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Cultivating Adjunct Faculty

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Cultivating Adjunct Faculty Development and Engagement

#pearsonciteSandra MohrDirector of Faculty ServicesWentworth Institute of TechnologyEmail - [email protected] - - @SandraCoswatte


Good teaching is forever and the teacher is immortal - Jesse Stuart

#pearsonciteSession AgendaSession GoalsWentworth Institute of TechnologyHolistic View of FacultyFaculty Recruitment, Onboarding, Training, SupportQuestions


#pearsonciteSession Learning ObjectivesAssess strategies to recruit, onboard, and develop faculty for face-to-face, online, and hybrid programs.Understand different models of professional development for faculty teaching in online or hybrid models.


#pearsonciteWentworth Institute of TechnologyDo Learn- SucceedCareer FocusedExperiential Learning


#pearsonciteWIT CollegesCollege of Architecture, Design & Construction ManagementCollege of Arts & SciencesCollege of Engineering & TechnologyCollege of Professional & Continuing Education


#pearsonciteCollege of Professional and Continuing EducationFocus on Adult LearnersVarious Learning ModalitiesOnline Blended Face to FaceVarious Learning OptionsMasters Degrees Bachelors Degrees Associate Degrees Certificates Workforce [email protected]

#pearsonciteHolistic Faculty View Create a robust learning environmentFaculty are dedicated to superior teaching and learningRecruiting the right faculty members to teach in the appropriate [email protected]

#pearsonciteCPCE FacultyFull Time FacultyAdjunct [email protected]

#pearsonciteGrowth of Adjunct FacultyFrom the fall of 1993 through the fall of 2013, adjunct faculty roles have grown 104% (Kena et. al., 2015)@SandraCoswatte

#pearsonciteBenefits of Adjunct FacultyBring Specialized Knowledge and Experience Into The ClassroomBring Connections To Business and IndustryCan Add Diversity and FlexibilityAllow For More Agile Scheduling(Wallin, 2007)@SandraCoswatte

#pearsonciteFaculty RecruitmentComprehensive planOngoing outreach for high quality facultyInterviewing/Hiring Collaborative College ProcessTrainingPreparation/Mentoring


#pearsonciteOnboarding ProcessSchool Infrastructure and SupportClearly Identified Performance ExpectationsConsistent Performance ExpectationsConsistent Assessment MethodsEffective CommunicationFaculty Support and Training (Adams & Dority, 2005)


#pearsonciteFaculty Engagement TeamInvolvement in Policy DevelopmentConnecting CPCE Faculty with CampusQuality Control and Institutional [email protected]

#pearsoncitePolicy DevelopmentFaculty ExpectationsOn Campus Contact Points


Hiring New FacultyApplying For OpeningsInterview ProcessInvolve Academic DepartmentsTraining/Technology [email protected]

#pearsonciteOnboarding ProcessHuman Resources Director of Faculty ServicesOnline Training/Course Preparation


#pearsonciteOnboarding Foundations Content Knowledge & SharingActive Learning StrategiesCoherence of Learning ActivitiesMentoring & Coaching (Garet et al., 2001)@SandraCoswatte

#pearsonciteFaculty Course PreparationChance To Be A Student Before Teaching StudentsLearning Teaching Strategies And Developing Plans To Implement Strategies In ClassAllows Time For Practice and Preparation For Learner Centered Instruction(Murthy, Iyer, & Warriem, 2015)@SandraCoswatte


Faculty Integration OpportunitiesInvited To Participate In Campus OpportunitiesOnboarding/TrainingRecruiting EventsProfessional DevelopmentPart Of Campus MaterialsMarketing MaterialsWebsite [email protected]

#pearsonciteProfessional DevelopmentCollege ProvidedFaculty MeetingsTrainingsPeer Sharing/MentoringInstitute ProvidedLearning Innovation Technology TeamOpening Weeks


#pearsonciteCPCE Faculty OnboardingExperience resources like our students would before entering the classroomLearn how to use the learning management systemUnderstand institutional policies and contact pointsLearn best practices for use in faculty [email protected]

#pearsonciteGoals of Professional DevelopmentCreate A Pedagogical Community On CampusFacilitates Faculty Members Becoming More Effective In The Classroom (Shahid & Azhar, 2014)@SandraCoswatte

#pearsonciteFaculty SupportAdministrative Academic Peer/Mentoring

#[email protected]

#pearsonciteReferencesAdams, M., & Dority, K. (2005). Part-Time Faculty: Building a Quality Team. DETC Occasional Paper Number 24. Distance Education and Training Council.Allen, I., & Seaman, J. (2015). Grade level: Tracking online education in the United States. Babson Survey Research Group.Garet, M. S., Porter, A. C., Desimone, L., Birman, B. F., & Yoon, K. S. (2001). What makes professional development effective? Results from a national sample of teachers. American educational research journal, 38(4), 915-945.Kena, G., Musu-Gillette, L., Robinson, J., Wang, X., Rathbun, A., Zhang, J. & Dunlop Velez, E. (2015). The Condition of Education 2015 (NCES 2015-144). US Department of Education. National Center for Education Statistics. Washington, DC. Retrieved [July 30, 2015] from http://nces. ed. gov/pubsearch.


#pearsonciteReferencesMurthy, S., Iyer, S., & Warriem, J. (2015). ET4ET: A large-scale faculty professional development program on effective integration of educational technology. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 18(3), 16-28. Retrieved from

Shahid, A., & Azhar, S. (2014). Sketching Effective Faculty Professional Development Framework. Asian Journal of Business Management, 6(2), 118-123.

Wallin, D. L. (2007). Part-time faculty and professional development: Notes from the field. New Directions For Community Colleges, 2007(140), 67-73.