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Panther Tracks - Amazon S3 ... Panther Football Starting off Strong The Bells Panther football team began the season strong with wins against Era, Chico, Paris Chisum and Honey Grove

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Text of Panther Tracks - Amazon S3 ... Panther Football Starting off Strong The Bells Panther football team...


    October 2016 Volume 3, Issue 2

    Inside this Issue . . .

     State Accountability


     Fall Sports

     Homecoming 2016

     Panther Band News

     Bus Safety Week

     BISD Teachers Re-

    ceive Grants

     PJH Students of the

    Month and Student


     Think Through Math


     Bells FFA

     Third Grade Flat

    Stanley Projects

     Panther Prowl 2016

     PJH Community


     Student Learning


     BISD Professional

    Learning for Faculty

     BHS Students of the


     PJH Science Interac-

    tive Learning

     Fire Safety Week

    Panther Tracks

    BISD’S Finances

    I have often commented on the

    complicated nature of the Texas

    school finance system. Over the

    past several years, it has only es-

    calated in complexity! As our

    Texas Legislators prepare for an-

    other Legislative session set to

    begin January 10th, school finance

    is again the top priority of a num-

    ber of politicians and is expected

    to dominate the session. The task

    of financing Texas’ public schools

    absorbs approximately 70% of our

    State’s budget; naturally it re-

    quires much attention.

    As for the finances of Bells I.S.D.,

    we are fortunately doing well,

    thanks to the school finance

    knowledge and watchful eye of

    our business manager and the

    Board of Trustees. BISD’s recent

    external financial audit revealed a

    healthy general fund balance as of

    August 31, 2016 of $2,292,763.62,

    up approximately $628,915.33

    from August 31, 2015. The cur-

    rent fund balance represents 3.6

    months of expenditures as BISD’s

    average monthly expenses this

    past year totaled $627,795, with

    the majority of that being payroll.

    It is anticipated the Board of Trus-

    tees will designate $900,000 of

    the fund balance for future con-

    struction at the October board


    The goal of the Board is to main-

    tain a minimum of two months

    expenditures, preferably three in

    fund balance for emergencies.

    The board adopts the philosophy

    that the money generated by our

    district from local property taxes,

    state funds and federal grants, is

    for the sole purpose of providing

    a quality education for the stu-

    dents of this community in clean,

    modern facilities. Research indi-

    cates BISD’s fund balance may not

    be as large in proportion as some

    schools our size; however, the

    clear reason is the Board is

    spending the money as intended

    ……to educate the students in

    our community! Schools are non-

    profit institutions, and the Board

    distributes the school’s revenue as


    The Board of Trustees recently

    elected to refinance the 2009

    bonds used to build the gym, band

    hall and junior high classrooms; in

    doing so, the interest rate was

    reduced from around 5% to

    2.12%, saving the district approxi-

    mately $2.5 million dollars over

    the life of those bonds. That figure

    equates to a savings in yearly pay-

    ments of approximately $112,000!

    In addition, the district will be in

    position, again through responsi-

    ble stewardship of district funds

    over the years, to “pay off” the

    elementary school bonds in the

    fall of 2019, six years prior to the

    scheduled pay off and saving con-

    siderable funds in the process. I

    anticipate planning to begin soon

    to be prepared to renovate the

    high school when the elementary

    bonds are paid off.

    Desiring more information on

    BISD’s finances? Please feel free

    to contact the administration of-

    fices, and we will gladly share in-

    formation. We intend on being

    fully transparent and will be glad

    to share audit and budget infor-


    From the Superintendent………………. Mr. Joe Moore

    2016 Accountability Ratings In August, the Texas Education Agency re- leased 2016 state accountability ratings for dis-

    tricts and campuses. Bells ISD and all three

    campuses received a rating of Met Standard. In

    addition, congratulations to Bells Elementary

    and Bells High School for receiving additional

    distinctions. BES received the following six

    distinctions: Academic Achievement in English

    Language Arts and Reading, Academic Achieve-

    ment in Math, Academic Achievement in Sci-

    ence, Academic Achievement in Science, Top

    25 Percent in Student Progress, Top 25 Per-

    cent in Closing Performance Gaps, and Post-

    secondary Readiness. Bells High School re-

    ceived three distinctions: Academic Achieve-

    ment in Social Studies, Top 25 percent in Stu-

    dent Progress, and Postsecondary Readiness. BES received 6 out of 6 distinc-

    tions ranking them in the top 5%

    of all campuses in the state.

