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THINGS TO DO AND NOT LADIES should not break the pumpkin, Pregnant women should not break coconut (suratengai) and should not be in the vicinity During surya and chandra grahana time more gravitational power exists on earth so you should not consume any food during this time. The food taken then will not digest easily During grahana period sun rays will have more radiation so you should not see with naked eyes See that males in the family do not trim the hair and even allow them to shave because poverty occurs Always do good things in sukla paksha i.e. from amavasya to pournami Do not sit on the pillow either yourself or any one in the family Do not remove the ear rings and nose rings in the night Pregnant ladies should not climb hills Never invite the people who are coming to share the condolences likewise do not tell that you will go and come once again after enquiring the condolences When you wear the new cloths see that some turmeric and kumkum is applied in one corner of the new clothes and after wearing the new clothes do not forget to wash your feet sit on the old clothes before doing any thing. Do not wear the flowers worn by others Avoid black colour clothes and things Do not give salt mirchi and tamarind into other person hands. Keep them on floar and ask them to take it Always make it habit to keep some food to crows before you consume. When you are giving coconut piece to others see that the portion without eyes are given When you are preparing list for procurement to your house or for any good occasions first write turmeric and kumkum and then on the other items. Never be with uncombed and untied hair particularly ladies. Untied hair represents the death in the house Avoid standing with one leg, keeping one leg over other while sitting and shaking the legs when sitting in chairs also while standing shaking are to be avoided. This will reduce your energy as well as cause for poverty. Always use right hand for giving and obtaining anything from others

Never allow womenfolk to sleep without consuming food Ladies during the course of monthly periods should not pour water to tulasi plant Never say no, if someone comes to your doorstep to sell the flowers simply say that you will purchase tomorrow Never utter no, not available, saniyane, kashtam, daridram words Never curse others even if you suffer. By cursing others you have to share the same again Accumulation of spider linen in the house causes poverty so try to remove them once in a week and for doing these avoid Tuesday and Fridays as well as in the evenings after the lamps are lit. Never put kolam in the main door during the day you observe pitru karyam Take care while serving food in plates/leaves first put some sugar or salt or some of the side dishes prepared by you. Wash the pillow covers frequently otherwise the invisible germs will spread to body and cause diseases. If you happen to use the pillows available in the foreign place keep your towel over the pillow and use. Do not directly use the pillows as is where is and wash the towels once you reach home. Avoid using others bed as far as possible. If it is utmost necessary cover the same with your dhoti or saree before use and wash thoroughly the same once you reach home. Use sambrani fumes to cover entire house particularly the bed rooms once in a week this will make the germs spread to disappear While going to sleep wash your hands and feet thoroughly and wipe out the water apply some vibhuti in forehead, do some prayers in bed and then go for sleep. This will avoid bad dreams and it also hygienic. Deep breathing should be avoided always. Do not do sound while leaving air from mouth cover the mouth with hand Do not interfere in doing services to parents of your husband and see that your husband will not cause disgrace to your parents also Married woman when comes to mother house should not ask anything without knowing the position of them, once if she ask they will try to give the same even by borrowing and suffer later If you practice to know others problems you will never try to ask anything from others.

Never have fighting with husband and go to your parents house. this will cause hurt to your in laws and your parents. It is disgrace to you and your family. Sameway husbands also should not indulge in finding fault with wife and her parents and cause inconvenience to others. nowadays no one has patience and tolerance. Whatever sufferings youare facing now is only due to the sin you have done in the previous birth that you have to face it. There is no remedy for this. You can lessen the intensity of suffering by praying to god. If you want to live with peace in future do not harm to others from now onwards and do not make them to suffer mentally. Akwayas wear the gold ring in the ring fingure only this is because the nerve connection going from ring finger to heart and this will make the heart to function normally. if you purchase the pumpkin pieces from market for cooking purpuses the same is used on the day of purchase. After 24 hours the same will harm to human body. never pour hot water directly on head while taking bath. This will affect the central nervous system. Try to keep two footpads (midiadi) in main door one ourside and one inside so that we can avoid entering of germs to 50 percent If you want to give anything to others either debt or any items try to give them before sunset in the evening and also avoid giving anything on Tuesday and Fridays completely. While brushing your teeth do not walk and brush also while brushing with hand you have to use only middle finger only and not the fore finger Do not bait the nails with teeth. It has become a routine for all nowadays when they have no work they will bite the nails. When cutting the foot nails do not cut till the end leave some length so avoid injuries while walking. When coconut was broken in the temple for pariharam (sidarukai) you should not pick up and eat the same. When litting the lamp in the temples you should not lit the lamp from the lamps lit by others instead you have to use your own match boxes otherwise the sin for which they have lit will come to you. When someone is going out of house do not call them back and do not ask them where they are going Do not throw the money either notes or coins carelessly this will cause poverty. You have to respect the money i.e. lakshmi. After sunset lice should not be pick up. Married women should wear kumkum, earring and metti in foot.

