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WoW Cataclysm Engineering Leveling Guide 1-525Engineering is the most unique and (imo) the most fun WoW profession but it does require a lot of gold to make the really awesome items. If you are going to do Engineering youll probably want to have A LOT of GOLD so CHECK OUT THIS GUIDE out if you are running low on it. This Engineering Leveling Guide is updated for patch 4.0.3a and Cataclysm. This is a engineering leveling guide to get you from 1-525. It provides a method of leveling up your engineering, which has been selected for its low cost and simplicity. However, no matter what, leveling engineering is going to be awfully expensive to grind. It is well worth it though, as it is one of the most hilarious and enjoyable professions in PvP with awesome items like the Discombulator Ray. In some instances you will have to keep some of the engineering materials you craft to use them later down the road in this leveling guide so I highly recommend that you keep components based off expansion. Everything you make from 1 to 300 from engineering keep until you reach 300 and it might be safe to sell. Then keep everything you make from 300350, once you hit 350 you'll be switching to Northrend stuff, and once you hit 425 you can sell the Northrend stuff. I will try to make a note to tell you what stuff to keep when possible. Also, this is going to get very expensive unless you're farming your own materials, make sure you have this guide available to you.

What's in this Engineering Leveling Guide:

Apprentice Engineering Leveling 1-75 Journeyman Engineering Leveling 75-125 Expert Engineering Leveling 125-225 Artisan Engineering Leveling 200-300 Master Engineering Leveling 300-350 Grand Master Engineering Leveling 350-425 Illustrious Engineering Leveling 425-525

It is highly advised that before you start this engineering leveling guide you pickup a Gnomish Army Knife off of the auction house. They are extremely cheap and can be used in place of the tools you will create in Engineering that are required to do certain crafts. If you don't get one pay attention to what's missing when you try to follow these steps and make the tool that is needed.

Apprentice Engineering (Leveling 1-75)This is a very easy section of the engineering guide to go through. There's 3 steps and you only need copper bars and rough stones to complete it.

Level 1-30 30-5555.

Item 30-40 Rough Blasting Powder 60 Handful of Copper Bolt

Mats 30-40 Rough Stones 60 Copper Bars

You'll need 60 Handfuls of Copper Bolts later, making all of these will probably get you higher than level


20 Copper Tubes

40 Copper Bars, 20 Weak Flux

Weak flux is bought from Engineering Supplies NPC

Journeyman Engineering (Leveling 75-125)For this section of the engineering leveling guide, make sure you save all your blasting powder until you're sure you don't need it. You're going to start spending a lot of gold in this section of the guide, if you don't have a lot I recommend you read this guide before continuing.

Level 75-76 76-95 95-100 Linen Cloth 100-125

Item 1 Arclight Spanner 30 Coarse Blasting Powder 5-7 Coarse Dynamite 25-30 Practice Lock

Mats 6 Copper Bar 30 Coarse Stones 15-21 Coarse Blasting Powder, 5-7 25-30 Bronze Bar, 50-60 Handfull of

Only if you don't already have a Gnomish Army Knife

Copper Bolt, 25-30 Weak FluxIf you run out of Copper Bolts, you can make Bronze Tube as a backup, it costs a little more but is much easier than going back to make more Copper Bolts.

Expert Engineering (Leveling 125-225)In this section you will need a lot of Bronze and Mithril. Pay attention to what items to keep and which to discard so that you don't end up missing something you need.

Level 125-140 140-150 150-155 Wool Cloth

Item 40 Heavy Blasting Powder 20 Whirring Bronze Gizmo 20 Bronze Framework

Mats 40 Heavy Stone 40 Bronze Bar, 20 Wool Cloth 40 Bronze Bar, 13 Medium Leather, 13

Craft exactly 40 of these and save them for later.

Save 20 of these for the next step.

Save 20 of these for the next step.

155-175 Wool Cloth 175-195 195-200

20 Explosive Sheep 60 Solid Blasting Powder 5-8 Mithril Tubes

40 Bronze Bar, 20 Medium Leather, 20 120 Solid Stones 15-24 Mithril Bars

Artisan Engineering (Leveling 200-300)Before you continue past 200 head to the trainer and learn Artisan Engineering so you don't forget, the next two steps involve making materials for the third so make sure you read the notes. Considering all the Mithril and Thorium it costs to reach level 300, this is where things get really expensive. It takes me quite awhile of farming to get that many bars for leveling and I don't find it enjoyable to mine it all myself so what I've been doing is using some of the tips in this gold guide to just make enough money and buy the bars off the auction house. There are some tips in there that require very little time to make a lot of gold. I find it a lot easier to focus on leveling my engineering and being able to write a guide for it if I don't have to farm the mats.

