Warm Up – 2/24 - Monday

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Five players are dividing a cake using the lone- Divider Method. divides the cake. The bid sets are as follows. What is s bidset ? Which slice does have to take? Why? How many fair divisions can be made? Why no more?. Warm Up 2/24 - Monday. Chapter So-Far. Fair Division - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Warm Up 2/24 - Monday

Warm Up 2/24 - MondayChapter So-FarFair DivisionFair means everyone gets what a fair share based on their own value systemDivider-Chooser (2 players)Lone Divider (More than 2 players)One person divides, the other players bidTies are settled by Divider-ChooserLone Chooser (More than 2 players)One person chooses at the endOther Players ensure they get at least a fair shareLone-Chooser ExampleAngela, Boris, and Carlos will split a strawberry-vanilla cake using Lone-Chooser. Above is how they value the cake.Label each side of the cake in terms of how much the person likes that side.

Angela cuts the cake

Lone-Chooser Classwork