Black history month

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Text of Black history month

  • 1. 1863 & 1963

2. EMANCIPATION INTEGRATION 3. The year 2013 marks twoimportant anniversaries inthe history of AfricanAmericans and the UnitedStates. 4. 1863Increasinglythose in bondagestreamed intothe camps of theUnion Army,reclaimingownership oftheir bodies. 5. 1863The actions of bothLincoln and theslaves made clearthat the Civil Warwas in deed, as wellas in theory, astruggle betweenthe forces of slaveryand freedom. Thedismantlement ofslavery had begun. 6. 1963On August 27,1963, hundreds ofthousands ofAmericansmarched to thememorial ofAbraham Lincoln. 7. 1963It was on thisoccasionthat MartinLuther KingJr. gave hisfamousspeech, I Have aDream. 8. Just as theEmancipationProclamationmarked thebeginning of the endof slavery, the Marchon Washington, as itbecame known,numbered the daysof secondclasscitizenship. 9. Davenprort University Library Services Association for the Study of African American Life & Historywww.asalh.orgPICTURESSlide 2- Clip ArtSlide 4- Retrieved from http://www.mfa.orgSlide 5- 6 - 7- Retrieved from 8- 9- rights&N=4294939057+18342