Rome’s Beginnings

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Rome’s Beginnings. Objective Explain how the Romans borrowed ideas and ways from the Etruscans. Explain the legend of Romulus and Remus. Describe the importance of the Tiber River. Explain Rome’s physical geography. Explain the legend of Rome’s founding. A Perfect Location. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Rome’s Beginnings

  • Romes Beginnings ObjectiveExplain how the Romans borrowed ideas and ways from the Etruscans.Explain the legend of Romulus and Remus.Describe the importance of the Tiber River.Explain Romes physical geography.Explain the legend of Romes founding.

  • A Perfect LocationAt about 1600bc, people came to live along the banks of the Tiber River on the Italian Peninsula. Just like Greece, Italy has many mountains.The Italian Peninsula has one of the longest coastlines in Europe. It stretches into the Mediterranean Sea.Italy forms a bridge between western Europe, North Africa, and western Asia.

  • RomeNear the middle of the western coast is the city of Rome.It spreads across seven low hills about 15 miles up the Tiber River.The hills offered good protection against attacks.The hills offered safety when the Tiber flooded.

  • The Italian Peninsula

  • The Romans Learn from Other Cultures Because of the long coastline, citizens often met sailors from Greece and far off lands.This allowed the Romans to study new ideas about growing crops and learn about stories and legends from other people.The climate along the Tiber was ideal for crops such as grapes and olives.The climate of Italy is warm and moist most of the year which enabled them to farm.

  • Etruscan Rule As Rome grew in size, more Latins and other people joined them.This attracted the interest of the Etruscans.The Etruscans were skilled builders and farmers.They may have taught these skills to the Romans.In 509 bc, an Etruscan noble named Tarquin murdered the king and seized power.Junius Brutus made a promise to take the throne from Tarquin.His supporters forced Tarquin from his throne.

  • The Future of Rome After Brutus took over, Rome was about to enter into a glorious time.They would set up a form of government that people still study today.Rome would become a major empire.