Vocab Lesson 6: Learn new words !

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Vocab Lesson 6: Learn new words !. Directions: Complete the chart and submit on the day of the vocab quiz. Accede . Def : (v) to yield to; to assume an office or dignity. Syn : consent, concur, comply, assent Ant: demur, balk at - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Vocab Lesson 6:

Vocab Lesson 6: Learn new words !

Directions: Complete the chart and submit on the day of the vocab quiz

Accede Def: (v) to yield to; to assume an office or dignity.Syn: consent, concur, comply, assentAnt: demur, balk atSent: Although he acceded to the demands of his boss, he found other passive-aggressive ways to get revenge. Sent: He acceded the throne when the king died.

BrandishDef: (v) to wave or flourish in a menacing or vigorous fashionSyn: swing, shakeSent: He brandished his sword before the approaching enemy.

CompriseDef: (v) to include or contain; to be made up ofSyn: compose, constitute, encompassAnt: excludeSent: The huge tower of gifts was comprised of a box of expensive chocolates, fresh peaches, and a tin of macadamia nuts from Hawaii.

DeftDef: (adj) skillful, nimbleSyn: dexterous, adroit, proficient, clever, masterfulAnt: clumsy, awkward, bungling, ineptSent: With one deft movement, shequickly caught the baby as he rolled of the couch.

DestituteDef: (adj) deprived of the necessities of life; lacking inSyn: wanting, devoid, impoverished, pennilessAnt: rich, wealthy, luxurious, bountiful, full, repleteSent: While she felt like her family was poor when dad refused to buy her the the ipod she wanted, she knew that she was far from destitute.

ExplicitDef: (adj) definite, clearly statedSyn: distinct, forthright, unambiguous, clearAnt: vague, ambiguous, implied, implicitSent: I explicitly told you that if you are going to take movies out of the library, you cant leave them on the pile or you will forget to return them and we will get fined!

ExtirpateDef: (v) to tear up the roots; to destroy totallySyn: uproots, eradicate, wipe out, exciseAnt: implant, sow, foster, nourishHINT: Sounds like exterminate!Sent: She extirpated the last few pesky stray eyebrow hairs. Sent: Bullying will never be fully extirpated from schools, but it has certainly been reduced.

InopportuneDef (adj): coming at a bad time; not appropriateSyn: ill-timed, inconvenient, inappropriate, unsuitableAnt: timely, convenient, felicitous, opportuneSent: Some people have to go to the bathroom at the most inopportune times!

IronicDef: (adj) suggesting an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually happens; given to irony, sarcasmSyn: incongruous, satiric, sardonic, wryAnt: straightforward, unequivocalSent: Ironically, after we stayed up all night to write the paper, our Philosophy professor cancelled class, so we had a week extension.

MustyDef: (adj) stale, moldy; out-of-dateSyn: hackneyed, antiquatedAnt: fresh, sweet-smelling, up-to-date, brand newSent: The box of old sweaters was certainly clean, but had a musty aroma from lack of fresh air.Sent: His musty-looking suit looked like it was straight out of the disco era.

OfficiousDef: (adj) meddling; excessively forward in offering services or assuming authoritySyn: meddlesome, prying, impertinent, obtrusiveAnt: reserved, diffident, timid, aloofI would describe her as officious, since she is constantly giving me unsolicited advice.

OminousDef: (adj) unfavorable, threatening, of bad omenSyn: unpropitious, inauspicious, portentousAnt: propitious, auspicious, promisingSent: While I wasnt completely afraid to walk alone at night, the full moon and dark clouds seemed ominous to me.

Pinnacle Def: (n) a high peak or pointSyn: apex, acme, summit, apogeeAnt: nadir, perigee, low pointSent: At the pinnacle of his career, he tarnished his image. When we finally reached the pinnacle of the hill, wecould see the entire city.

PremeditatedDef: (adj. participle= adj. from the verb)Syn: preplanned, rehearsed, calculated, prearrangedAnt: unplanned, spontaneous, impromptuSent: The attempted murder, the jury decided, was not premeditated, but committed as a spontaneous impulse.

RampantDef: (adj) growing without check, running wildSyn: widespread, unrestrained, extravagant, prevalentAnt: controlled, restrainedEven with frequent mowing, the yard quickly grew full of dandelions that ran rampant. Common phrase: Rumors run rampant

SolaceDef: (n) comfort, relief, (v) to comfort, consoleSyn: soothe, reassure, cheer upAnt: vex, aggravate, upsetSent: The kind words of her friends could bring her little solace after losing her aunt. Common Phrase: to seek solace

StatelyDef: (adj) dignified, majesticSyn: grand, magnificent, imposingAnt: lowly, humble, servile, abjectSent: We were expecting the building and the grounds to be stately, but they went beyond our imagination in size and stature. Hint: a stately estate

SuppleDef: (adj) bending easily, bending with agility; readily adaptable; servileSyn: flexible, limber, pliable, pliantAnt: stiff, rigid, unbending, hideboundSent: Unfortunately, even in this age of technological development, factories cant produce synthetic materials that are as supple as leather. Trivia: The supple skink lizard

SuppressDef: (v) to stop by force, put downSyn: subdue, crush, stifle, squelch, quash, silenceAnt: provoke, spur, arouse, incite, instigateSent: I tried to suppress my huge yawn during the meeting, but the speaker still noticed.

VenalDef: (adj) open to or marked by bribery or corruptionSyn: dishonest, bribable, corruptible, mercenaryAnt: honest, incorruptible, scrupulousSent: People are rarely shocked these days by the venal acts committed by politiciansthey have come to expect it.