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Panther points. a little something for doing the RIGHT thing!. Be exceptional!. Get noticed! Be positive! Gain popularity! Earn rewards! Get praised! Motivate others! Win prizes!. Confused?. Don’t strain your brain thinking too hard. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Panther points a little something for doing the RIGHT thing!

Be exceptional!Get noticed!Be positive!Gain popularity!Earn rewards!Get praised!Motivate others!Win prizes!

Confused?Dont strain your brain thinking too hard. Instead just collect Panther Points for appropriate behavior.

What are panther points?Panther Points are your ticket to great weekly prizes and a chance to win a field trip!

How do I get panther points?

Following the dress codeBeing on time to classFollowing the electronics policyAppropriate behaviorFollow ALL student guidelines!where?You can receive Panther Points in the hallways, cafeteria, or any commons area on campus.

Teachers and staff will give out Panther Points when they feel a student has proven themselves worthy.

Now what?Write your name and grade on the Panther Point - in ink!Take it to front office (during passing periods or at lunch)Place the PP in the Panther Point box10 are drawn every week for prizesEarn more Panther Points!

What can I earn?The possibilities are endless!

Field TripsLunch Off CampusNeat PrizesCaught Being GoodNote Sent HomeAnd SO much more!Do the right thing, be happy!