Respiration and Photosynthesis

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  • 1. Respirationand Photosynthesis
    OCS Biology
    Module 6

2. Well start this presentation with a review of photosynthesis and chloroplasts. Then, we will go on to review respiration.
Photosynthesis and respiration are closely related: photosynthesis produces energy, and respiration uses energy.
3. Energy Producer of Cells: Chloroplasts
Remember learning about the chloroplasts? They are green. Plants have chloroplasts. Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplasts.
4. EquationforPhotosynthesis
Carbon dioxide + watersugars + oxygen
Sunlight and chlorophyll are needed, too.
5. Importance of Respiration
Respiration is a very important process for living things. It is how the energy we need for our daily lives is released from the food we eat. Red blood cells take the oxygen we breathe from our lungs to our cells, and the mitochondria use the oxygen to burn our digested food for energy.
6. Two Types of Respiration
Aerobic respiration is respiration that requires oxygen.
Anaerobic respiration is respiration that does not require oxygen.
7. Equation for Aerobic Respiration
This is the equation for aerobic respiration. The reactants are on the left of the arrow. The products are on the right of the arrow. Does it remind you of photosynthesis in any way?
8. Powerhouses of Cells: Mitochondria
Remember learning about the mitochondria? We called them the powerhouses of cells. Aerobic respiration occurs in the mitochondria.
9. What about anaerobic respiration?
There are two types of anaerobic respiration. They are both called fermentation:
Lactic acid fermentation and
Alcohol fermentation
10. Lactic Acid Fermentation
When our muscles get tired from exercising, lactic acid forms during anaerobic respiration. Sometimes our muscles get sore.
11. Alcohol Fermentation
Rising bread is an example of
anaerobic alcohol fermentation.
12. Foods Made By Fermentation
Anaerobic respiration called fermentation makes all of these foods possible.
13. Lets Review: HeresComparison ofAerobic and Anaerobic Respiration
14. Thats Enoughabout respiration!
Now, breathe! Your respiration is aerobic . . .
The End