The Cold War Heats Up: Asia What causes the cold war to heat up in Asia?

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Text of The Cold War Heats Up: Asia What causes the cold war to heat up in Asia?

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  • The Cold War Heats Up: Asia What causes the cold war to heat up in Asia?
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  • Chinese Civil War Started in 1930s, temporarily halted during WW II 1945: Civil war restarts Nationalists (led by Chiang Kai-Shek) v. Communists (led by Mao-Zedong) US must contain Communism, will aid Chiang during Civil War VS
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  • Maos Red Army (CCP) vs. Chiangs Nationalist Army (KMT) 1945: US gives $2 billion to help Nationalists beat Communists Nationalists winning at first but Chinas economy worsens US money is poorly spent & people are upset with Nationalists Nationalists troops begin defecting to Red Army 1949: Mao controls most of China, creates Peoples Rep. Of China Chiang & his army flee to island Taiwan, set up Republic of China * Loss of China = containment policy fails Stalin & Mao request UN seat be given to PRC, US vetoes
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  • Battle for Korea [1950-1953] Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea vs. Republic of Korea
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  • A Country Divided Arguments over future of Korea UN decides to split country at 38 th Parallel Two countries form, N. Korea & S. Korea US sends money to S. Korea Soviets send weapons to N. Koreas leader Kim Il-Sung Stalin encourages Kim to invade S. Korea, says Truman wont risk war After NK crosses 38 th Parallel, Truman urges UN to take action! On a day when Soviets are boycotting UN, Sec. Council votes to use troops in Korea
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  • The Korean War [1950-1953] 1. North Korea crosses 38 th Parallel on June 25th 2. North Korea takes over almost entire peninsula 3. MacArthur arrives with UN army push NK to China 4. Maos Chinese army enters War pushes UN back into South Korea 1 4 3 2
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  • MacArthurs Solution Urges Truman to drop an a-bomb on China Truman says goal is to get NK out of SK, cant expand the war MacArthur publicly criticizes Truman to Press & Congress Truman fires MacArthur costs Truman support
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  • Korean War Stalemate War is going back and forth, Truman popularity at 25% in 1952 1952: Truman doesnt run for re-election Dwight Eisenhower wins presidency July 1953: an armistice is signed, ending war Communism contained in South Korea