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Warhammer 30K: The Horus Heresy CYOA v0.01 By SJ-Chan w/AbraxesAnon Welcome to the formative years of the Grimdarkness that is Warhammer 40K. This is the dawn of the dawn of war, the time of the events that shaped the Imperium of Man into what it was to become, and doomed mankind to 11,000 years of war. The story of the Horus heresy is one of secrets and betrayal, glory and tragedy, misunderstanding, murder, and treason most foul. The air of distrust and fear runs thick, and makes the quieter moments just as tense as the heat of battle between clashing forces. In the closing days of the Great Crusade, the Emperor of Man retreats to his palace on Terra, leaving his sons, the Primarchs, under the command of the first among princes, Horus the Warmaster, to fend for themselves. He has faith in his sons, faith in Horus’s leadership… but not enough faith to tell them of the threat posed by Chaos. And yet, Chaos, that same force which scattered the 20(21) princes across the galaxy, has not forgotten about them. By corrupting first Lorgar, the most fanatical of the Primarchs, the Ruinous Powers, the Chaos Gods themselves, will slowly twist the hearts and minds of many within the Legions of the Adeptus Astartes… even the Warmaster himself in time. Soon… soon will come a civil war to shake the Imperium to its core and drive its forces to their knees. Billions will die in fire and flame. This tragic passion play will open on the fields of the rebellious world of Isstvan III, where the Traitor Horus and his allies will openly declare their defiance of the Emperor and will rid themselves of the loyalists within their own ranks, setting brother against brother, fathers killing their own sons. The battle of Isstvan III is a long one, an epic and vicious tale of bloodshed and betrayal like unto an ancient Greek tragedy. Nothing will ever be the same again. You arrive in these twisted threads of fate just after the first Primarch, Horus Lupercal, has been found by the Emperor. It is the year 800.M30. During the year 005.M31, unless something changes it, the Horus Heresy, begun in secret, will rage openly across the galaxy for a decade until 014.M31. Let the galaxy burn… or don’t… it’s all up to you. Here are 1000 Crusade Points to help you make your choice. You’ll be here at least 250 years.

Warhammer 30K: The Horus Heresy CYOA - img.fireden.net · Warhammer 30K: The Horus Heresy CYOA v 0 . 0 1 B y S J- Ch a n w / A b r a x e s A n on Welcome to the formative years of

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  • Warhammer 30K: 

    The Horus Heresy CYOA 


    By SJ-Chan w/AbraxesAnon 


    Welcome to the formative years of the Grimdarkness that is Warhammer 40K. This is the                             

    dawn of the dawn of war, the time of the events that shaped the Imperium of Man into what it                                       

    was to become, and doomed mankind to 11,000 years of war. The story of the Horus heresy is                                   

    one of secrets and betrayal, glory and tragedy, misunderstanding, murder, and treason most                         

    foul. The air of distrust and fear runs thick, and makes the quieter moments just as tense as the                                     

    heat of battle between clashing forces. 


    In the closing days of the Great Crusade, the Emperor of Man retreats to his palace on Terra,                                   

    leaving his sons, the Primarchs, under the command of the first among princes, Horus the                             

    Warmaster, to fend for themselves. He has faith in his sons, faith in Horus’s leadership… but                               

    not enough faith to tell them of the threat posed by Chaos. 


    And yet, Chaos, that same force which scattered the 20(21) princes across the galaxy, has not                               

    forgotten about them. By corrupting first Lorgar, the most fanatical of the Primarchs, the                           

    Ruinous Powers, the Chaos Gods themselves, will slowly twist the hearts and minds of many                             

    within the Legions of the Adeptus Astartes… even the Warmaster himself in time. Soon… soon                             

    will come a civil war to shake the Imperium to its core and drive its forces to their knees.                                     

    Billions will die in fire and flame. 


    This tragic passion play will open on the fields of the rebellious world of Isstvan III, where the                                   

    Traitor Horus and his allies will openly declare their defiance of the Emperor and will rid                               

    themselves of the loyalists within their own ranks, setting brother against brother, fathers                         

    killing their own sons. The battle of Isstvan III is a long one, an epic and vicious tale of                                     

    bloodshed and betrayal like unto an ancient Greek tragedy. Nothing will ever be the same                             



    You arrive in these twisted threads of fate just after the first Primarch, Horus Lupercal, has                               

    been found by the Emperor. It is the year 800.M30. During the year 005.M31, unless something                               

    changes it, the Horus Heresy, begun in secret, will rage openly across the galaxy for a decade                                 

    until 014.M31. 


    Let the galaxy burn… or don’t… it’s all up to you. Here are 1000 Crusade Points to help you                                     

    make your choice. You’ll be here at least 250 years. 


    Racial Origins [RO] 

    -100% Human, Ratling, Squat, Ogryn, Eldar 

    Evolutionary Lines [EL] 

    -Baseline, Psyker, Blank, Navigator Gene, Sensei, Perpetual, Geneson 

    Evolutionary Perks [EP] 

    -Psyche Unlocked, Pariah Gene, Warp Eye, Sensei’s Gifts, Perpetual Revival, Phoenix Lord 

    +Phoenix Lord Scenario 

    Labworks [LW] 

    -First Generation Legionnaire, Thunder Warrior, Adeptus Custodes, Son of Not-God 

    +Primarch Scenarios 

    Psyker Powers & Abilities [PP] 

    -Astropath & Navigator Sections 

    Psyker Specializations [PS] 


    Transhuman Abilities [TA] 


    100% Human Abilities [HA] 


    Eldar Ways [EW] 


    Companions [CM] 


    Faction of Choice [FC] 


    Items & Relics [IR] 


    Drawbacks [DB] 


    Notes & Reference [NR] 



    Choose Only One 



    100% Pure Human [Free] 

    You even get a certificate proving to all and sundry that you are, indeed, human… which will                                 

    be accepted by any relevant authorities, no matter what you look like. You may choose to have                                 

    no memories of this not yet festering wound of a universe, if you so choose. Your age can be set                                       

    to anything between 15 and 50 Terran years and your Gender is your choice. Humans of this                                 

    period have a natural lifespan of about 140 years, but life extension and rejuvenation                           

    techniques are common in this day and age and several people from this era are still alive 11,000                                   

    years later. 

    Certificate of Humanity [200] (Free 100% Pure Human): This document proves to any                         

    relevant authority that you are (no matter what you may look like or no matter what genome                                 

    scans may say) 100% Pure Human. Once per jump, you can change the species included in the                                 

    certificate. While you are carrying the certificate, everyone around you will act as if your                             

    appearance is not atypical for a member of that included race. So yes, be Sir Bearington. Only                                 

    children and the insane will be able to see through this. 


    Abhuman - Ratling [+200] 

    Look, there’s no nice way to say this. You’re a halfling. A Hobbit in space. For the entire jump                                     

    you will be approximately three feet high and constantly hungry… you’ll need to eat at least                               

    twice as much as a normal human. You’ll also have a nigh impenetrable accent and the                               

    compulsion to… er… loot anything that isn’t nailed down… and anything you can pry up… and                               

    the nails… and whatever it was nailed to. You will also find that you are exceptionally virile /                                   

    fertile (this has the force of a drawback for the duration of the jump). However, you do get the                                     

    perk “Half Man, Half Stomach” for free. Your age can be set to anything between 14 and 40                                   

    years of age, but people will probably assume you’re a child regardless… at least until you open                                 

    your gob, you gobshite. Your choice of Gender. Ratlings have a fairly normal human lifespan. 

