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  • Fractional CMO Servicesat a fraction of the price

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    Executive Leadership


  • Companies need experienced

    strategic marketing leadership

    to accelerate growth and

    transform their organization.

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    Guess what? Tactics are important, but change and direction comes at the strategic level.

  • The Value CMO provides fractional CMO services at a fraction of the cost.

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    Chief Marketing Officer Marketing Manager

    Marketing Coordinator

    a career of successful outcomes; strategic facilitation, planning and direction; growth acceleration; mentoring; team building

    5-7 years experience; tactical program management focused on deliverables

    1-3 years experience; directed tactical execution

  • The MarketThe MessageThe Media

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    One Day Marketing Map workshops set strategy and storytelling.


    3 Msof Marketing Strategy

    Targeted Messagingthat resonates with

    prospects and customers

    Goal focused Roadmapto guide your path

    for the next 6 - 18 months

  • Mentor - 20 hours/Monthfresh eyes and additional capacity for accelerated growth or special programs leadership

    Master - 40 hours/Monthstrategic direction and instructive execution with your team; enhanced capability and expertise for your business

    Maverick - 80 hours/Monthtransitional CMO role; start up or rebuild your company and culture; align sales, operations and marketing for go to market

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    Rightsize your engagement to optimize your value.

  • When you need an experienced marketing leader to develop your marketing strategy, guide your execution,

    provide accountability, and help mentor your team to create true transformation, you need The Value CMO.

    Visit to find out more.

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