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Welcome to Creating an eLearning Course. Navigating the Course. Course Introduction. Outline of the entire process in developing an eLearning course. Video showing the overview of the process. Responsibilities show theirs vs. ours. Course objectives. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Welcome to Creating an eLearning CourseNavigating the CourseCourse Introduction3Outline of the entire process in developing an eLearning courseVideo showing the overview of the process5Responsibilities show theirs vs. oursCourse objectivesModule 1: Define the Course RequirementsCourse Requirements Document FormStep 1: Document the Course Goal10Step 2: Draft a rough course descriptionStep 3: Describe the Target AudienceStep 4: Identify Principle StakeholdersStep 5: Write the ObjectivesFor the courseFor the modules14Step 6: Ensure Student Success15Step 7: Identify Needed Resources16Step 8: Develop the Evaluation Plan17Step 9: Maintenance and Update the Course Plan18Step 10: Review with StakeholdersModule SummaryPractical Exercise #121Module 2: Developing a Course Outline22Step 1: Gather ContentKey point What does the student need to know and have to be able to meet the objective?Step 2: Decide on ApproachStep 3: Developing the Outline25Using PowerPoint26Using MS Word27Practical Exercise #228Module 3: The Storyboard29Storyboard BasicsPieces of the StoryboardUsing PowerPointEmbed video clip showing how to set up the templateEmbed video clip showing how to use PowerPoint for the storyboard32Using WordFilling in contentAdding media (optional)Adding in notes (optional)33General Information PageInclude global instructionsInclude course navigationCourse BeginningInclude WIIFMInclude overall course objectives1st Module IntroductionWrite the intro page for each module1st Module Content PagesWrite content pages for the moduleJot down exercises you may want to include1st Module Summary PageSucceeding ModulesCourse Closing PagesShould include assessment and evaluationReview/ApprovalReview with SMEsSign off on Content Approval FormCourse SummaryFinal Evaluation


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