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Fully Automatic Machine Made Clay Brick Manufacturing Factory Based on Tunnel Kiln Firing System Production Capacity-150,000 Pcs/Dayper day (45 Million per/Annum).

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  • Annual 30 million common bricks production line


    (Fully Automatic Brick Plant with Tunnel Kiln & Tunnel Dryer)

    Project Analysis

    Fully Automatic Machine Made Clay Brick Manufacturing Factory Based on Tunnel Kiln

    Firing System Production Capacity-150,000 Pcs/Day per day (45 Million per/Annum).

  • Annual 30 million common bricks production line


    4. Product-mix and production Capacity:

    The project envisages setting up of a Auto Bricks Production Project at Mouza- Purbo Panch khati. JL no- 13 & 59, Goshairhat, Shariatepur, Bangladesh. After implementation of the project the product mix and the production capacity of the project based on the basis of 24 hours per day for kiln & Dryer operation and raw bricks production of 10 hours shift basis and 300 working days in a year at 100% capacity utilization will be as follows:

    Sl. No.

    Items/products Production Per Day

    Price Per Pcs

    Total Qnty Per Year Pcs

    Amount 000

    01 Standard Hollow Bricks (Pcs) Size 10x 5x 3 150000 9/= 45,000,000 405,000

    Total 405,000

    Section II

    Technical Aspect

    The project is for setting up a forming machine, tunnel dryer and Tunnel kiln brick factory with a new imported system machine. In this case, this factory has more competitive power with the operation has convenient and production lines design is simple and clean working conditions. The project has been designed to produce 1,50,000 PCs/day (raw material + forming machine + tunnel dryer + Tunnel kiln) with modern technology at Shariatepur district in Bangladesh. Quality of product meets Bangladeshs standards. It is expected that the project will go into commercial operation after Twelve months from the day of designing technology equipment supplying contract.

    Additional Advantage of Machine made Bricks 01. Machine made bricks: Fully automatic machine made bricks are more durable, stranger and good looking. These are uniformly burnt. Machine made bricks are getting favorite day

    by day in and around all municipal areas as this manufacturing plant is environment friendly. It is found that the demand of such bricks are growing

    faster for housing and industrial use.

    02. Tunnel Dryer and Tunnel Kiln:

    Tunnel Dryer and Tunnel Kiln are using for burnt and drying in ceramic tiles & sanitary ware factory. For uniformly & absolute burnt of bricks tunnel kiln and

    dryer are using in the machine made bricks plant to get 100% efficiency in bricks production at stimulated time. Tunnel kiln and dryer will be used for various types of bricks & tiles drying and burning. Its ensure durable stranger and good

  • Annual 30 million common bricks production line

    looking bricks and there will be no wastage of bricks that with cost effective and

    environment friendly.

    Recently formed Governments industrial policy to facilitate local industries Shariatepur will be the strategic location for any kind of industries and brick is one of the most essential items to build any kind of building either industries as well as residence and boundaries. 2.00 The proposal: The proposal envisages setting up of Auto Bricks Production Project at Mouza- Purbo

    Panch Khati. Jl no- 13 & 59, Goshairhat, Shariatepur, Bangladesh. under the

    name and style of SELF AUTO BRICKS LTD . Total fixed cost of the project has been

    estimated at Tk. 4088.99 lac. The project has been equipped with brand new China

    Origin machinery and equipment with some local machinery. The value of Foreign

    machinery is USD 23,71,989 equivalent to taka taka 1992.47 lac and the value of local

    machinery is taka 348.00 lac.

    Technical knowhow:

    The technical knowhow required for the smooth operation of the project is locally

    available. Crash training and orientation program for both semi-skilled and unskilled

    persons will be conducted by a qualified and well experience production manager with a

    view to trained them into skilled hand as well as increase production efficiency.

    Characteristic of Production Technology.

    Generally production of brick and tiles is not very complicated. Howover, for producing

    the high-quality product as varioustypesof tiles, it requires skill of workers,especially

    when there are still a lot of manual production sections. Because this is a new

    production domain for the company, the factory expects to produce only constructing

    brick for local market in the first stage. In the second stage ( from the third year on

    words). when the workers professional skill has been raised, the project will be investedin more ternacotta products. Thare fore we design of convenient factory

    systems here as most easy producing.

