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Take out note sheet from the other day. Economic Impact of College Athletics. Chapter 2.2 (continued). Benefits to the Community. Good for Town Business Restaurants might have specials for Fans (ex. If the team scores a certain # of points) Bring ticket stubs from game Stadium Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Take out note sheet from the other day

  • Economic Impact of College AthleticsChapter 2.2 (continued)

  • Benefits to the CommunityGood for Town Business Restaurants might have specials for Fans (ex. If the team scores a certain # of points)Bring ticket stubs from gameStadium Business Captive audienceso they can charge higher prices

  • TIME OUTA city with a popular college team can expect these revenues for one football game.Ticket sales: $3 millionHotel Sales: $210,000 to $420,000Stadium food sales: $380,000Restaurants, shopping, transportation: $210,000 to $420,000

  • Some that you found outNebraska 81,000 * $50 = $4,050,000Notre Dame 80,975 x $250 = $20,243,750Alabama 101,821 x $68 = $6,923,828BasketballMississippi 9,061 x 23 = $208,403KU Jayhawks 16,500 x $45 = $742,500

  • SponsorshipsSponsorships serve 2 purposes:Generating revenue for the college programSelling their products during the eventTV & Radio payments add up to over $1 million each year for major universities.Half-time shotnew car

  • LicensingLicense is the legal right to reproduce a teams logo in exchange for paymentUniversity must:Protect the use of the athletic dept.s name and logo.Have an attractive logo (some update) ExampleCornhuskers to HuskersIn 1997colleges & Univ. agreed to 2,000 licenses worth $2.5 billion. (clothing, posters, video games, software, rugs, & photos)

  • Conference RealignmentConference is a group of college athletic teams within the same region.Big 12PAC 10Sometimes they must realign (Big 8, Big 12, now Big 10)

  • Amateur SportsAmateur athlete is someone who does NOT get paid but plays for enjoyment, challenge, or both.Fastest growing amateur sports:Ice SkatingSoccerBasketballBaseball and softball

  • AssignmentOur city depends on the University football team for a large percentage of its income. Help your Chamber of Commerce develop a brochure promoting the citys attractions that are not college or football related.List 10 attractive features of the city, and write a short description of each.


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