    Half Man, Half Stomach [200] (Free for Ratling): You can eat three times as much as a                                 

    normal human, and store the calories for later use. You can sleep twice as much as what you                                   

    need and bank the sleep for later use. You can party tirelessly without ill effects (besides                               

    intoxication). And you can turn anything edible into actual food… good food, in fact. Oh, and                               

    you’re a crack shot with a rifle of any kind. The soles of your feet are as tough as leather if you                                           

    want them to be. 




  • Abhuman - Squat [+100] 

    Dwarves. Space Dwarves. You don’t exist. I mean, you did exist… but then Games Workshop                             

    wrote your entire race out of continuity because of reasons. Still, you’re a member of a race that                                   

    (when they existed) were genetically engineered to survive on highly radioactive worlds with                         

    gravity values as high as 6g. Because of that, Squats are incredibly hardy, tough, and strong. You                                 

    gain the “Squat Hard” perk for free and everyone keeps forgetting you exist whenever it would                               

    be inconvenient for you, points out that you don’t exist every so often, and in general is too                                   

    damned tall. Your height is maxed out at 4’3” for this entire jump and for some reason people                                   

    being taller than you is deeply annoying to you. It is probable that there are female Squats…but                                 

    no one can tell the difference, so what does it matter? Your age is somewhere between old                                 

    enough to know better and old enough to have forgotten how old you are. Squats don’t so much                                   

    die of old age as eventually petrify, though this takes ages. 

    Squat Hard [200] (Free for Squat): Your body is geared for a 6g world, meaning that                               

    you’re several times stronger and tougher than a normal human, immune to all mineral toxins,                             

    and have nearly limitless stamina. Also, you’re all but impervious to background radiation. 


    Abhuman - Ogryn [+100] 

    Big, strong… dumb. That’s the Ogryn Way. These Abhumans are a mutant strain of mankind                             

    that is tolerated because they are really good in a fight and fairly good at following orders.                                 

    However, they are kinda… well… ugly… and stupid. And prone to violence. While you might                             

    not be saddled with an Ogryn’s brains or lack of impulse control, you will find yourself acting a                                   

    little more foolish and impulsive than you otherwise would be and people will treat you like a                                 

    moron who might go berserk at any moment… yes, even if you change forms. However, you do                                 

    gain the ‘OGRYN STRONGK!’ perk for free. Your age is unknown, your maximum age is                             

    naturally about 40-50 years, and your gender is your choice, but many Ogryn are sterile. Since                               

    this jump is longer than most Ogryn live, assume you’re special and won’t die of old age if you                                     

    take this option. 

    OGRYN STRONGK! [200] (Free for Ogryn): You aren’t just strong… you’re flip Battle                         

    Tanks strong. You’re fight people wearing power armor (while not wearing it yourself) strong.                           

    You are as strong as you think you are (without violating physics). You are also tough enough                                 

    to shrug off any wounds that wouldn’t damage an armored vehicle. 


    Eldar [200] 

    If humanity has any potential ally among the Xenos of this Galaxy, it would be the Eldar Race,                                   

    for they alone hate Chaos as much as Humanity. However, they are a race driven to the brink                                   

    of extinction thanks to the recent birth of the fourth Greater God of Chaos, Slaanesh. In being                                 

    born, Slaanesh has birthed the Eye of Terror and consumed all the Eldar homeworlds. Now, the                               

    last of this once great people flee across the galaxy in their Craftworlds or take refuge in the                                   

    shattered ruins of their Webway. Will you find yourself on one of the nascent Paths of a                                 

  • Craftworld Eldar, seduced by the darkness and pain of the Dark Eldar, or will you throw away                                 

    eons of culture to become an Exodite. Whatever your choice, your soul is forfeit to Slaanesh if                                 

    you die in this jump. Eldar gain the ‘Psyche Unlocked’ perk and +300 CP to spend in the                                   

    Technology Section, but have limited options in the Evolutionary Lines Section below. Eldar                         

    do have two sexes. It is somewhat tricky to tell them apart. Feel free to be either. 





    You may only purchase one modifier from this list unless stated otherwise. 

    Eldar cannot purchase Psyker, Navigator, or Geneson.  

    They can purchase Blank if they take Solitaire as well. 


    Humanity in this universe has evolved at different rates & times and under a variety of circumstances. Some                                   

    are blessed with powerful minds, capable of channeling the Warp in mysterious ways. Many are those                               

    mutated to see within the Empyrean and chart ships to their destination. Others are stranger still with blood                                   

    ties to the Emperor himself, or perhaps a side evolution, one of the most peculiar specimens... men and women                                     

    who cannot be killed save by a mysterious substance known as Fulgurite. Which one are you? 


    Baseline [Free/100] 

    Eldar must buy this if they want it. 

    You are a normal human / ratling / squat / ogryn of this period and there is nothing                                   

    remarkable about your genome. If you have genetic abilities from elsewhere, during this jump                           

    they fail to show up in any genetic scan. For 100 CP, you can keep this protection in all future                                       

    jumps, and pass it on to all your offspring, even those you already had when entering this jump.                                   

    You may be either gender, at your discretion. 


    Psyker [100] 

    Ratling Psykers may take Living Ancestor. Squat Psykers must take it. 

    Ogryn Psykers must buy BRAIN STRONGK! 

    Neither count against the Drawback total. 

    Not exactly a side branch, but somewhere more along the evolutionary chain than the                           

    common human, a psyker is a dangerous entity in mankind’s ranks. Just prior to the Horus                               

    Heresy, the Council of Nikea will outlaw the use of all psyker abilities, but that has not                                 

    happened yet. This will happen for good reason, so they say... I mean who would want all that                                   

    power at the risk of having one gain a demon inside their head? This comes with access to the                                     

    Psychic Abilities Section. Normally Squats, Ratlings, and Ogryn can’t be Psykers… but see the                           

    options below. Psyker potential is a genetic legacy and can be found in both genders. 

    Living Ancestor [+100] (Squat or Ratling Psyker Only): Well, good for you, you’re                         

    super-duper old… how old? So old you’ve gained psychic powers! Your age is now “FUCKING                             

    OLD AS SIN AND REALLY DECREPIT AND CRANKY!” For the entire jump you will find                             

    yourself demanding people who look younger than you speak up and turn down that horrible                             

    music and get a haircut and a real job. Oh… and you don’t carry the gene for being a psychic…                                       

    you’re just that old. 

  • BRAIN STRONGK! [+300] (Mandatory for Ogryn Psyker): It says here that you’re an                         

    Ogryn… and a Psyker? Umm… sure. Let’s go with that. Since Ogryn typically have the                             

    willpower of a marshmallow and the impulse control of a ferret on meth, an Ogryn Psyker                               

    would normally have all the survival potential of a Daemonette in the Imperial Palace of Terra.                               

    But apparently you’re immune to the negative effects of the Warp, because your brain is really                               

    really strong… kinda. Your psychic powers will never, ever, harm you during this jump… but                             

    your intelligence and impulse control are reduced to that of a typical Ogryn. However, because                             

    this is funny as hell, you are effectively guaranteed to survive no matter what happens during                               

    this jump. Oh, and just because you’re immune to all the problems with your psychic powers…                               

    nothing around you is any more resistant to the warp spasms and daemons you keep                             

    summoning than they otherwise would be.  


