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The most effective way to judge cell phone service is to get the feedback right from the user via large-scale survey polls. Users should be encourages to vote on the best network coverage, fewest circuit overloads, least number of dropped calls and on the most effective customer service and response.


Wow Mobile Cell Phone Service: Multiplying your Home Business by the Power of 3

From the time that cell phone service was introduced in the US in the early 80's, it has come a long way. Today the USA is the second largest cellular market with around 200 million cellular and PCS subscribers. What was only a cellular service is also now segregated as PCS telephone service other than cellular. While the cellular service operates on an 800 MHz frequency range and PCS (Personal Communications Service) utilizes the 1900 MHz range. From the days of analog cellular, to digital technology to the available 3G services of today, the US cell phone service providers are gearing up to upgrade to 4G levels in the near future offering maximum coverage and internet download speeds in all the stats. Looking through the customer and user reviews on the internet, you are sure to come across grumbling, unsatisfied and frustrated customers who use the wireless services available in the US. While most customers are unsatisfied with the services provided for the price they paid, the others are unsatisfied with the back office and customer service support that is being provided. Liberty International has launched a new free cell phone service that is named WOW Mobile, to which is sure to wow! The WOW Mobile prices for each service are based on the service limitations. For $59.95 you can have access to unlimited calls to US. At $69.95 you get to enjoy unlimited call as well as unlimited texting. For $89.95 one gets unlimited any time calls to anywhere in the US, with unlimited texting and email and unlimited internet connectivity. As it comes with an inbuilt AIR card user can connect to wide area wireless Internet access without any difficulty. There are also no hidden charges over what you are paying initially and it is a safe, cost effective plan that gives unlimited service options. There are also no taxes, no contracts, no credit checks, no taxes, no overages except on international calls on any of the three available service plans but offers an unlimited scope for making money from the closed comfort of your own home. The plan also has the option to tether to multiple devices all at once.With this new WOW Mobile plan in place it offers a lot of home business based earners a chance to increase scope of making additional revenue. For self starters who would like to make a lot of money if they are serious about marketing the options are unlimited. The buy 1 refer 3 and get yours free can be turned in to an opportunity for all those who work from home. When you enroll 3 members into your service the product is yours for free. All it takes is a word of mouth campaign to refer your first set of three who will further refer another 3 and the progression keeps on multiplying bringing in returns every month. Treat this as a business, a multi-million dollar business that it is and it will reward you equal to the effort you put in. Author:

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