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Name: Per: Date: SHonT STonY - UNiT 1 WniTiNc AssicNmcNT In-Class Peer Editing I. rammar / Mechanics a. Edit the entire essay Ior spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. b. Check Ior run-on sentences and Iragments. c. Neatly highlight or mark the editing marks you make so your classmate can Iind them. d. II you are not sure, make the suggestion and allow the writer to decide on Iinal changes. II. Content / Organization a. Suggest creative revisions to the content oI the essay. b. Examples i. Revise/improve the topic sentence ii. Insert additional Iacts/pieces oI evidence (include source iI you can) iii. Recommend stronger vocabulary words iv. Combine sentences to create compound/complex sentences v. Encourage stronger imagery and description at appropriate points in the essay vi. Suggest places where the writer could include an opinion vii. Ask a specific 6uestion that will clariIy meaning c. e ;ery clear about what part oI the paper you are commenting on. Draw lines to show. d. rite at least 2 aIIirmations at the end oI the paper. e speciIic about what you liked. Examples / Non-examples For Content: Circle the examples oI POSITIVE peer editing comments. 1. Are vou saving vou agree? I was confused at this point, mavbe vou could start with 'I agree because.` 2. What?'?'?'? 3. Whv would vou include this? It makes no sense. What were vou thinking? 4. Change this. 5. %rv a stronger word here. Perhaps 'eloquent` or 'articulate`? . I think these two sentences could be ioined bv the word 'however` right here . Could vou add something here about the spiritual dances we talked about vesterdav? I have the article. 8. I got confused where vou wrote 'adaptations mocked historv.` Can vou clarifv what vou meant to sav? 9. Dont write vour opinion here. It doesnt make anv sense anvwav. 10. Bad word choice. Change it. Peer Editing Objecti;e: Students will provide written Ieedback that analyzes a classmate`s writing. This analysis will provide the basis Ior editing and producing a Iinal draIt. The ultimate goal is Ior each student to create a mechanically sound, inIormative and original essay with minimal teacher input. Peer Editing is. O An opportunity to practice communicating criticism respectIully. O A way to practice your own grammar skills while learning Irom a classmate`s strengths. O A chance to practice being a good reader who can explain when he/she is conIused and why. O A way Ior your classmates to help you improve your own writing assignment. Peer Editing is not. O An opportunity to make another student Ieel bad about his/her writing or thinking. O A way to show-oII how much you know about grammar and writing. O A chance to complain about how conIusing someone else`s writing seems. O A chance to get someone else to do your work the ultimate revising responsibility is yours. Name: Per: Date: Post-Peer Editing - What do I do now? I. Read the peer editing suggestions. II. Use a diIIerent color pen/pencil to show where you will make Iinal revisions on your paper. III. You may add your own revisions along with the ones your peers suggested. IV. Circle any places where you will need to edit grammar. V. Circle any words you decided to change to make your story more interesting. Think about connotations and the tone/mood. VI. Hint: Think about what you liked/disliked in your peers` papers. How can you model your writing aIter good pieces oI literature that you`ve previously read? VII. Type or neatly write your final essay. Include all 8 of the changes you wrote on this paper. #ECO# ONLY CONTENT #EVISIONS HE#E - NO G## # REVISION MOTIVATION FOR CHANE 1 2 3 4 5 8 Name: Per: Date: Narrati;e Story Peer #e;iew Checklist Story Title: uthor`s Name: Editor`s Name: Editing checklist: Is there a well developed protagonist? Is there use oI both direct and indirect characterization? Does the plot make sense? Are the parts oI the plot clear (exposition, rising action, climax, Ialling action, resolution)? Is there an internal conIlict in the story? Is there imagery? Is there eIIective use oI transition words? Check Ior: run on sentences; Iragments; punctuation; grammar; spelling. Circle at least 5 words that you think could be changed to make the story more interesting. Think about words that can have diIIerent connotations. Make any other suggestions on content. rite down three things that you liked about the story O O O rite down three things that you think could be improved about the story. O O O rite any other comments you have Ior the author here.