    Blank [+200] 

    An Eldar who wants Blank must buy Solitaire for 300cp as well. 

    You possess the pariah gene and have no soul… or rather your soul is stored somewhere                               

    inaccessible to anyone or anything (yourself included) for the duration of this jump. This                           

    means that not only do you have no presence in the warp, psychic powers tend to fizzle out                                   

    around you. Unfortunately, since your mere presence makes those who have souls feel a bit off,                               

    they tend to dislike being in your presence and may actively shun you... though word is, if you                                   

    are a female willing to be trained and take an oath of silence… there may be a place for you in                                         

    the emperor’s service. Or perhaps in a certain clade of assassins… You gain one free purchase of                                 

    the Pariah Gene perk, but you may not purchase any psyker powers, nor make use of any                                 

    outside psychic powers during this jump, nor any powers that require you to have a soul. Being                                 

    a blank is genetic (no comment on if they all have red hair, but every picture of a Sister of                                       

    Silence seems to be a redhead)... and Blanks can be of either gender, and can be found amongst                                   

    the Abhumans. 

    Solitaire [300] (Mandatory for Eldar Blanks): You’re one of the exceptionally rare                       

    Eldar Blanks… kinda. It’s not that they don’t have Souls… it’s that they’ve already consigned                             

    those Souls to Slaanesh… even as they oppose him/her/it with every action they take. Still, the                               

    effect is largely the same. Of course, you won’t be actually called a Solitaire until some time in                                   

    M33 when the first performance of ‘The Fall’ will be staged, but a Solitaire is an Eldar                                 

    Harlequin who plays the role of ‘She Who Thirsts’ (i.e. Slaanesh). Even by Harlequin standards,                             

    Solitaires are dangerous and insane… and insanely dangerous. As a Solitaire, you are a master                             

    assassin, skilled in all manner of covert attacks and of remaining inconspicuous until the                           

    moment comes to strike. As a Blank you are exceptionally hard to target with psychic attacks…                               

    and once per combat you may pull off some almost certainly improbable feat of physical agility                               

    or killing prowess as long as others are watching. Your visage, when you choose to reveal your                                 

    true self, can be unsettling to even the most hardened of hearts and will terrify most normal                                 

    beings. Solitaires are boogeymen. A normal Solitaire has pledged their soul to Slaanesh, but                           

  • your benefactor has given you a proxy that will fool Slaanesh long enough for you to be sent                                   

    home or activate a 1-up. As a Solitaire, you get the ‘Mask of the Harlequin’ perk free. You can                                     

    find it in the Eldar Perks Section. A Solitaire Phoenix Lord can take the Death to Slaanesh                                 


    She Thirsts for you [+400] (Solitaire Only): Remember that proxy soul thing? Yeah…                         

    it’s on backorder. If you die in this jump Slaanesh gets to eat your soul for real… Cegorach isn’t                                     

    winning it back. Taking this negates 1-ups and the protection from Perpetual. This does not                             

    count against drawback limits. 


    Navigator Gene [200] 

    You are a member the human subspecies known as Homo Navigo… one of the Navis Nobilite,                               

    the utterly indispensable Great Houses of the Imperium… and a mutant. An Imperially                         

    sanctioned mutant… a Navigator. Unlike most mutants, the Navigator Gene which defines a                         

    Navigator always manifests the same way… to wit, the formation of a third eye located in the                                 

    middle of their foreheads. This eye, known as ‘The Warp Eye’ gives a Navigator the unique                               

    ability to steer a faster-than-light starship accurately through Warpspace and allows them to                         

    perceive the psychic light of the great beacon of mankind known as the Astronomican and the                               

    myriad and (to others) maddening currents of the Warp. This ability makes Navigators                         

    absolutely essential to the Imperium's continued survival and to all interstellar transportation,                       

    communication, and commerce. Although this is a psychic ability, and has many                       

    manifestations, Navigator Powers are not found in other psykers and, conversely, Navigators                       

    never possess any psychic abilities beyond the powers their Warp Eye affords them. They have                             

    a natural lifespan of roughly four standard terran centuries and, as they grow older, their                             

    abilities steadily grow more powerful. As this happens, their Eye matures in a predictable                           

    pattern as the white and iris of the eye gradually disappears, leaving only a hardened black orb.                                 

    All Navigators belong to a large group of noble families based on Terra in the great district of                                   

    that world-city known as the Navigator's Quarter. These dynasties are known collectively as                         

    the Great Families of the Navis Nobilite. Navigators may access the Psyker Powers section if                             

    you purchase access, but do not natively gain access to it. You do gain the ‘Warp Eye’ perk                                   

    which unlocks the ability to purchase skills from the Navigator Skills Section. Navigators can                           

    be of either gender and are apparently quite fertile. 


    Sensei [500] 

    The Sensei are said to be the direct genetic descendants of the Emperor, but if they are, no proof                                     

    of this can be found. Whatever the truth of the situation, their exact nature is a mess of                                   

    contradictions… they are psykers, but are invisible to the warp, they are human but also                             

    transhuman... what is clear is that they are ageless - though they can be killed, they do not age                                     

    past their prime and they have inherited great power… possibly from the Emperor. They also                             

    possess unique abilities of their own. Because they harbour none of the emotions or concepts                             

  • embodied by the Chaos Powers, they are largely invisible to them, and can draw on the energies                                 

    of the Warp to use their psychic powers without attracting daemons or other malicious Warp                             

    entities. In fact, due to their harmonious relationship with the Warp, the Sensei are invisible to                               

    psychic senses, even to those of the Emperor. You gain the ‘Sensei’s Gifts’ perk and one free                                 

    purchase of ‘Psyche Unlocked’, as well as a discount on Psychic Specializations. You must be                             

    100% Human to buy this (or Eldar if you believe the Emperor had a bit of Xenos strange).                                   

    However, be aware those of the Imperium and Chaos aligned might still want your blood to be                                 

    able to rend you down into anti-psychic weaponry. Sensei are not sterile and can be of either                                 

    gender… possibly both. No one knows! 

    Daddy’s Little Bastard [+400] (Optional for Sensei Only): The God Emperor of                       

    Mankind, aka, dad, thinks you’re a total fuck up and hates you… a lot. I mean, not enough to                                     

    want you dead, but enough to constantly be thinking low level angry thoughts about you…                             

    which of course shape reality and… This wouldn’t be so bad if you were a Primarch, but you’re                                   

    one of the Sensei, the Emperor’s byblows… and an embarrassing one at that. Whenever you                             

    think about dad or have to deal with dad or any of his people your emotional control cracks                                   

    and Chaos starts noticing you. And Dad doesn’t really trust you out of his sight much. 


    Perpetual [400] 

    Perpetuals are a vestigial side-branch of humanity born with many gifts. Naturally or                         

    artificially created, their most notable gift is their effective immortality which is sustained                         

    through rapid cellular regeneration. Perpetuals are capable of surviving dismemberment,                   

    suffocation, and even decapitation, eventually regenerating each time. The only known way of                         

    killing a perpetual is with a mysterious artifact known as the Fulgurite… and even that might                               

    merely stop them from regenerating for a time. Humans can either be born as a Perpetual                               

    naturally, or become one through alien technology. The Cabal is capable of artificially                         

    producing human Perpetuals. You are considered a natural one. You gain the ‘Perpetual                         

    Revival’ perk for free. Senseis, Psykers, Navigators, Genesons, and Blanks can all be Perpetuals.                           