Level 200-215

Item 20 Unstable Triggers

Mats 20 Mithril Bars, 20 Mageweave Cloth,

20 Solid Blasting PowderMake at least 20 of these and save them for the next few steps

215-235 235-250

30-40 Mithril Casing 15-20 Hi-Explosive Bomb

90-120 Mithril Bars 30-40 Mithril Casings, 15-20 Unstable

Triggers, 30-40 Solid Blasting PowderYou may run out of Mithril Casing before reaching 250, if you do just go back to the previous step and make some more

250-260 260-286 286-300

15-30 Dense Blasting Powder 26-30 Thorium Widgets 14-16 Thorium Tubes

30-60 Dense Stones 78-90 Thorium Bars, 26-30 Runecloth 84-96 Thorium Bars

Master Engineering (Leveling 300-350)At this point in the guide you'll start using materials from the Outlands, it's now safe to sell or discard all of the extra stuff you've made so far. If you haven't already you really should be using this gold guide, since it will help you a lot when it comes to finding the Cobalt and Saronite you'll need in the next section.

Level 300-315

Item 60 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts

Mats 60 Fel Iron Bars

Make 60 of these for the next few steps of the guide

300-315 20 Fel Iron Casings 60 Fel Iron BarsMake 20 of these for the next few steps of the guide

300-315 12 Elemental Blasting Powder 12 Motes of Fire, 24 Motes of EarthYou will receive 4 Elemental Blasting Powder per craft. Save all of these for the following steps

315-320 5 Fel Iron Bombs 5 Fel Iron Casing, 10 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 5 Elemental Blasting Powder 320-325 5 Fel Iron Musket 15 Fel Iron Casing, 30 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts 325-335 10 Adamantite Grenades 40 Adamantite Bars, 20 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 10 Elemental Blasting Powder 335-350 20-65 White Smoke Flares 20-65 Elemental Blasting Powder, 20-65 Netherweave ClothYou can buy this recipe at these vendors: It is a limited supply recipe so it may not be available all the time. You might have to travel around to more than one of these locations before you find one for sale.

Grand Master Engineering (Leveling 350-425)Now it's time to head into the Wrath of the Lich King section of Engineering. Here you will need a lot of Cobalt and Saronite. These materials will be expensive on the auction house since very few people go to Northrend anymore. I can't stress enough how important it was for me to use this gold guide as I spent thousands of gold to level up my Engineering, I'm very thankful the money was easy to come by.

Level Item Mats 350-365 25 Handful of Cobalt Bolts 50 Cobalt BarsMake and save at least 45 of these (you will average 2 per craft).

365-375 15-20 Volatile Blasting Triggers 45-60 Cobalt Bars, 15-20 Crystallized Water

Make and save at least 30 of these (you will get 2 per craft).

375-385 Earth

10-15 Overcharged Capacitors

40-60 Cobalt Bars, 10-15 Crystallized

Make and save at least 10 of these.

385-390 390-401 401-405 405-415 415-420 Water 420-425

5-8 Explosive Decoys 15 Froststeel Tubes

5-8 Frostweave Cloth, 15-24 Volatile 120 Cobalt Bars, 15 Crystallized Water 4-5 Froststeel Tubes, 8-10

Blasting TriggersYou will need 14-15 of these from 401-425.

4-5 Diamond-cut Refractor Scopes 10-13 Box of Bombs 5 Mana Injector Kits Kits 5 Noise Machine

Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts 50-65 Saronite Bars, 10-13 Volatile 60 Saronite Bars, 10 Crystallized 10 Froststeel Tubes, 10 Overcharged Blasting Triggers

Capacitors, 40 Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts

Illustrious Engineering (Leveling 425-525)Now it's time to head into Cataclysm! You can get rid of all the extra trade goods you've crafted and bought up until this point. From here on out you're going to need a lot of Obsidium and Elementium which both cost quite a bit. If you're having problems making gold, you should read gold guide to learn all the best ways to get rich.

Level 425-442 442-445 445-460 460-470 470-475 475-495 495-510 510-521 521-525

Item 20 Handfuls of Obsidium Bolts 1 Electrostatic Condenser 15-17 Electrified Ether 2 R19 Threatfinder 1 High-Powered Bolt Gun 4 Elementium Toolbox 3 Finely-Tuned Throat Needler

Mats 40 Obsidium Bars 4 Obsidium Bars, 6 Handfuls of 30-34 Volatile Air 12 Obsidium Bars, 4 Alicite, 12 10 Obsidium Bars, 8 Handfuls of 60 Elementium Bars, 48 Volatile Earth 12 Obsidium Bars, 6 Electrified Ether, 11-13 Handfuls of Obsidium

Save all of these for later, this should be enough to reach 525

Obsidium Bolts, 4 Volatile Earth

Handfuls of Obsidium Bolts Obsidium Bolts, 4 Electrified Ether

15 Hardened Elementium Bars 11-13 Heat Treated Spinning Lure 1 Gnomish X-Ray Scope Bolts, 44-52 Elementium Bars, 11-13 Volatile Fire 2 Hardened Elementium Bars, 2 Dream Emerald

WoW Cataclysm Leatherworking Leveling Guide 1-525Leatherworking is supplemented by Skinning and Skinning can take a really long time to level. My recommendation is to buy leather on the auction house to use for your leveling Leatherworking while doing this guide. If you don't think you have enough gold or think that it would be a waste to buy mats instead of farming them look at this guide. This Leatherworking Leveling Guide is updated for patch 4.0.3a and Cataclysm. This leatherworking leveling guide takes the most practical and common sense approach to leveling your leatherworking to 525 as easy as possible. If you notice another item to make at certain points in the guide that is cheaper for you while leveling, by all means go ahead and use it instead of following the guide. Even though this leveling guide was designed to be as cheap as possible it can still be expensive, if you have problems with gold while leveling, you should check out this Gold Guide.

