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  • Sample Question Bank Indian Tourism Olympiad

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    Sample Question Bank


    Indian Tourism Olympiad

    Please note that the questions are for general guidance. Area of questions includes:

    - Tourism Destination Knowledge - Wildlife Attractions - Historical Monuments / Forts / Palaces - Adventure Destinations - Beach Tourism - Culture and Food - Hotels - Tourist Transportations -Airlines, Trains, Bus - Domestic and International tourist requisites - Tourism and Local habitat - And related

    This release contains assorted questions for all level. However, the difficulty level will vary according to the class standards and region.

    (Answer Key on last page)

  • Sample Question Bank Indian Tourism Olympiad

    2 | P a g e

    1) Which Indian famous tourist monument comes in Seven Wonders of the World? a. Qutab Minar b. Gateway of India c. Taj Mahal d. Red Fort

    2) What is Indian Tourism tag line?

    a. Incredible India b. Gods Own Country c. Make in India d. Simply Heaven

    3) Kaziranga National Park in Assam is known for ?

    a. Asian Elephants b. Bengal Tigers c. Migratory Birds d. One-horned Rhinoceros

    4) What is the Mascot of Air India ?

    a. Appu b. Maharaja c. Camel d. Fairy Queen

    5) Indian tourism is best known for ?

    a. Athithi Devo Bhava b. Enchanting Himalayas c. Know India d. Swagatham

    6) Desert Festival take place in which city?

    a. Jaisalmer b. Mussoorie c. Jalandhar d. Bhopal

    7) Padharo Maro Desh is tourism tag line of which Indian state?

    a. Gujarat b. Kerala c. Rajasthan d. Maharashtra

  • Sample Question Bank Indian Tourism Olympiad

    3 | P a g e

    8) Which natural attraction is most famous in Kerala? a. Backwaters b. Wildlife c. Waterparks d. Himalayas

    9) Tea hill station of India ?

    a. Mount Abu b. Darjeeling c. Khandala d. Ooty

    10) Toy train goes to which Hill Station in India?

    a. Shimla b. Manali c. Nanital d. Dalhousie

    11) Which state is called as heart of Incredible India ?

    a. West Bengal b. Sikkim c. Rajasthan d. Madhya Pradesh

    12) Famous Ummed Bhawan Palace by Taj Hotels is in which city?

    a. Jodhpur b. Jalandhar c. Jammu d. Aurangabad

    13) Which city is called the City of Gardens in India?

    a. Bangalore b. Chennai c. Chandigarh d. Bhopal

    14) Which temple is called the Sun Temple?

    a. Brihadeeswara Temple b. Sanchi Stupa c. Konark Temple d. Golden Temple

  • Sample Question Bank Indian Tourism Olympiad

    4 | P a g e

    15) Swami Vivekananda Rock memorial is located in which City? a. Vijaywada b. Wayanad c. Kumarakom d. Kanyakumari

    16) Which week day is famous Taj Mahal closed for Tourist?

    a. Sunday b. Friday c. Saturday d. Monday

    17) Tourist visit Gir Forest National Park to watch which animal?

    a. Asiatic Lions b. White Tigers c. Chinkara d. Asian Elephants

    18) Adventure Tourist do White Water River rafting in which city?

    a. Roorkee b. Rishikesh c. Kedarnath d. Dehradun

    19) Which is not a Private Airline in India?

    a. IndiGo b. Go Air c. Air India d. Spicejet

    20) Goa is bounded by which sea?

    a. Arabian Sea b. Bay of Bengal c. Pacific Ocean d. Indian Ocean

    21) Goa has culture influence of ___________

    a. French b. English c. Portuguese d. Spanish

  • Sample Question Bank Indian Tourism Olympiad

    5 | P a g e

    22) Which is the Goas most famous Chruch among tourist? a. Basilica of Bom Jesus b. Parumala Church c. Malayatoor Church d. Velankanni Church

    23) Natural beauty, Dudhsagar Falls is in which state?

    a. Gujarat b. Goa c. Uttarakhand d. Kerala

    24) _________ was the summer capital of India, during British Regime

    a. Mussoorie b. Dalhousie c. Ooty d. Shimla

    25) What do Tourism brings to the local people?

    a. Employment b. Beddings c. Schools d. Farming

    26) When tourist travels they bring ________________ to the tourist area

    a. Economic development b. Dairy Development c. Mining Development d. Window Development

    27) International Tourist brings ___________ into the country

    a. Stock Exchange b. Telephone Exchange c. Mail Exchange d. Foreign Exchange

    28) Which is the second largest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China ?

