lauren Rider, Beth Booker, and David E. Booker. Photos courtesy of Lauren Rider, Brad Guilford, Beth Booker, and David E. Booker

    Old North News covers the news and events in and around Old North Knoxville and welcomes suggestions and contributions. Contact David E. Booker at penup@bellsouth.net. Clip art courtesy of ClipartHeaven.com.

    Old North News December 2013 / February 2014

    Upcoming Events in Old North Knoxville Welcome new board members; volunteers welcome

    Lauren Rider

    Lauren Rider, ONK president.

  • 3Old North News December 2013 / February 2014

    Purchase a piece of history this holiday season

    Purchase a piece Of Old nOrth KnOxville histOry this holiday season. Buy a memento to hang on your tree that says you were a part of the 25th Silver Anniversary of the Annual Victorian Holiday Home Tour. For $15 each (10% discount for purchases of 10 or more), you can have your own ornament from the 2013 Old North Knoxville Victorian Holiday Home Tour.

    Each year of the tour a new or-nament is produced, celebrating a house that was on the previ-ous years tour. This years orna-ment, which comes in both gold and silver, highlights the Dungan Homeplace at 229 East Scott Ave. A short piece about the history of house comes with each ornament. (See inset photo at right.)

    With this years ornament, you will learn that the house is a Neoclassical design with a Victorian Shingle Style and inset Gothic arch, and was origi-nally built in 1915.

    Ornaments are stOcKed at the time warp tea rOOm and can be purchased during this holiday season. Also, Old North Knoxville neigh