    Abhumans can be Perpetuals. Perpetuals can also be of any gender. 

    Perpetual Reset [+200]: Every time the Perpetual Revival triggers, you will forget                       

    roughly 1/4th of all your memories from before the reset. You will also have general trouble                               

    remembering more distant memories or things older than a few centuries. You’ll also be a little                               

    scatterbrained at times as you try and remember things you did in the distant past. Not when                                 

    it’s super important, but in general. Total cost with Perpetual is 200 CP. 


    Geneson [600] 

    Congratulations! You are a child of the Emperor of Mankind…‘s science. You may be a Thunder                               

    Warrior, a Custodes, a Space Marine… or, maybe, just maybe, you are one of the elite of the elite                                     

    of the elite… you could be one of the two missing Primarchs. This cannot be purchased with                                 

    Sensei or by an Abhuman. It can be purchased with Psyker, Navigator, Blank, or Perpetual.                             

  • Grants unfettered access to the Transhuman Abilities and a floating discount on any two perks                             

    from anywhere else in this document. A second discount will make it free, but you may not                                 

    apply the discounts from this to anything it already discounts, nor both of these floating                             

    discounts on the same item. Please select your type from the Labworks section below. There is                               

    no evidence that any of the Emperor’s Genesons are not sterile, and it is, in fact, quite likely                                   

    they are. That said, I will not officially rule either way, leaving it up to you. Regardless of what                                     

    you decide, the organelles which define them are not included in the genome of any of the                                 

    Genesons, so they would not pass to later generations through breeding. 



    You do not require the linked Evolutionary Line to buy these. 



    Psyche Unlocked [200] 

    Free & Mandatory for Psyker, Sensei, and Eldar. 

    Additional Purchases Discounted for Sensei & Eldar. 

    You possess the genetic potential to be a powerful psyker, a being capable of touching the warp                                 

    and using it as fuel to generate phenomena in the material world. This can be passed on to your                                     

    descendants (including all those you have already had). This can be purchased multiple times to                             

    shift Gamma potential to Beta, Beta to Alpha, and Alpha to Alpha Plus. Additional Purchases                             

    cost 100 CP, 50 CP if you have a discount or are a Geneson and use your discount. If you are an                                           

    Eldar or a Psyker, you start with the potential to reach the power of a Gamma Level Psyker. If                                     

    you are a Sensei or a Primarch, you start with the potential to reach the power of an Beta Level                                       

    Psyker. Sensei and Primarchs who are Alpha Plus do not necessarily become the ‘Star Child’ as                               

    the Emperor is still alive. There are no recorded Alpha Plus Eldar. If you buy this while being a                                     

    Baseline Human or Abhuman, you don’t carry the gene but you have a massively reduced Warp                               

    Signature. The maximum guaranteed potential that can be passed on is Beta. Anything higher                           

    depends on the vagaries of fate. If you do not purchase a specialization, you are considered an                                 

    Astropath by default (which gets you a discount on Astropath Abilities), unless you are a Sensei                               

    or Eldar. Sensei and Eldar cannot receive formal Astropath training since the first don’t                           

    officially exist as far as the Imperium is concerned and the second are filthy Xenos. Of course,                                 

    they can still buy Astropath Abilities, since those aren’t exactly impossible to learn. 


    Pariah Gene [200] 

    Free & Mandatory for Blanks 

    You possess the genetic anti-psyker genome and can pass it on to your descendants… even ones                               

    that were born before you arrived here. You have no presence in the Warp and are invisible to                                   

    all psychic powers, but also cannot use any psychic powers during this jump. After this jump                               

    ends, you can choose to toggle this off to use your psychic powers, but doing so removes your                                   

    protection from psychic attacks and senses. If you bought this without being a Blank, you do                               

    not radiate the sense of ‘Offness’ that normal Blanks generate. For 200 CP you can upgrade this                                 

    from Psi-Plus (simply invisible to psy) to Omega (causes pain to any psykers or psychics within                               

    a few meters) and for 200 CP more you can upgrade this to Omega Minus, where you become                                   

    similar to a Black Pariah with a null-aura so strong that it drives even normal humans insane                                 

    (before they simply die as their brains shut down) and psykers and psychic artifacts within                             

    your aura simply disintegrate, falling to dust in a matter of seconds as their very essence / souls                                   

    are ripped out and obliterated.  


    If you are an Omega Minus, you cannot control this ability for the duration of the jump, but                                   

    afterwards you will be able to toggle it on and off at will, but it will be less effective against                                       

    psychic individuals and artifacts that don’t rely on the Warp for power, merely causing them                             

    extreme pain or damage, rather than obliterating them in moments. Even in this Jump,                           

    extremely powerful Warp Entities and Alpha level psykers may be able to resist this effect                             

    long enough to move away from you, and incredibly powerful entities such as Alpha Pluses                             

    and Chaos Gods may even be able to ignore it for a time, though it will still cause them extreme                                       

    discomfort. Regardless, any psychic effect generated within your field will be instantly                       

    negated, no matter how powerful the source, and any psychic effect that enters your field will                               

    be instantly disrupted, no matter how powerful the source. 


    Warp Eye [300] 

    Free & Mandatory for Navigators 

    You possess the third eye of a Navigator and can see the currents of the Warp. Your psychic                                   

    powers are fundamentally different from those of a normal Psyker and not subject to the same                               

    chance of possession or daemon summoning, though there are other attendant risks, as the                           

    Warp is ever maddening and the Astronomican burns brightly in your mind’s eye. As a                             

    Navigator, your kind is tolerated by the Emperor's treaties with their houses but watched                           

    closely in the Imperium, even during the Crusade era. This is a genetic trait and may be passed                                   

    down to your descendants, even those you had before coming to this universe. If you are not a                                   

    Navigator when you buy this, you get the version that doesn’t manifest as an actual physical                               

    third eye and are not a registered member of any of the Navis Nobilite Houses. This perk grants                                   

    a 500 CP stipend from the Navigator Abilities Section and is required to purchase anything                             

    from within it. 


    Sensei’s Gifts [600] 

    Free & Mandatory for Sensei 

    You have been gifted with a body similar to the Emperor’s and are nigh-impossible to detect                               

    when drawing upon warp energies for any reason. Even trained witch-hunters, so long as they                             

    don't actually witness you throwing around psychic blasts or what have you, wouldn't be able                             

    to tell the difference between you and a Pariah at a casual glance, though you do not cause the                                     

    negative emotions or pain a normal Pariah generates. Unlike a Pariah, a Sensei does, in fact,                               

    have a soul… a powerful one… but they don’t have any negative emotions at all… no hatred, no                                   

    fear, no anger, no lust... allowing them to manipulate the warp in complete safety.  


    As a Sensei, you may pass on your traits to your descendants, even those you had before                                 

    showing up in Warhammer’s charming reality. The Sensei genome is fundamentally perfect,                       

    possessing no hidden or recessive traits. Sensei aren’t just peak human in every way, they’re as                               

  • good as humanity dreams itself to be. Every one of them is preternaturally gorgeous,                           

    supernaturally charismatic, at least three times stronger than the strongest human, heals from                         

    any wound in a matter of hours, and is a genius in all fields of study. If you are not a Sensei but                                             

    bought this anyway, you get all the advantages without being hunted by all the primitive                             

    screwheads and evil chaos fucks and you can freely switch your negative emotions on and off                               

    during this jump. Sensei gain this toggle only after the jump ends.  