    a. Amer Fort Wall b. Red Fort Wall c. Kumbhalgarh Fort Wall d. Agra Fort Wall

  • Sample Question Bank Indian Tourism Olympiad

    6 | P a g e

    29) Which is the pink city of India? a. Jaipur b. New Delhi c. Indore d. Jorhat

    30) Which is the Blue city of India?

    a. Jodhpur b. Jalandhar c. Ludhiana d. Chandigarh

    31) Albert Hall Museum is in which city?

    a. Bangalore b. Jaipur c. Mangalore d. Chennai

    32) Palace of Winds built in 1799 in Jaipur is popularly known to tourist as ____________

    a. Amer Fort b. Light House c. Hawa Mahal d. Gingee Fort

    33) Where is famous Golconda Fort located?

    a. Vijayawada b. Madurai c. Coimbatore d. Hyderabad

    34) Famous Surajkund Craft Mela is organized in the month of _____________

    a. January b. February c. March d. April

    35) Which is the Famous Luxury Tourist Train in India?

    a. Palace on Wheels b. Shatabdi Express c. Rajdhani Express d. Fairy Queen

  • Sample Question Bank Indian Tourism Olympiad

    7 | P a g e

    36) Which of these is not an Adventure Sport ? a. Paragliding b. Trekking c. Rock Climbing d. Cricket

    37) Amber Palace in Jaipur was constructed by _____________

    a. Raja Man Singh I b. King Akbar c. Baba Ala Singh d. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh

    38) Kerala State is situated on which coast

    a. Coromandel Coast b. Bay of Bengal coast c. Malabar Coast d. West Coat

    39) Travel Packages are run by ____________

    a. Real Estate Agents b. Travel Agents c. Transport Agents d. Insurance Agents

    40) Boat Race is held every year in which tourist destination?

    a. Kerala b. Karnataka c. Meghalaya d. Assam

    41) Famous hill station in Kerala is ___________

    a. Mussoorie b. Khandala c. Munnar d. Darjeeling

    42) Trekking is a famous form of ____________

    a. Adventure Tourism b. Religious Tourism c. Beach Tourism d. Wildlife Tourism

  • Sample Question Bank Indian Tourism Olympiad

    8 | P a g e

    43) What is adventure sport of flying in the sky called? a. Trekking b. Rock Climbing c. Scuba Diving d. Paragliding

    44) Auli in Uttrakhand is a famous tourist destination for which winter sport?

    a. Ski b. Rafting c. Shooting d. Angling

    45) Foreign Tourists can arrive from their country only on ____________ Airports?

    a. International Airports b. Domestic Airports c. Naval Airports d. Air Force Stations

    46) Low budget independent Tourist are called ______________

    a. Backpackers b. Religious Tourist c. Business Traveler d. Mountaineers

    47) Rath Yatra is held every year in ___________

    a. Haridwar b. Somnath c. Puri d. Madurai

    48) Quality Standards of the hotels are judged by ____________

    a. Star Ratings b. Sun Ratings c. Moon Ratings d. Earth Ratings

    49) Kovalam in Kerala is a famous for ____________

    a. Mountains b. Black Beaches c. Forest d. Water falls

  • Sample Question Bank Indian Tourism Olympiad

    9 | P a g e

    50) Foreign Tourist visiting India requires _________ a. Indian Visa b. Indian Newspaper c. Indian Tea d. Indian Car

    51) Tourist prefers to buy visiting destination related mementos. What are these called?

    a. Souvenirs b. Salt c. Snow d. Sand

    52) Which is the best foreign tourist season in India ?

    a. May to September b. June to July c. October to March d. April to August


    1.(c) 2.(a) 3.(d) 4.(b) 5.(a) 6.(a) 7.(c) 8.(a) 9.(b) 10.(a) 11.(d) 12.(a)

    13.(a) 14.(c) 15.(d) 16.(b) 17.(a) 18.(b) 19.(c) 20.(a) 21.(c) 22.(a) 23.(b) 24.(d)

    25.(a) 26.(a) 27.(d) 28.(c) 29.(a) 30.(a) 31.(b) 32.(c) 33.(d) 34.(b) 35.(a) 36.(d)

    37.(a) 38.(c) 39.(b) 40.(a) 41.(c) 42.(a) 43.(d) 44.(a) 45.(a) 46.(a) 47.(c) 48.(a)

    49.(b) 50.(a) 51.(a) 52.(c)


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