THE COLD WAR 1945-1990. The Cold War Cold War- A war of tension and the ideas of Capitalism (USA) vs. Communism (USSR) Cold War- A war of tension

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Text of THE COLD WAR 1945-1990. The Cold War Cold War- A war of tension and the ideas of Capitalism (USA)...

  • THE COLD WAR1945-1990

  • The Cold War

    Cold War- A war of tension and the ideas of Capitalism (USA) vs. Communism (USSR)Superpowers- Nations that can influence the world (USA vs. USSR)Arms Race-Competition to develop the most weapons (atomic)

  • Cold War Events1. Germany is divided into 4 zones run by France, England, The U.S. and the USSR

  • 2. Containment- The U.S. Policy designed to stop the spread of communism in Europe

  • The Marshall Plan 13 billion in US aid to European nations to fight Communism

  • 4. The Berlin Airlift- 12 month air drop of food, clothing, and medicine to people in Eastern Germany

  • 5. Space Race- The USSR was 1st to launch the satellite Sputnik in 1957 & 1st man in space 1961

  • Cold War TalkA time of tension w/o war between the USA & USSRIdea that actions put nations on the edge of destructionA barrier between communist and capitalists countries in EuropeIdea that if one country falls to communism, others will follow

    Nations whos actions influence the worldAgreeing to competition w/o warMilitary counterattack using nuclear weaponsPolicy to stop the spread of Communism

  • Cold War (actions reactions)Stalin blockades BerlinTruman orders the BERLIN AIRLIFT

  • The USSR launches Sputnik in 1957

    NASA is established & millions given to science/math programs

  • Nuclear War threatens civilians in the U.S. and USSRPeople construct fall out (bomb) shelters

  • NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization military alliance led by the U.S. to fight Soviet aggression in EuropeWarsaw Pact- A military Alliance led by the USSR in Eastern Europe

  • The Soviet Union supports the spread of Communism to China, Korea, and Vietnam


    Domino Theory

  • Soviet Espionage (spies) feared in AmericaRosenbergs convicted of espionageMcCarthyism- Senator Joseph McCarthy accused 100s of government officials of being communist

  • Wars in U.S. HistoryThe American RevolutionWar of 1812Mexican-American WarCivil WarSpanish-American WarWorld War IWorld War IIKorean War

  • The Korean War

  • Facts1950-1953Fought to contain Communism in North KoreaChina & USSR aided North KoreanU.S. troops and 15 other nations fought as The United NationsU.S. forces led by General MacArthur

  • Communism was contained to North KoreaThe wars end was a stalemateKnown as the forgotten warU.S.U.N.Dead 54,246 628,833 Missing 8,177 470,267 Captured 7,140 92,970

  • Bay of Pigs Invasion 1961

  • Bay of Pigs FactsPresident Kennedy arms Cuban exiles to overthrow Castro in CubaExiles lose to Castros army Castro remains in power, Kennedys plan is a failure

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

  • FactsA 1962 showdown between the U.S. & USSR in CubaSoviets were using Cuba for missile storageU.S. spy planes find missiles in & headed to Cuba

  • Kennedy Blockades CubaSoviet missiles removed from CubaCastro remains in power

  • CRQ AnswersThe main issue in the cartoon is the Vietnam WarStay in Vietnam to contain communismGet out of Vietnam because it was a civil war in their countryThe Constitution protects their FREEDOM OF SPEECH

  • The Vietnam War

  • 15 year struggle to contain Communism (1961-1975) Communist North Vietnam invaded South VietnamPresidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon order troops to VietnamViet Cong- Communist soldiers from North Vietnam (V-C)Guerilla Warfare- Hit and run strategy of jungle fighting

  • NaPalm- Burning Jelly used burn villages of the Viet CongAgent Orange-Chemical used to kill the jungle Tet Offense- Attack on 100 cities by the Viet Cong for 2 days

  • Vietnam ResultsDoves-young generation Americans that protested the Vietnam warHawks-People who supported Vietnam58,000 American soldiers dieVietnamization-Pulling American troops from Vietnam (1968-1973)South Vietnam falls to communism

  • Answers3333212

  • Cold War PresidentsPresident 1961-19631st catholic presidentStarted the Peace CorpsNew Frontier- Kennedys plan to help the poor, economy, and scienceAssassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald

  • Lyndon B. JohnsonPres. 1963-1969Great Society- Plan to end poverty & better educationCreated Medicaid and MedicareCalled for an end to segregationSent most troops to Vietnam (escalation)

  • Richard NixonPres. 1969-1974Detente- Easing of Tension between the US and USSRSALT- Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty (reduction of Nukes)Watergate Scandal- Break-in and cover-up of tapping phone lines to be Re-elected1st Pres. to resign

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