    Perpetual Revival [400] 

    Free & Mandatory for Perpetual 

    Perpetuals are hard to kill. Really really hard to kill. Pretty much impossible, really. Any                             

    wound heals in moments (if you’re also a Sensei your wounds heal instantly) and once per year                                 

    you may recover from something that had definitely killed you, maybe even completely                         

    atomized you. If you do not die at all in a jump (that includes with other one-up perks) then                                     

    you gain an “extra” revival you can stockpile. Up to nine extra “revivals” may be stocked this                                 

    way for a total of ten. Stocked revivals will not deplete when other one-up type perks are used.                                   

    Some Perpetuals had memory issues from living so long through so many lifetimes. This does                             

    not protect against that. If you are not a Perpetual and bought this, it does not include the                                   

    vulnerability to Fulgurite, but you count (if it matters) as an artificial Perpetual and the Cabal                               

    knows you exist… even if they don’t exist yet. Being a Perpetual cannot be passed on to your                                   

    offspring. To be clear, the revival effect of Perpetual keeps death from counting as a chain-fail. 


    Phoenix Lord [600] 

    Eldar Only 

    Embodying some aspect of the Eldar God Khaela Mensha Khaine, Lord of Rage and Fire and                               

    Battle, The Phoenix Lords will rise over the next few centuries to found the Path of the Aspect                                   

    Warrior. Each Phoenix Lord is a powerful fragment of a living god, an immortal who rises                               

    from death time and time again to protect the Eldar People. As a Phoenix Lord, you can call                                   

    upon the power of Khaine to empower you, guide Exarchs and Aspect Warriors down the Path                               

    of the Warrior, and (thanks to your symbiotic armor) survive the death of your body. Your                               

    soul now resides in your Phoenix Lord Armor (which you receive free of charge) and anyone                               

    who puts on that armor becomes you, their personality being overwritten by your own (as                             

    long as their mental defenses aren’t stronger than you can overcome). Most of the time this will                                 

    be an Exarch of your path. 

    Fuck that Bitch [Mandatory]: Quick, go to YouTube and do a search for “AM’s Hate                             

    Speech, I have no mouth and I must Scream’’. Did you do it? Good. Now replace the word                                   

    ‘Humans” with ‘Slaanesh”. That is how you feel about the Chaos God that destroyed your people                               

    and is, even now, waiting to devour the souls of the scattered remnants of the Eldar Race. This                                   

    is not a minor amount of dislike. You will do anything and everything to bring about                               

  • his/her/its destruction. Anything. Up to and including bringing about the final end of your                           

    own race if it means killing Slaanesh once and for all. 

    Phoenix Lord Armor [400] (Free for Phoenix Lord): The finest example of                       

    Wraithbone Armor ever crafted… or at least one of them. This practically indestructible suit of                             

    Eldar Power Armor fits so perfectly you could wear it for 10,000 years and never have to take it                                     

    off. It is self-cleaning, responds to your thoughts, opens and closes to allow you to step into or                                   

    out of it at a moment’s notice, has full life-support, and can sustain your bodiless soul                               

    indefinitely. It will also quadruple your native strength, no matter how good that already is                             

    and is tough enough to shrug off rounds that would destroy a Leman Russ Battle Tank. This                                 

    armor comes with a signature wraithbone relic weapon that matches your prefered fighting                         

    style and has an awesome and super edgy name. You may import another armor you already                               

    possess into this armor, and a weapon into this weapon, functionally combining the two. 

    Spirit Stone Garden [200] (Phoenix Lord Only): Need Spirit Stones? Well, now you                         

    don’t. This handy crystalline pool produces a small but unending supply of them, as well as                               

    providing a limitless supply of raw wraithbone if you take the Down with Slaanesh Scenario.                             

    Without the scenario, it produces 20 soulstones every Terran month… no one knows why it is                               

    linked to the cycle of Terra’s moon. With the scenario, it also produces up to 25 tons of raw                                     

    wraithbone every Terran week. In case you’re not up on the lore and think this sounds useless,                                 

    the only source of Spirit Stones are the Crone Worlds… the Eldar homeworlds that currently                             

    lie inside the Eye of Terror. Spirit Stones are vital to keeping an Eldar’s soul from being                                 

    consumed by Slaanesh upon death. EVERY Eldar wears one all the time (except Harlequins                           

    who are protected by Cegorach and Solitaires, who’ve already pledged their souls to Slaanesh). 

    My Little Exarchs [200] (Phoenix Lord Only): Every Phoenix Lord needs Exarchs to                         

    live the path… and now you’ve got them. Up to 8 of your companions get 1000 CP and start as                                       

    Eldar, with the Aspect Warrior and either the Exarch or Warlock Perks for free. If you take                                 

    the Down With Slaanesh Scenario, this changes to all of your companions instead of just 8…                               

    plus you may create up to 8 new Exarchs if you so desire. All created Exarchs are absolutely                                   

    devoted to you and will willingly allow you to take over their bodies and minds should you fall                                   

    in battle. If you slip and fall in the shower and die, they’ll still do it… but they’ll feel really                                       

    embarrassed about it. 

    Warriors of the Path [300] (Phoenix Lord Only. Free with the Down with Slaanesh                           

    Scenario): All of your Exarch Followers gain their own cadre of a thousand Aspect Warriors of                               

    your Path. 

    Craftworld Jum’Par [400] (Phoenix Lord Only. Free with the Down with Slaanesh                       

    Scenario): You get your very own Eldar Craftworld, a massive worldship capable of housing                           

    millions and fighting off a Tyranid Hive Fleet… for a while. You may import any other ship                                 

    that is not an Eldar Craftworld into this.  

    Crone World [600] (Phoenix Lord Only. Free if you complete the optional objective                         

    in the Down with Slaanesh Scenario): You get your very own Eldar Crone World, restored to                               

  • its pre-fall glory but not consumed by its pre-fall decadence. It will follow you from jump to                                 

    jump and is chock full of Eldar of all types and power level. 


    [Optional Phoenix Lord Scenario] Down with Slaanesh, Up with Who? 

    Well, this sucks. Your race is doomed. Maybe you should give up, but you’re a Phoenix Lord,                                 

    and giving up really goes against the grain. This scenario is simple. You cannot leave this                               

    universe until Slaanesh is either dead or has been replaced by a New Chaos God who doesn’t eat                                   

    Eldar Souls! If you can free the Crone Worlds (the Eldar Homeworlds) from the Eye of Terror,                                 

    that would be a definite bonus. 

    Of course, a challenge isn’t a worthy challenge if you don’t have some ground rules… so                               

    here are yours. You have 12,000 years to bring this to fruition. If, during that time, Chaos                                 

    destroys the Emperor of Mankind or he gets taken out of play, you lose. If, during that time,                                   

    every Eldar who is not directly allied with you is dead, you lose… and no you can’t just shove                                     

    them into stasis or launch a craftworld into intergalactic space. They have to remain active in                               

    the galaxy. You can try and get help from one of the other Ruinous Powers. 

    You must select one of the following limitations. 

    1) All your knowledge of the coming events has been erased… including                     

    knowledge of the existence of Chaos, Tyranids, and Necrons. You know only                       

    what your background in this Warhammer Universe would let you know about                       

    the setting. All your out of jump memories are secure as long as they don’t relate                               

    to Warhammer.  

    2) All your out of jump powers and abilities are initially reduced to 10% of their                             

    full power and you will recover your power at the rate of 1% every century.                             