    Bells ISD Newsletter Leading the Way for Student Success!


    Panther Football Starting off Strong

    The Bells Panther football team began the season strong

    with wins against Era, Chico, Paris Chisum and Honey

    Grove. They are currently 6-1 overall and 2-1 in district

    play and look forward to the end of the football season.

    Page 2

    Lady Panthers Volleyball Looking at Another Post- District Appearance

    Fall Sports in Panther Country

    Homecoming 2016 Homecoming 2016 proved to be an amazing night for both

    current BHS students and alumni who came to the game to

    watch the Panthers dominate the field in a tremendous win

    over the Honey Grove Warriors. With this being a big reunion

    year for Bells graduates, the stadium was packed with visitors

    who had come home to take part in the reunion festivities. The

    Panthers played an amazing game and the pride of our maroon

    and gold was evident under the Friday night lights.

    2016 Homecoming King and Queen

    The usual homecoming fanfare took place on September 16th

    with the crowning of our 2016 king and queen. Seniors Bruce

    Chartier and CJ Crane were crowned at pre-game festivities.

    Members of the 2016 Homecoming Court are pictured at left.

    Queen nominees were CJ Crane, Katie Branam, Riley Krueger,

    and Cheyanne Connor. The nominees for king were Bruce

    Chartier, Maverick Priest, Caleb England, and Lane Murphree.

    The Bells Lady

    Panther volley-

    ball team is hav-

    ing a great sea-

    son. Currently,

    the team holds

    an 8-4 record in

    district play.

    The Lady Pan-

    thers have se-

    cured a playoff

    spot with post

    district play

    coming up the

    first week in No-

    vember. The JV team is

    11—9 in their

    season with two

    games remain-


    Congratulations to

    senior volleyball

    player Zoe Bank-

    ston for being

    named the KXII A+

    Athlete for the week

    for week of October

    17th. Way to go


    King and queen photo by Alumni YB Editor, Sara Carpenter

    Homecoming Court pic by 2016-2017 Yearbook Staff


    Bells High School

    Students participat-

    ed in Homecoming

    spirit days as part

    of the week-long


    leading up to the

    Friday night game.

    At right, students

    were “getting

    groovy” in support

    of the Panthers.

    Page 3 Volume 3, Issue 2

    Panther Band Excels

    in 2016

    Fall Competitions The Bells High School Panther

    Band recently traveled to Tishamingo, Oklahoma, to

    participate in the 2016 Chickasaw Festival Band Extrav-

    aganza. Bells ISD represented the great state of Texas

    by being the only Texas band to compete. Even more

    exciting, the Panther Band placed FIRST in Division 3

    (2A) and was ranked 2nd out of 14 bands in the small

    school category (1A-3A). The band earned 1st place in

    Division 3 and was awarded a trophy and a check for

    $75! The BHS Color Guard and

    Drum Major - Danielle

    Yelton-Brown, ranked

    THIRD overall out of 34

    bands. That is... out of all 1A

    -6A schools and 11 different

    divisions. This was a tremen-

    dous accomplishment for the

    squad. Congratulations to the

    band and color guard on a job

    WELL DONE! The next competition for

    the band was the Sounds of

    Fall Marching Classic in

    Princeton, Saturday, October

    15th. Once again, the Panther Band competed well and

    represented panther pride and excellence by earning sev-

    eral awards. The Band received Best Music, Bes

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