Be careful that the male issues as well as your husband do not consume too much of tulasi leaves. This will cause impotency. Never view fourth day moon with out praying to ganapati Do not wear whether the clothes is burnt even a small hole by way of inceance stick(udupatti) Never throw your children with left hand and never beat them on head Never throw the waste in front of your main door Never go for any job by three members Do not heat the butter on Tuesday and Fridays to make ghee When you woke up always open the back door first if back door is not there atleast open the backside window. This is because the nidradevi (jyeshta devi) elder sister of mahalakshmi will pass away before entering by mahalakshmi. Even if you wear golden bangles, you have to wear atleast 2 or 3 glass bangles particularly in green Be careful that the plates after consuming food should be immediately lifted they should not be dried. This is in the case of banana leaves also. Also see that you should not cross the plates or banana leaves where you have taken food. Crossing of the plates/leaves is being done by everyone unintentionally to go for washing hands. Never cross the person who was sleeping. Do not serve food before the people come and sit in the plate/leave. Nowadays the catering people serve all the dishes in leaves and wait for the people to come which is hightly incorrect. When you are walking in the floor with barefoot do not make sound i.e. walking by dragging Never put the wet clothes used for drying your body and hair on the door or window this will cause poverty and debt. Ask your children to study by facing east then they will have concentration When cooking the leaves (keerai) mix with vegetables. This will avoid evaporation of nutrients in leaves. While bathing do not speak, sing or laugh. Water will enter into your lungs and cause suffocation. Always have bath facing east. Never see your image in the water Never put drawing in the earth with your foot nails

Never have food or sleep by sitting below the girder/beam in the house and never sleep below the above. Never have food or drink coffee by sitting in bed. This will cause death early. But nowadays everyone is doing the same intentionally. Do not consume food by standing or walking or even keeping in left hand. This will cause suffocation or the food may enter into lungs also While serving food do not serve salt, rice cooked and ghee by hand it should be served with spoon only. Never serve food without bangles in the hand Never rise in the middle while consuming food to attend phone or to adjust the tv etc. Be attentive while give any items to others i.e. danam try to put one set of tulasi leave along with it which will give you more punyam. Always make it a practice to give tambulam to women who comes to your house. This is called tambula danam. This is srikaram i.e. will give you more prosperity Make it a practice to take vadu in the head while combing your hair both male and females. This will make the water accumulated in the head to evoparatae otherwise you will feel headache. Never use baking sode in preparing food. Try to use menthe seeds in food this will give you good rememberance and make your body cool also it is good preventer for sugar also. Make it a habit to consume one or two bananas in a day. This will avoid constipation. Sugar patients should avoid instead they can take kadukkai powder one spoon in the night with water. Orange fruit is good and have lot of vitamin c hence try to consume as much as possible This will also avoid cancer development also. While performing sradha , do not give alms to beggers who comes to your doorstep. Never sit on URAL, ULAKKAI, AMMI, MAIN DOOR VASAPADI, MURAM (CHATA). THIS will cause poverty and also any insects hidden will bite you. These items should not crossed at any cost. These items are to be crossed except the main door on the apara kriya i.e. 12th day rituals performed to make the pretams (dead persons soul) not to follow you. The chairs stools in which you sit should not be thrown by foot. Never drink water or consume anything by lying down this will cause entering into lungs and may lead to death. Never use two hands to massage your head.

Never stand without combing your hair in the main door. By doing this you are inviting apamrutyu into your house. Never abuse others when you have anger Avoid self praising about you and your family. Avoid the words which make others hurt. In turn this will give you blood pressure. Always chant any god name while doing work in the house or office or before going to bed. This will boost your self confidence Be time conscious opportunity will not knock your door always try to grab the same when comes to your door. Have faith in god. Do not go to temples for the sake of bargaining. While in temples concentrate in the god only and do not indulge in family affairs and chat with people come across. Know about the time conscious. Make every one in the family about this and make them to do things accordingly. Early to bed and raise early is good practice. Never allow children or others in the family to view TV late nights and also in internets. Keep a watch on the people who are using internet. Never accept anything if given by unknown persons even if they give it for rock bottom prices. Be aware they want to cheat you. Instruct your family members also the same. Never invest your hard earned money with chit funds, mutual funds or companies who lure you to give you higher interest and double your money in a shorter time but after accumulating sufficient funds one day they will disappear and the persons invested with them will come to streets. Purchase one venkateswara swami with padmavati photo with gold covering and hang the same in your house. This will give you prosperity. Never have fish pond in the house. Be aware, people with bad odour teath, wearing with dirty and torn clothes, who consume too much food, always in the habit of finding fault with others, people who sleep in the evenings, taking food in the evening between 5.30 to 6.30 will suffer with poverty and they will cause poverty to also if they are staying with you. Always try to chant the following sloka after litting the lamp MANGALE MANGALADHARE MANGALYE MANGALAPRADE MANGALARTHAM MANGALESI MANGALYAM DEHIME SADA BY chanting this sloka, savitry able to fight with yama and got back her husband alive. Such power this sloka has


During birthday/marriage day or any auspicious day get asivadam from elders of the family Make it a practice to your children also this habit.