WiFi connection problems

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WiFi connection problems. By: Naveed Yaqub. Purpose for this session. Searching for WiFi network Problem with connection Limited access Identification of problem Different parameter requirement for connection. Required skill level. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of WiFi connection problems

  • WiFi connection problemsBy: Naveed Yaqub

  • Purpose for this sessionSearching for WiFi networkProblem with connectionLimited accessIdentification of problemDifferent parameter requirement for connection

  • Required skill levelBefore attending this session the trainee should have the following level of skills.Basic skill for computer usageWhat is internet?What is networks?Having the above skill trainee will be able to better understand this session.

  • Benefits of this sessionAfter completion of this session, the trainee will be able to knowWhat is WiFi connectionAnd how to identify the WiFi connection problem and its resolution.

  • What is WiFi?WiFi is the famous name for the wireless Ethernet 802.11b standard for WLANs. Also known as Wireless FidelityWireline local area networks (LANs) introduced in the early 1980sIt allow collections of PCs, terminals, and other distributed computing devices to share resources and peripherals such as printers, access servers, or shared storage devices.Ref: Lehr, W. and McKnight, L. W. (2003) Wireless Internet Access: 3G vs. WiFi? Telecommunication Policy, 27, pp.351-370.

  • ContIt ranges up to 100 metersIn the last many years, we have seen the number of service providers that are offering WiFi services for a free in selected local areas such as HotelsAirport loungesLibraryStations, Trains and BussesCoffee shops

  • Finding a networkFinding the available network List of available networks will appearSelect the network and connectConnection established with networks?

  • Ooooooooops!!!!

  • Do you recognise the following

  • Local Server Access only

  • What happned?Security enabled networkPassword protectedPaid networkWhat other options in your mind?

  • WiFi network connectionTurn on the wireless connection of your laptop.Click on the sign right bottom corner near the clock and then click on Connect to a network

  • The following screen will appear that contain the list of the entire available network within the range, then select the network and click connect.

  • Future planWhat is IP address? Types of IP address and IP address settingWhat is DNS (Domain Name Server) and its configuration

  • Any Question?