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By:Name: Novi AriyantiNIM: B1J0112205The group: IGroup:IAssistant:IvanAprianto


MINISTRY of education and cultureJENDERAL SUDIRMAN UNIVERSITYFACULTY of BIOLOGYPURWOKERTO2013I. INTRODUCTION1.1 BackgroundEnergy capacity is to do a job and is very much needed in all our activities metabolism. Livestock Feed that given to fish cultivation is a source of energy, the majority of which is used to such metabolism on energy for life, move or swimming, such digestion and growth. Most of the energy food must be kept internally to use in the future of the energy that is more and more stored (with the limits) connected with the needs, an animal that much longer can survive without food. More and more more energy that are stored, the more that can be used for the process expenses such as growth, reproduction energy, migration, hibernasi, or the expenses that promotes the temperature changes environment. Almost all enzymes are proteins(Djajasewaka, 1990).Proteinis most important essential constituent assemblywhich is usedfor growth. Growth in the fish can be seen from the increase in the components make up the body of fishthat coversprotein, fat, carbohydrateandprotein, fat vitamins., carbohydrates and vitamins in livestock feed when consumed by fish, after undergoing a process digesti and absorbed will be used as a source of energy for financing such voluntari, replace damaged tissue and growth. Growth can be measured from the weight bertambahnnya fish. The increase means the weight gains in the components building blocks this body can be considered in the unit energy or calories dikandungnnya. So the gains weight can also be considered as much energy body (Yuwono, 2001).Measuring The importance retention practicum energy in this time to know how much of the energy consumed fish feeds that will be stored in the body.Duringthis timeusing a fish Lele(Clarias batrachus). The reason the fish Lele is because it easy to get,can easily be kept, and make them affordable.

1.2.The goalThe purpose of retention practicum energy is to see how much of the energy nutrient that is consumed by fish can be stored in the body (energy retention, and also learn the difference quality livestock feed also produce the differences retention energy.

II. MATERIALS and methods of work2.1.MatterAs well as the tools that used in practicum is an aquarium 30 x 50 x 25 cm as many astwo, a thermometer, weight analytic, oven, blander and bomb calorimeter.The materials used in practicum isIkan(Clarias batrachus), pelet, akuades, aluminumfoil.

2.2. How to work1. Two aquarium prepared and contents of the aquarium with water as high as 25 cm, then placed heater between the two aquarium.2. Fish weighed and sown with its population density 3-4 fish in each aquarium.3. Fish with the size of taken then weighed out to be known weight.4. Fish are stored in aluminumfoiland then dioven for 7 days, after dried fish weighed to know the weight dried fish, then diblender for 2 minutes until smooth and printed to form of pellet.5. Done measurement calory fish samples by using bomb calorimeter.6. Counted the Retention Energy by using equations ANERANER = [body energy - energy body home / number of livestock feed that is consumed byx 100%.

III. RESULTS and DISCUSSION3.1. ResultDiket: Bobot wet fish early:2GrThe wet fish end : 7grThe weight dried fish early : 0.28gThe weight dried fishend : 1.8076grEnergyfish bombs early : 416.3622/grEnergybombfish end : 3575.8825 KalEnergy feeds tragedy:3983.67 Kal/grAsked:Retention energy big fish?Including:1. E. fish Early = weight Dried fish EarlyxEnergy fish bombing Early=0.28 X 4,164.3622 =2,090.0214 Kal

2. E.Fish end = dry weight EndxEnergy fish bombing Early=1.8076X 3,575.8825 = 6,463.7652 Kal

3. nutrientthat is consumed by = 2.5 percent x 14 xweight wet fish Early = 2.5PERCENT x 14 x14 =0.7Grams

4. E.Livestock Feed = Nutrientthat is consumed byx Energy Feeds bomb=0.7 x 3983.67 =2,788.541Kal

5. ANER=Energy fish End -Energy fish Early x 100percent. Energy fish feeds=6,463.7652 Kal/g-2,090.0214 kal/gr x 100 percent.2788.541Kal=156.84703

