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    2015 Fall Semester Course Information For Student Athletes Grade 9-12

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    Launched in the January of 2015, the Vancouver Futsal Association is proud to continue offering its Elite Development Program for student athletes.

    The training is provided to students across the lower mainland, and they will earn their Physical Education credits through this program. The Elite Development Program is held in partnership with the Richmond Virtual School Board.

    Alexander Elliott and Michael D?Agostino are the head staff of on-court training, along with coach Nick Dasovic. Cody Low is head of High Performance in gym training. You can find more about us on page 3.

    In 2010, Elliott and D?Agostino started the Vancouver Futsal Association to encourage the lower mainland?s youth to start embracing futsal as an important aspect of soccer player development.

    The benefits playing futsal provide for young soccer players are endless. Since a futsal ball is smaller and heavier than a soccer ball, the game is played mainly on the surface, encouraging players more ball-touches and quicker decisions. This makes the ball move quicker, allowing players to shift and feint their way out of small spaces.

    Futsal has been one of the best development tools for soccer powerhouses such as Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy and Germany. It has been documented that professional players in those countries practiced futsal in their youth.

    Our focus on improving individual skill and physical speed, strength, and agility gives a solid basis from which players develop on a technical, physical and tactical level. We are excited to have youth soccer players reap the benefits of futsal-training in our court.


    | Elite Development Program For Student Athletes

    The Richmond Olympic Oval

    Fortius Sport Burnaby

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    Alexander Elliott

    Elliott holds his DFB Trainer, UEFA B and National B Licenses, Currently taking the UEFA A Part 1. Elliott?s background includes playing professionally in the German Bundesliga for Mainz05, as well for Sportfreunde Siegen and in Canada for the Vancouver Whitecaps. Elliott is also a member of NCAA Div 1 school University of Portland and was captain of Canada?s youth national team and member of Canada?s Men?s Futsal Team. Elliott recently worked with German Club 1. FC Kaiserslautern and is now currently the Head Coach at Quest University Canada.

    Michael D?Agostino

    D?Agostino?s background includes playing professionally for English Championship Club Blackpool FC, as well as English League One clubs Cheltenham FC and Hereford United FC, and German club Sportfreunde Siegen. Michael also played for NCAA Div 1 University of Kentucky and was a member Canadian Youth National teams including the team that participated in the 2007 FIFA U20 World Cup. D?Agostino holds his National B license and is currently the Assistant Technical Director, Academy Director, and head of Youth Development for North Vancouver Football Club, coach with Mountain FC and a Senior Staff Coach at TSS Academy.

    Nick Dasovic

    Nick Dasovic is a UEFA Pro Licensed coach that has led Canada's under-23 side through Olympic qualification. Dasovic was also a part of MLS club Toronto FC as TFC Academy head coach and second assistant to the first team. In September 2010, he became interim head coach of Toronto FC, a position he held until January 2011. At the end of the same year, Dasovic was named head coach of Canada U-20 national team. Nick Dasovic was hired as an assistant coach by the San Jose Earthquakes in 2013.

    Cody Low

    Low is a senior strength and conditioning coach in the High Performance Department at the Oval. He has an extensive background in athletic performance enhancement, strength and conditioning and track and field. He is currently working with 3 national teams including the National Women?s Soccer Team. He has also worked with athletes from the NHL, NBA, CFL, ATP and MLS. Cody?s skill is in improving an athlete?s power, speed and quickness. He possesses a strong background in assessment and corrective exercise and progresses athletes.

    VFA | Elite Development Program For Student Athletes

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    VFA | Elite Development Program For Student Athletes

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    Sessions include two main components:

    - Education and repetition of Individual technical work

    - Futsal game-based practical relating to the session?s technical focus

    Dribbling with a futsal-specific emphasis

    - Escaping pressure and finding space through change of direction

    - Directional sole touches

    - Using the sole for awareness-purposes

    - Tightening the timing of touches to accommodate the smaller playing area

    - The postural focus of dribbling in order to stay balanced and absorb body contact correctly

    - Explosive movements in tight spaces to beat defenders or open up passing/shooting lanes

    The body posture and mechanics within passing technique

    - Firing the correct muscles

    - Creating the correct breathing patterns

    - Correct posture - learning how to maintain core stability

    - Extending sweet spots - guiding passes over punching passes

    - Breaking down the process of passing. Pre-pass, impact, and post pass

    - Teaching elite passing techniques to increase passing repertoire

    The body posture and mechanics within finishing techniques

    - Firing the correct muscles

    - Creating the correct breathing patterns

    - Driving your body goal directed to increase finishing percentages

    - Breaking down the process of finishing. Pre-shot, impact, and post shot

    - How to increase finishing percentages through situational understanding

    The body position and awareness to create personal possessional advantages when on the ball, through futsal emphasis

    - Shielding the dribble

    - Creating body position advantages while defending

    - How to position yourself in various 50/50 scenarios

    - How to use your arms properly to ?body out? players to increase time and space - Using your surroundings to increase possession advantages

    Elite Development provides an opportunity for players to hone in on the technical side of the game. We try to have players leave their comfort zone and correct bad habits they may have picked up over the years. By breaking down techniques into smaller elements, we identify the specific parts each player is struggling with on a given technique.

    For example, we cover components of how to deliver an elite pass. This includes posture, balance, power generation and breathing patterns. We try to instill consistency in players? technique-delivery through breaking down each component and gaining a full understanding of what is required to develop specific techniques.

    In addition to on-court sessions, Elite Development gives players time in the High Performance centre. This is when they work on their strength, balance and power, as well as recovery and stretching.

    The High Performance component directly relates to the on-court training. The body mechanics fine-tuned through the HP are what enables players to perform the specific techniques the VFA portion will teach. The HP component will also help the players do these techniques at a faster rate, with more power and with consistency.


    VFA | Elite Development Program For Student Athletes

  • Wellness Component

    Wellness will play a large part in the program and staff will be able to review with the athletes after each cycle to increase awareness of overall body awareness. Our goal is to make sure the athletes stay healthy, l imit loss of practice or playing time due to injuries, while improving f lexibil ity, strength, and mobility. Athletes with issues preventing full participation will be integrated into off court programming to help with rehab and recovery and f itness. The wellness component will include yoga and Pilates courses.

    High-Performance Component

    All players will go through an individual assessment that takes into consideration their strength, f lexibil ity, power, agility, mobility, and balance. This will help the on and off court staff improve weaknesses and maximize strengths while helping to minimize risk to injury and overuse.

    Tactical Analysis Component

    Players will get the chance to break down f ilm analysis and clips of top professional matches and learn systems of play that relate to their own positions on the f ield. The staff coaches will break down the games for the players on both a micro and macro level in order to gain insight from both perspectives.



    VFA | Elite Development Program For Student Athletes


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    Course Dates - Fall 2015

    The course runs from the mid-September 2015 to mid-December 2015

    Sessions run during the first block of the school day 7am-9am

    Pick the dates that fit you and your school's schedule

    We will share a master calendar where you can select the dates that fit your schooling schedule. This allows students from different schooling systems like, linear, Semester, block or even private school systems to fit their schedule.

    Course Description

    The Elite Development Program is provided to students across the lower mainland in partnership with the Richmond Virtual School Board. Students will earn their Physical Education credits through this program. The prog