What's in this Leatherworking Leveling Guide:

Apprentice Leatherworking Leveling 1-55 Journeyman Leatherworking Leveling 55-150 Expert Leatherworking Leveling 150-200 Artisan Leatherworking Leveling 200-300 Master Leatherworking Leveling 300-375 Grand Master Leatherworking Leveling 375-425 Illustrious Leatherworking Leveling 425-525

Apprentice Leatherworking (Leveling 1-55)The first 75 levels is only 3 steps, don't get used to it though this is just the beginning of the guide. Materials are cheap, to go past skill 75 make sure you visit the Leatherworking trainer to continue leveling. Start by making as much of your own Light Leather as you can based on the amount of Ruined Leather on the auction house. Since you will use the resulting Light Leather, this can get you up to level 20 at no cost.

Level 1-30 30-55

Item 29 Light Armor Kits 25-35 Handstitched Leather Boots

Mats 29 Light Leather 50-70 Light Leather

Journeyman Leatherworking (Leveling 55-150)

The guide is starts getting a little more complex now, remember to go past 55 you must head to the trainer again in order to keep leveling. There's nothing fancy that goes on in this section of the guide, you will start to see the cost increase as you move from light leather to medium leather and the ingredients lists are using a lot more quantity, but this is completely normal for leatherworking.

Level 55-85 85-100 100-115 115-130 130-145 Leather Belts 145-150 Hides

Item 30 Embossed Leather Gloves 15 Fine Leather Belts 20 Cured Medium Hide 15 Dark Leather Boots 15 Dark Leather Belt 5 Hillman's Shoulders

Mats 90 Light leather 90 Light Leather 20 Medium Hide 60 Medium Leather 15 Cured Medium Hides and 15 Fine 20 Medium Leather, 5 Cured Medium

Save these for later

Save these. If you can't find Medium Hides make Fine Leather Belts and Medium Armor Kits

Expert Leatherworking (Leveling 150-200)This section of the leatherworking guide will get a bit more pricey as will the rest of the leatherworking guide, if you're running short on gold you will need to use some of the advice in this Gold Guide.

Level 150-165

Item 20 Cured Heavy Hide

Mats 20 Heavy Hide

If you can not find Heavy Hides, make 30-40 Heavy Armor Kits until 185 (150-200 Heavy Leather). At 185 make 20 Dusky Bracers until 205 (320 Heavy Leather).

165-180 180-190 Hides 190-200 Hides

15-20 Heavy Armor Kit 10 Barbaric Shoulders 10 Guardian Gloves

75-100 Heavy Leather 80 Heavy Leather, 10 Cured Heavy 40 Heavy Leather, 10 Cured Heavy

Artisan Leatherworking (Leveling 200-300)Don't forget to go past 200 you need to hit up the trainer again to continue leveling leatherworking. This part of the guide is going to be expense, there is no way around it. These mobs are no longer farmed as much because at level 58 most people head to outlands and there's no reason to stay around skinning these things. Going to tell you again that I used

this Gold Guide to redo this leatherworking guide and other guides because it is really expensive, every time there's a significant update to leatherworking or other professions I have to redo the entire leveling guide.

Level 200-220 220-235 235-250 250-265 265-285 285-300

Item 20 Thick Armor Kits 15-25 Nightscape Headband 15 Nightscape Pants 15-20 Rugged Armor Kits 20 Wicked Leather Bracers 15 Wicked Leather Headbands

Mats 100 Thick Leather 75-125 Thick Leather 210 Thick Leather 75-100 Rugged Leather 160 Rugged Leather 180 Rugged Leather

Master Leatherworking (Leveling 300-350)Don't forget to go past 300 you need to hit up the master trainer who can only be found in the outlands. This is the 2nd most expensive section of this guide so if you haven't already, check out this Gold Guide.

Level 300-310 310-325 325-335 335-340 340-350 Fel Scales

Item 20 Knothide Leather 15-25 Knothide Armor Kits 35 Heavy Knothide Leather 5 Thick Draenic Vest 10 Scaled Draenic Boots

Mats 100 Knothide Leather Scraps 60-100 Knothide Leather 175 Knothide Leather 15 Heavy Knothide Leather 20 Heavy Knothide Leather, 20

Save all of these, you will need them in the following steps.

If you can't find any Fel Scales you can keep craftping Thick Draen...