Warhammer 40k 2.Ed [Datafax] Eldar Tempest (Armorcast) (Old Datafax, Pre Inquisitor #16)

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Eldar Tempest


  • Eldar Tempest Datafax http://usuarios.lycos.es/inquisitorweb/TempestDatafax.html

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    ELDAR TEMPESTVEHICLE DATAMOVEMENT: Slow Speed: 6"Combat Speed: 12"Fast Speed: 20"

    RAM VALUE: Strength 9 -6 Save D20 Damage

    CREW: 1 Eldar Guardian driver1 Eldar Tank Commander4 Eldar Guardian Gunners

    WEAPONS:One pulse laser mounted in the turret, the pulse laser has two modes of fire, it may be fired on pulse or high power. The pulselaser is equipped with a targeter and has a 360 field of fire. Twin linked shuriken cannon in the upper turret. The twin linkedshuriken cannon are equipped with a targeter and have a 360 field of fire. Two sets of triple linked shuriken catapults mountedin the hull have a 180 field of fire to their side of the vehicle.




    To HitShort

    To HitLong Str. Dam. Save Mod. Armor Pen. Special

    Pulse Laser (pulse) 0-20 20-60 - - 7 D4 -3 D6+D4+7 6 ShotsPulse Laser (high power) 0-20 20-60 - - 10 2D12 -6 D6+2D12+10 -Shuriken Cannons 0-20 20-40 +1 - 5 D4 -3 D4+D6+5 Sust. Fire 4DShuriken Catapults 0-12 12-24 +1 - 4 1 -2 D6+4 Sust. Fire 3D

    POINTS COST: 390 points

    TEMPEST DAMAGE TABLESD6 Location Front Armor Side/Rear Armor1 Grav Unit 18 18

    2-3 Hull 24 224 Shuriken Catapults 20 20

    5-6 Main Turret 24 24D6 Grav Unit Damage Table1 The grav unit is damaged. The vehicle may not move at fast speed or make pop-up attacks.2-3 The grav unit has been damaged but keeps running. The Tempest may only move at slow speed and may no longer make

    pop-up attacks.

  • Eldar Tempest Datafax http://usuarios.lycos.es/inquisitorweb/TempestDatafax.html

    2 / 3 16.12.2006 0:21

    4-5 The grav unit is destroyed. The Tempest will move out of control next turn and then comes to a permanent halt for the restof the battle.

    6 The grav unit's governor is destroyed, the resulting power surge causes the vehicle to pirouette into the air, doing a doublesomersault with half tuck. The wreck comes to rest D6" away in a random direction. Any model it lands on takes D6 S7hits with a -2 saving throw modifier. Roll a D6 for each model on board. They are killed in the crash on a D6 roll of 4, 5or 6. Surviving models may dismount using the normal rules.

    D6 Hull Damage Table1-4 An explosion tears through the Tempest's crew compartment. Roll a D6 for each crew member. On a roll of 5 or 6 they are

    hit and killed.5 The Tempest's engine explodes, killing the crew. The tank is spun round to face in a random direction by the force of the

    explosion and then comes to a permanent halt.6 The Tempest's ammunition explodes. The Tempest is destroyed and any models within 6" of the center of the tank suffer

    D6 Strength 10 hits with a -3 saving throw modifier.D6 Shuriken Catapult Damage Table1-2 The linked shuriken catapults are damaged and may only be fired if you first roll a 4 or more on a D6.3-5 The linked shuriken catapults are destroyed and may not be fired for the rest of the battle.6 The linked shuriken catapults are destroyed as above, but the explosion causes a flashback to the hull causing a secondary

    explosion there. Roll on the Hull Damage Table to find out what effect this second explosion has.D6 Turret Damage Table1 The shuriken cannons are destroyed and may not be fired for the rest of the battle.2 The Pulse Laser is damaged and may only fire if you first roll a 4 or more and a D63 The turret is jammed and may no longer rotate. The Pulse Laser and the shuriken cannons may only fire in a straight line

    at targets directly in front of them.4 One of the turret gunners is killed, determine which one randomly. Unless his position is taken over by another crew

    member the gunner's weapon may not be fired for the rest of the battle.5-6 The ammunition stored in the turret explodes and the Tempest is destroyed. All the crew are killed and the turret is blown

    off, flying 2D6" in a random direction before it crashes to the ground. Anything under the spot where it lands takes D6strength 9 hits with a -6 saving throw modifier.


    The Eldar Tempest is a large, well armored and armed fighting machine. Like other Eldar vehicles it is powered by ananti-gravity motor which enables it to glide or skim over the ground surface and it can make 'pop-up' attacks as described in therules for skimmer in the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook. The Tempest is armed with an extremely potent double barreled lasercannon which is easily capable of destroying the most heavily armored opponent. Turret mounted shuriken cannon and severalshuriken catapults on the hull provide protection against attacking infantry.The sight of a super heavy vehicle on the battlefield is enough to send many troops scurrying for cover. To represent this superheavy vehicles cause terror (See psychology section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook). Because super heavy vehicles causeterror they also cause fear as well, and all the rules for fear apply. However you never have to take a Terror test and a Fear testfrom the same enemy or situation -just take a Terror test: if you pass the Terror test then you automatically pass the Fear testtoo. As you can only take one Terror test in a battle, any subsequent encounters with terrifying situations will simply count asfear.A squad or individual character model wishing to charge a super heavy vehicle. Note: a Tempest is a skimmer and may notdeliberately overrun models on the ground.A squad or individual character model must test for terror at the start of its turn if there is an enemy model which causes terrorwithin 8".If the test is failed then the squad or individual character model will immediately break, just as if it had failed a Break test forcasualties. In addition, the broken models will flee 2D6" directly away from the terrifying creature whether they are in cover ornot. For the purposes of overrun attacks, if the super heavy vehicle can still reach the fleeing models then they are hitautomatically and do not get a chance to dive out of the way.


  • Eldar Tempest Datafax http://usuarios.lycos.es/inquisitorweb/TempestDatafax.html

    3 / 3 16.12.2006 0:21

    Tank CommandersJust like Imperial super heavy battle tanks, a Tempest is very difficult to control on the battlefield. To ensure they operateeffectively in a combat situation Tempests are commanded by a special crew member known as a tank commander. In the caseof the Eldar the tank commander is a Guardian, highly experienced in using Eldar armored vehicles in battle. The tankcommander occupies the command cupola, usually situated in the tank's main turret, where he is afforded all round view of thebattlefield. From this position he may spot obstacles and potential enemy threats and direct the driver and gunners accordingly.The command cupola is also fitted with sensor-scopes allowing the commander to fulfil his duties in hostile environments. TheTank Commander may direct the fire of one of the tank's weapons. If he chooses to direct the fire of one of the weapons thenthe weapon is fired using his BS.

    ARMY LIST TEMPEST .................................390 pointsThe Eldar army may include Tempests. The Tempest is crewed by 5 Guardians and a tank commander wearing mesh armor (5+ save ) and carrying laspistols.Troop type M WS BS S T W I A LdGuardian 5 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8Tank Commander 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 1 9

    OPTIONS: The Tank Commander may have additional weapons chosen from the assault and special weapons section of theWargear list and may be given up to one Wargear card.

    Datafax produced by Games Workshop, Ltd Copyright 1995 Games Workshop, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Under license fromGames Workshop Ltd Warhammer and Games Workshop are registered trademarks of Games Workshop Ltd. Used underlicense.