    Your tech level is fixed to the same as starting Eldar tech, and your warehouse                             

    and all gear is sealed away unless the items are comparable to Imperial tech or                             

    limited the same way your powers and abilities are. 

    3) Slaanesh & Tzeentch are fully aware of your presence, your powers, and your                         

    plans to screw with their plans. Yes, Tzeentch’s plans include Slaanesh not being                         


    4) You are now the Phoenix Lord of the Pink Ponies, the cutest, most adorable                           

    Aspect Warriors in the entire universe. Your weapon of choice is the cream pie                           

    cannon. No one takes you seriously. No, you don’t get a more serious theme once                             

    the jump is over. 







  • ++ LABWORKS ++ 

    You may only Purchase one selection from this list and must be a Geneson to do so. 



    Aside from the genetic evolutions humanity has undergone over the millennia, there have been several 

    attempts by the Emperor to create the perfect warrior. In what way did he fashion you? You are one of his 

    limited number of success stories. 


    First Generation Legionnaire [Free] 

    You are a member of the Adeptus Astartes. A first generation Astartes made before the                             

    Emperor reclaimed Saturn and Jupiter from the alien tyrants who held them under their                           

    dominion, one brought into being without the hasty growth measures which later culminated                         

    in defects like the red thirst with perhaps a touch of the Emperor's own attention. You were                                 

    designed to be more stable, and longer lived than the violent Thunder warriors of old. Your                               

    geneseed is pure. Choose any legion number to belong to, though you do not get any of the                                   

    specialized mutations of those legions, as they haven’t happened yet. When they do, you may                             

    choose to gain a copy of the impure geneseed. Your body contains all the Space Marine                               

    upgrades in working condition or better. In addition to your physical attributes, you are also a                               

    genius level intellect, an intuitive tactical genius, have nearly unbreakable morale, monstrous                       

    willpower and the ability to withstand any amount of physical abuse without flinching. You’re                           

    7-10 foot of solid bioenhanced muscle and bone and are trained in literally every weapon                             

    known to mankind. You are biologically immortal, though you do age visibly, it happens                           

    incredibly slowly and is only skin deep. Violence will still (maybe) kill you. There are, by                               

    official decree of GW “NO FEMALE SPACE MARINES’’. While this is Jumpchain and all things                             

    are possible… not this time. If you want to be female, you’ll need gender-shifting powers or to                                 

    make a deal with a certain Ruinous power. Or be a primarch instead. 

    Where in the Galaxy is Carmen Sandiego? [+200]: You no longer have the faintest clue                             

    where any of the Primarchs were scattered to, or which Primarchs will be traitors. You still                               

    remember the Heresy is coming… but not when. Sometime in the next 300 years… you think. 


    *The Legions (incomplete) 

    As a First Generation Space Marine, you were transformed from one of the Elite Soldiers of                               

    Terra by the Emperor, each of you carrying not only the Geneseeds common to all Space                               

    Marines, but the genetics of your Primarch, making that as yet unfound (barring one) demi-god                             

    your spiritual and genetic father. You must select one of the twenty (yes, all twenty at this                                 

    point) Primarchs to be your lord and master. Below you will find the complete list as far as                                   

    records go and the name of their legion and the general period they will be located. Their status                                   

    as Traitor or Loyalist is not included because there were Loyalists and Traitors among all                             

  • legions. For purposes of this jump, #2 will be called ‘The Purged’’ and #11 “The Forgotten’’, under                                 

    the assumption that they are listed in that order because they are in numbered in that order. 


    ● I. Lion El’Jonson (Primus aka The First) [#11, 840-969.M30]: Full of grim determination                         and a relentless persecution of their foes, their combat records are full of selfless                           

    heroism… and the fact that they are obsessed with secrets and often tasked with                           

    missions that are later expunged from the records should not cast a doubt on their                             

    loyalty or devotion to the Emperor or the Empire. They were, before their                         

    reunification with the Lion, once the most numerous and powerful of the Legions, the                           

    wedge of the Emperor’s Spear, but decades of savage warfare will deplete their numbers                           

    until the first Generation can be reinforced from Caliban, the Lion’s Homeworld. Their                         

    Warcry is (or will be once he’s found) “For the Lion!’’ and their colors are Black &                                 

    White. As a First Generation Primus Legionnaire, you have been in service longer than                           

    any of the others, since your legion was the first created, the proto-legion. You                           

    currently serve under the Command of the Emperor Himself. It will probably be at least                             

    50 (and no less than 40) years before your Primarch is discovered. 

    ○ The Fallen [+200]: Some secrets are not meant to be known… a fact that you just                               can’t live with. You will find yourself drawn to darkness and mystery, always                         

    wanting to explore deeper, push further, know just a little more. Secret cabals                         

    will seek to play on this desire and may even convince you to side against the                               

    Emperor and the Lion if you aren’t eternally vigilant.  

    ● II. The Purged [#3 or 19, 831-840.M30 or 840-969.M30]: Known to History as the                           Forgotten or the Purged, nothing is known of the II and XI legions by the time                               

    Alpharius was found in 981.M30. It is strongly implied that Leman Russ killed at least                             

    one of them, possibly both, and both times one of them disappeared the Ultramarines                           

    received a large number of new Marines. It is thus likely that, when the Primarch of                               

    this legion was killed (because this one was called Purged, we can assume that if only                               

    one was killed, this is the one). Officially deleted as of either 965.M31 or 969.M31. If you                                 

    decide that this is your Legion, then sometime prior to 965.M30 your Primarch will do                             

    something to piss off the Emperor so badly he sends Leman and the Space Wolves to                               

    obliterate your Primarch and force those of your brother Space Marines who were                         

    deemed innocent of whatever happened to undergo re-education (hurray for                   

    Hypno-Conditioning) to become Ultramarines.  

    ○ Save the Primarch, Save the World? [+200] (Optional Drawback): If you                     choose this option, you can make it a +200 CP drawback which erases your                           

    knowledge of these coming events and may make you complicit in whatever                       

    fuckup or treachry was so egregious. If you don’t make it a drawback, the event                             

    will still happen, since you have no way of knowing what it was, but maybe you                               

    can change the eventual aftermath. If you take the drawback version but                       

  • manage to legit save your Primarch anyway, you can take them as a companion                           

    if they agree to it… but they aren’t going to just let you stuff them in the                                 

    warehouse. The non-drawback version allows you to create your own Primarch                     

    and Legion only. Do try to be reasonable. 

    ● III. Fulgrim (The Emperor’s Children) [#5, 831-840.M30]: Allowed to bear the                     Emperor’s own name and his own icon, the Palatine Aquila, given to them by his own                               

    hand to honor their martial perfection, they were honored above all other legions. They                           

    were noble in action and aspect, excelling in all matters, strong, civilized, firm of                           

    purpose and loyal to the core. Their Warcry is “Children of the Emperor! Death to His                               

    Foes!’’ or “For the Emperor!’’ and their colors are Purple & Gold. By the time your                               

    primarch is found, there will be barely 200 of you, thanks to a serious geneflaw. 

    ○ Excess of Virtue [+200]: To be so good and fall so far? What the hell is wrong                                 with you? The temptations of the flesh will plague you throughout this jump, a                           

    fact you must keep secret from all who know you… until the Heresy becomes                           

    Manifest. This all but guarantees you will not be considered a loyalist by your                           

    fellows, but extreme and public dedication may change that. 

