10 Ways To Increase Your Online Course Sales From ONE Piece of Content

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  • Every time you put a piece of content out to the world, you are increasing your chances of being seen, heard and found

    by your target audience.

    S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • The more you come up in search results when your audience are typing in searches for your course topic or

    services, the more likely you will be to get their custom over your competitor.

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  • CONTENT = CUSTOMERS. Its as simple as that.

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  • In this presentation, I will show you how you can make every second of effort that you put into

    the content of your course, absolutely work its backside off for you in terms of marketing.

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  • S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

    Here are 10 ways to 10x your marketing

    content from one online course video:

  • YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, and if youre not on it, youre missing out on serious exposure. Take a selection of your short course videos (its up to you how many but about 10% of your course videos is a good guide), and publish them on YouTube.

    Publicly publish a selection of your videos.1S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • Send your short videos to a transcriber so that your video content can be turned into text. Obviously if you script your videos you will already have this done, but I personally film all of my videos script-free, and then get them transcribed afterwards.

    Transcribe your videos.2S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • This very article/chapter, was originally a 2 minute video from one of my courses. After getting it transcribed, I then did some significant editing (the way I speak doesnt always translate well into written form); then I added in some new content, including breaking it up into numbered bullet points and further explanations.

    Edit the transcription into a long form blog post.3

    S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • Email marketing is a great way to make online course sales, as the chances are that your subscribers already know, like and trust you to some degree. Sending them helpful, informative content can significantly increase the likelihood that they will eventually buy from you.

    Send the edited transcription to your mailing list.4

    S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • Edit your original transcription into a shorter text post for social media. When people are on social media, they are unlikely to want to read a long post. So keep it short, and include a link back to the full blog post for those that do want to read more and obviously, a link to your online course.

    Edit the transcription into short form social media text posts.5

    S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • Visual images can attract the attention of social media users more than plain text does. These need to be a little more than just an inspirational message. Pick out actual tips. If your video teaches a process, procedure or model, you could also create an infographic or diagram.

    Create infographics and images.6S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • Many people like to listen to information when they are driving, commuting or exercising, so having your content available in this medium can open up a whole new segment of your market for you. Turn your videos into MP3 files. You can add these to a podcast, soundcloud, iTunes and online radio sites.

    Extract the audio.7S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • Its worth looking into whether your audience are on LinkedIn to see if this is a worthwhile strategy for you; but if you do have an audience there it is well worth publishing your article on your profile as a published post. Include your original video in the post.

    Add your long form article to LinkedIn.8S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • Find online blogs and magazines in your industry and submit your article to them as a guest post. Many online blogs and magazines are hungry for good content and are often willing to post your content on their sites.

    Submit a guest article to industry blogs and magazines.9

    S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • Now you have multiple pieces of content in multiple forms, its time to get it out there as much as possible. I use Buffer to schedule all of my social media posts, and this includes all of the above forms of content for maximum impact.

    Share all of the above products on all social media platforms10

    S A R A H C O R D I N E R . C O M

  • So there you have it. From ONE short video of just a couple of minutes long, you can create more than 10 pieces of content to market, promote and more than 10x the

    sales of your online course.