    Production Line

    Description of production tecnology:

  • Annual 30 million common bricks production line

    The clay exploited from the mine will be stored in the open air yard to be continuously

    weathered are reserved for the production at least in three months and it is better form

    3 to 9 months ( Because Bangladesh has low terrain flooded during the monsoon rainy

    season)tare for the clayraw materials should be excauated and spread outon the groung

    for same time. The proess is known a weathering and has an important effect on the

    viscosily and strenght of the clay. the clay should be kept under open sky during the

    initial period. this weathering process is intensitied thanks to such measures as watering

    kneeding by means of machines like pay-roads and bulldozer.

    The weathered clay will be transported trailer.Wich is pulled by tractors from the

    reservation yard to the clay- containing house where the box feeder is installed. Here

    the clay is stoved for at least one wheek. The clay will be supplied to box feeder by the

    pay loader.

    Mixed raw materials after quantitalively determined in the box feeder will be transfered

    to rulling section by conveyar beside it a coat crusher will be installed and it is equipped

    with belt conveyar to delivery required quantity coat to box feeder.

    Than the clay will be passed through the roll crusher.

    the roll crusher has the slit betwen the two rollers around 3-5mm. than the clay will be

    moved to the double shaft mixer. Here the clay will be pugged and moisturs to reach

    the moisture of forming. This section also aims to sperate such esetraneous matter as

    grass, tree roots left inthe clay. She will mixed clay will come to pug sealer and de-airing

    extrusion. Here the clay pugged one more time. Watering if the moisture dose not reach

    the required level and comes to vacum chamber to such out the remained air

    bubbles.The forming mosture fluctuates with in the interval 18-21%. After that the clay

    will be extruded through the forming mould to get the desined shape and move to the

    auto cutting machine to cut the brick in to intended lenght. When changing the

    produced product, it is just needed to change the appropriate mould.

    The semi product of the green brick after cutting will be transferred by a horizantal type

    loading conveyar. Workers stay here will pick up the green brick and land on the kiln

    cart. The cart after being fully loaded will be moved to the drying chamber. The carts

    are pushed into the tunnel dryer thanks to the transfer car with pusher.

    The heat supplied to drying chamber is withdrawn party from the colling zone of tunnel

    kiln. The drying time is from 24 to 30 hours depending on product type. The dry cart

    with green products in the drying tunnel after finising drying will be moved to the

    loading line for kiln car where the dried green products will trunsfer loaded kiln cart. this

    kiln carts waiting move to sub-dryer and the kiln carts to pass enter the tunnel kiln

    thruogh a transfer line.

  • Annual 30 million common bricks production line

    After going out of the dryer the cart, the carts holding dried products with the moisture

    of 10% will be move to the loading line for the kiln cart of tunnle kiln for arrangement.

    And dried brick loading conveyar section. The kiln car carried dried brick with moisture

    10% and will be move to sub-dryer and pass here when this moisture are reduce about

    6 7% and will be moved to tunnel kiln by kiln transfer car and pushed in to tunnel kiln by kiln hydraulic presher.

    this tunnel kiln is 140-150m of lanth with top firing or cool firing system and

    contonuously producing clay by kiln car with rail and running system. It can contain 52

    kiln car, it composed three parts connection togather the pre-heating zone, firing zone

    and cooling zone. As to cooling zone, it was devided in to rapid cooling zone and cooling

    zone. highest firing temperature is 1000 C. firing time is 33 hours. the kiln car carrying

    27,000 pcs /car after going out of the kiln will be moved to the rail road in order to wait

    for the brick to be cooled off and unload. the products should be classified and be bound

    and gather to the ware house or to storege yard so that delivering to customer.

  • Annual 30 million common bricks production line

    Diagram Chart of Production line

    Raw materials from out side storage yard

    Box Feeder

    1st 2nd Roll Crusher

    Extrusion, Mixer / Double Shaft Filter Pug Mill

    De Airing Extruder

    Slug Cutter, Colum Cutter

    Green Brick Loading Seperator

    Kiln Cart Loading Conveyar Belt