    ● IV. Perturabo (The Iron Warriors) [#12, 840-969.M30]: Designed to be the siege-masters                       and fortress-busters of the Imperial war-machine, the Iron excelled at shattering enemy                       

    defenses… often at any cost. Your primarch disdains personal attachment, preferring                     

    tangible things to emotional connection. Their Warcry is “Iron Within, Iron Without!’’                       

    and their colors are Silver & Black with Gold Trim. 

    ○ At Any Cost [+200]: The defining philosophy of the Iron Warriors is that                         winning isn’t everything… it’s the only thing. The temptation to win at any cost,                           

    to prove that no one can stand against you is exceptionally strong within you                           

    and any perceived failure rankles you, gnawing at you. Winning matters more                       

    than the lives of your followers, which might cause you to make questionable                         

    choices… but maybe those choices need to be made. 

    ● V. Jaghatai Khan (The Fifth / Lords of War) [#15, 840-969.M30]: A poetic and savage                             Legion, the Fifth became the White Scars following their unification with their                       

    Primarch… with whom they were an almost perfect match, as they were a fast strike                             

    group drawn from a primarily asiatic background, though they were still extremely                       

    ethnically diverse. Under Jaghatai, this legion became even more focused on rapid, some                         

    would say ‘lightning fast’ deployment, hit and run tactics, and versatility in combat.                         

    They also have their own specific language, Khorchin, which is spoken only on                         

    Chigoris, the White Scar’s homeworld. Their Warcry is “For the Emperor and the                         

    Khan!’’ and their colors are Red & White. It bears noting that Jaghatai’s closest                           

    relationships amongst his brothers were with Horus and Magnus and the White Scars,                         

    Luna Wolves, and Thousand Sons shared close ties as well. They did not get along with                               

  • the Death Guard or Space Wolves. The White Scars Primarch also wrote up the basic                             

    doctrine and structure for psyker Space Marines, i.e. Librarians. 

    ○ Lack of Purpose [+200]: More than any other legion, the Khan’s people lived                         only for the hunt. They were not dedicated to the cause of the Great Crusade, or                               

    of building a better tomorrow. Indeed, the great cause of civilization was, in                         

    many ways, disdained by the Chigorsian Khan and his people. The way of the                           

    warrior, of riding into battle and bringing destruction to one's enemies was                       

    often all the White Scars cared about, and it led some of them right into the                               

    hands of Chaos. 

    ● VI. Leman Russ (The Space Wolves) [#2, ~831.M30] ○ Feral Savagery [+200]: The primal fury barely held in check by the mind of the                             

    warrior rages most strongly in the often berserk sons of the Wolf-father. Even                         

    when not berserk, you will have to constantly battle the wolf-within to keep                         

    your more feral instincts in check, to suppress the desire to take what you want                             

    and burn the rest. You are a Wolf in Sheep’s Armor, and will never be able to                                 

    forget it. 

    ● VII. Rogal Dorn (The Imperial Fists) [#7, 831-840.M30] ○ Inflexibility: the inability to adjust to rapidly evolving situations without                   

    predefined options. 

    ● VIII. Konrad Curze (The Night Lords) [#16, 840-969.M30]: ○ Dark Desires [+200]: The need to inflict terror and suffering upon others is                         

    strong on this legion, the terror troops of the Imperium. Utterly ruthless,                       

    merciless, and efficient, the Night Lords use fear as their weapon and (strangely                         

    for a Traitor Legion) are among the most resistant to the pull of Chaos. Still, this                               

    brutality of spirit will infect your brother Legionnaires and the desire to cause                         

    terror will grow stronger within you as time passes. 

    ● IX. Sanguinius (The Blood Angels) [#10, 840-969.M30] ○ The Bloodthirst [+200]: A desire to spill blood is encoded into your very genetic                           

    makeup and as the stress of combat builds, there is a chance it will burst forth in                                 

    the form of the Red Thirst, a near berserk battle rage that causes you to consume                               

    the blood of your enemies and slaughter them to a man. This is a manifestation                             

    of the rage of Khorne, but strangely does not make you more vulnerable to                           

    Chaos, but rather more resistant. However, if you become lost to the Red Thirst,                           

    you may be granted the Emperor’s Mercy. 

    ● X. Ferrus Manus (The Storm Walkers) [#4, 831-840.M30] ○ Lure of the Machine [+200]: Even Space Marines are still mortal and as they fall                             

    in battle, some are rescued to be encased in cybernetic Dreadnaught armor,                       

    becoming a walking tank that continues to serve the Legion. Alone among the                         

    Space Marine Legions, the soon to be Iron Hands did not view with horror the                             

  • prospect of being entombed forever in the walker life-support systems that                     

    define a Dreadnaught’s existence. Indeed, most members of the legion viewed                     

    machines as stronger and more lasting than mere flesh and became more and                         

    more cyborged out as they set aside flesh for steel. This lure will be constant and                               

    you’ll feel your humanity slipping away a little bit with each part of your flesh                             

    you replace. This process will, oddly enough, harden you against the lure of                         


    ● XI. The Forgotten [#3 or 19, 831-840.M30 or 840-969.M30]: Most of the details are the                             same as II above, but this Primarch may or may not have been killed by Leman.                               

    Sanguinius believed that, should the Blood Rage found in his Blood Angels, be                         

    discovered by the Emperor, he would erase the Blood Angels as he had one of the two                                 

    Lost Legions. We are assuming that the Emperor would not view such a necessity as                             

    being the Primarch or Legion’s fault and, if we assume that it wasn’t the entire legion                               

    (since the Ultramarines got bigger after this too) we’re going to assume that this                           

    Primarch is the Forgotten, erased from history to hide this Imperial Mistake. 

    ○ What is Wrong With You!? [+200]: If you choose to be of this Legion, you may                               take this as a +200 CP drawback. This erases your memory of this particular                           

    aspect of the coming shitstorm and guarantees that your geneseed is tainted in                         

    some way which makes the Emperor think you need to be erased from history.                           

    Again, if you can somehow save your Primarch you can ask him to join you and                               

    no, the Medbay can’t just fix the geneflaw. It’s permanent without some way of                           

    editing living genetics. If you can somehow convince the Emperor that you have                         

    found a way to fix the problem so that a) no one ever finds out there was a                                   

    problem, b) it won’t happen again, and c) that you did all that while being a                               

    perfectly normal Space Marine, you get declared an Imperial Saint and get to                         

    recruit your Primarch… oh, and the Emperor himself will make you a new suit                           

    of armor. The Imperial Saint perk can be found in ‘The Pious One’ Scenario                           


    ○ If you don’t take the drawback, you will have no way of knowing if you are one                                 of the ones who have a geneflaw… or even if the XIth Legion even has a                               

    geneflaw until whatever happens happens. Solving the problem this time just                     

    gets you the satisfaction of a job well done, plus you still got to design your own                                 

    legion and primarch, right? 

    ● XII. Angron (The War Hounds) [#17, 840-969.M30] ○ Nail it Down [+200]: While all War Hounds will get Butcher’s Nails installed                         

    once Angron renames the legion ‘The World Eaters’... unless something happens                     

    to stop that… you no longer have the option to stop that from happening. You’ve                             

    got them, real or imagined, and boy oh boy do they work on you. You’re a                               

    frothing berserker on a very short leash. Even the slightest irritant can cause                         

  • you to fly wildly off the handle and combat always sends you into a titanic                             

    murderfury fueled rampage. While this doesn’t guarantee your fail to chaos… it                       

    ain’t going to make resisting Khorne easy. 