3.1. DiscussionDuringthis timeusing Ikan(Clarias batrachus)as an object or retention energy. Aquarium function to place the fishwill be tested retention energy, a filter fish work to make life easier for illegal fishing fish,digital scalesto weigh the weight fish, oven function to drain fish in a short time of 1weeks, aluminumfoilto wrap fishthatwill plugged intoovento use, mortar and pestel used to sublimate fishthat will be madepelet, mold pelet function to score a peletthat have beencrushed bymortarand pestel andbombcalorimeter to measure the calories livestock feed, fish samples beginning and end fish fish Lele in pellet form.Based on the resultpracticumretention by energygroup 1of fish with the weight of wet fish beginning2 grams, heavy wet fish end 7gram, heavy dried fish beginning of 0.28gramsand weight of dried fish end1.8076gram, energy fish bombingbeginningof4164.3622kal/gram, energy bomb feeds end of 3575.8825 and energy feeds bomb beginning of 398.67/g. Based on the results obtained practicum retention156.84703 energy that high-percent.According to Lagler (1972) said thatenergy retention normal is 60-68 percent, while from the result practicum produced by percentage is slightly different, this happens is possible because energy produced by many issued by the body metabolism, activities for reproduction, biosynthesis and lost in the form a dip heat energy seprerti intak, as well as the proportion energy lost through feces, as well as energy expatriates who lost through urine, as well as energy that was used to produce heat, as well as the energy relative the fish which are larger or due to all the combined factors.Retention energy is the large energy nutrientthat is consumed byfishthatcan be storedin the body. Energy Retention shows the extent the energy nutrient that is consumed by energy to increase the body of fish. Energy is Retention maximum feeds energy that is consumed by living creature can be stored in the body. Retention or high energy efficiency can increase the amount is reflected from the ratio energy body to feeds amount of energy consumed by fish. The great energy that feeds terkontribusi gains in energy body energy body also described the retention energy. Retention energy in the fish only a small allocated for the growth and a half-total energy that is taken from nutrient to waste in the form feces and excretion. Energy that converted from nutrient consumed, a majority of them will be lost in the form heat, and only about 1/5 of the total energy that, in the form growth. Retention Role energy plays an important role in determining amount of energy that is absorbed by the body in the fish(Zonneveldet al, 1991).Factors thataffect retention energy is body size. The proportion energythat is allocated onvarious components energy budget change as well as body size fishRetention energy was also affected. by a number of factors, such as weaker energy intake, meningakatnya proportion energy lost through feces, urine tests, as well as energy that was used to proiduksi summer, as well as the body, is relatively energy the fish which are larger. Energy Retention influencedtemperature. When temperature rises, sothe process of metabolismalso will rise and morestored energy. At high temperatures30-400Cwill increase metabolismso rapidlythatwill increase energy retention. But in temperatures that are(denaturation highprotein,protein (denaturationoccurs at high temperature450Cor more precisely on the temperature600Cwhere more than the temperature and biological functions ofproteins couldbe lost, so graphic thatproduced from the relationship between retention energy with temperature is curvedish(Susanto, 1992). According to Djarijah(1995),factors thatdetermine needs daily feeds in the fish is the measure weight and age, the difference environmental resulted from water temperature,dissolved oxygen content, and agresifitas fish to getprotein.A Cord used to measure the amount of calories that are released in burning compounds (in O2excessive) compound, food, fuelisa bomb calorimeter. componentbomb calorimeter namely thermometer function to measure the temperature, stirring spoon or rod function to stir up water cooler, kutup oxygen to include oxygen from tanks, the cup of to put material/sample that will be burned, wire firesticks to burn, the bombing is a place of the occurrence of burning, perenang penyelamat water for the laying a bomb. Oven to drain fish so that it can become pounded so that it would be a powder, mortar and pastle function to strike a fish collage understands that can be set up in a bomb with a bomb calorimeter, weight technical work to know the weight fish before in oven and after dioven, medical equipment maker pelet used to make pelet with material ikan suggests that eventually will be easier for the bomb. Materials used in during this time is ikan (Clarias batrachus) to knowretention energy in the animal tests (Marwan Effendi, 1979).Retention metabolic rate in energy also influenced by body size. Livestock feed their roles in fish cultivation because major factors in the nutrient that affect the speed growth rate that is ration daily, protein concentration, and the energy warp (Suhenda, 2004).According toBabalolaand Adebaya (2007), protein is an important factor that affects growth and the budget feeds. In general, protein levels increase could add to the productivity fish. Excess energy in food mengakinatkan can increase the accumulation of fat in the body and experienced growth in the fish.Livestock Feed is a matter after swallowed up by animals can be digested, absorbed and should be used for survival. Livestock Feed containing nutrition in which consists of pr

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