    ● XIII. Roboute Guilliman (The War-Born) [#8, 831-840.M30] ○ Rigid Thinking [+200]:  

    ● XIV. Mortarion (The Dusk Raiders) [#13, 840-969.M30] ○ Stubborn [+200]. The Death Guard are resilient, unyielding, and strong as hell!                       

    ...Which applies to their minds, as well, and a flawed one is nigh impossible to                             

    shift in opinion, and will hold a grudge if you do it for him. 

    ● XV. Magnus the Red (The Student-Aspirants) [#9, 840.M30] ○ Forbidden Knowledge: Enquiring Minds want to Know… and few are as                     

    inquisitive as you 

    ● XVI. Horus Lupercal (The Luna Wolves) [#1, ~800.M30]:  ● XVII. Lorgar Aurelian (The Imperial Heralds) [#14, 840-969.M30] 

    ○ Need to Believe [+200]: There must be something higher and the Word Bearers                         will find it and worship it. Doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it is willing                                   

    to be worshipped. Nothing offends you worse than a god that will not be                           

    worshipped. That’s saying you’re not worthy. Where do they get off? This very                         

    much will draw you to Chaos if the Emperor rejects your veneration. 

    ● XVIII. Vulkan (The Dragon Warriors) [#6, 831-840.M30] ○ Pyromania 

    ● XIX. Corvus Corax (The Pale Nomads) [#18, 840-969.M30] ○ Morose Moose [+200] a pervasive sense of futility and resignation, lowering your                       

    self preservation. 

    ● XX. Alpharius Omegon (The Hydra) [#20, 981.M30] ○ Overplanning Kills [+200]: To the Alpha Legion, nothing is ever simple. No                       

    plan can take only three steps when ten can do it with twice the overkill. This                               

    means you tend to be overly machiavellian and may even, at times, fall prey to                             

    analysis paralysis. This means that you’ll plan for the enemy’s behaviour… and                       

    like as not be boned if that enemy don’t do what you thought he would. It will                                 

    take you longer to formulate plans and there will be more things that can go                             

    wrong. Still, when things go right, they go very right. 


    The Geneseed Organs 

    Your body contains 19 unique organs that grant special abilities… however, they have their                           

    own DNA and thus cannot be passed on via breeding. They can be transplanted into acceptable                               

    hosts. Your biological offspring are guaranteed to be compatible with your geneseed and to be                             

    acceptable as prospective Astartes. After the jump ends, each of these can be installed into any                               

    one of your altforms at your discretion, though once installed they become part of that altform.                               

  • Not all 18 (the progenoid is not copied) need to be installed in the same altform, though the                                   

    Haemastamen, Biscopea, and Ossmodula must be placed in the same Alt. Your Space Marine                           

    altform retains a copy of all 19. 

    ● A Secondary Heart which activates when you are under stress to pump blood faster                           or as a backup if the first is, say, ripped out and eaten by an Ork Meganob. 

    ● The Ossmodula which makes your skeleton hard enough to withstand bolter                     rounds and which repairs your bones faster when they do get damaged. Your bones                           

    are now ceramic composite. 

    ● The Biscopea which triggers muscle growth, making putting on muscle incredibly                     easy if you’ve got the nutrients for it. 

    ● The Haemastamen which turns your blood bright red and increases the amount of                         oxygen it carries by a massive amount. It also regulates the Ossmodula and Biscopea. 

    ● The Larraman’s Organ creates Larraman’s Cells, super-platelets which can seal                   wounds in minutes, isolate poisons before they can spread through your systems,                       

    and generally make you immune to all but the most virulent toxins and diseases. 

    ● The Catalepsean Node which lets you go up to two weeks without sleep at need and                               reduces the amount of sleep you need to stay healthy by a half. Normally it would                               

    also make you more vulnerable to brainwashing, but yours has been edited so it does                             

    not have this function. Any other Astartes you share your blood with will develop a                             

    similar resistance. 

    ● The Preomnor which allows you to decontaminate any food you eat so it can be                             safely digested. This makes you immune to all but the most virulent ingested                         

    poisons, toxins, and pathogens. 

    ● The Omophagea which allows you to eat brains and absorb the information                       contained within. Normally this is somewhat traumatic to the Space Marine and                       

    sends them into a torpor as they process the information… and sometimes the                         

    memories are hard to forget… but yours is a special model that just makes you a                               

    little distracted while processing and has better emotional blocks so you don’t get hit                           

    as hard. The squick factor of eating some dude’s brain is entirely up to you. 

    ● The Multi-Lung is an additional lung that allows you to breathe underwater, in low                           oxygen environments, and filter out toxic gasses… making you immune to inhaled                       

    toxins as well (as long as they aren’t powerful enough to, you know, eat through                             

    your flesh). 

    ● The Occulobe gives you supervision and adjust to changes in light almost instantly. ● Lyman’s Ear gives you super-hearing and makes you immune to motion sickness                       

    and concussions. 

    ● The Sus-an Membrane allows you to enter a state of suspended animation (hence the                           name) when critically hurt or starving. Normally you would be unable to leave this                           

    state on your own and require the use of special drugs to bring you out of it… but                                   

  • that’s boring so you can now wake yourself up from suspended animation if you                           

    would be in danger from not waking up or if rescue is at hand… or if you just put                                     

    yourself into suspended animation to avoid having to listen to your chapter                       

    commander tell you how awesome Horus is again… for the fifty fifth time this                           


    ● The Melanochrome which augments your lymph nodes and allows your skin to                       darken in response to radiation. This protects you from both UV and Gamma                         

    radiation. This means you can tan up in moments… but you pale right back up again                               

    once you’re in armor. 

    ● The Oolitic Kidney which super-cleans toxins (and booze) from your system,                     making you even more resistant to non-super toxins. 

    ● The Neuroglottis which grants you a massively improved sense of smell and taste,                         allowing you to ID chemicals with ease and track enemies like a blood-hound. 

    ● The Mucranoid which grants you the power of super-sweat (yeah I know, eewww)                         but it makes you practically immune to extremes of hot and cold and can harden                             

    into a vacuum-proof shell that is still flexible enough for you to move freely in.                             

    Essentially, anything short of 1400 degrees C and above -200 C and you’re golden. 

    ● Betcher’s Gland gives you acid spit that is powerful enough to dissolve ceramite…                         but you can modulate it down to merely being caustic to flesh if you like. 

    ● The Progenoids are what make more Geneseed. You have two sets, one in your neck                             (which matures in five years) and one in your chest (which matures in ten).                           

    Normally you have to be dead to harvest these, but that’s just silly, so you can have                                 

    yours surgically removed once they mature and they’ll grow back again every 5 or                           

    10 years. 

    ● The Black Carapace which not only functions like a biological flak jacket on its                           own, but which allows you to fight in Space Marine Power Armor as if it were part                                 

    of your own body. 


    Thunder Warrior [Free] 

    Remember how I said you were a success? Well, that’s not really quite accurate. You are a                                 

    Thunder Warrior, one of the Emperor’s first batch of bio-engineered soldier-fanatics, and                       

    much more physically adept then the later produced Astartes. Thunder Warriors were large,                         

    greater in size than most Space Marines. Even the few that survived the end of the Unification                                 

    Wars were easily more than a match for an Astartes and even the mighty Custodes in single