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French Revolution

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Depiction of French Revolution through pictures

Text of French Revolution

  • 1. The French Revolutionfrom 1789-1799through pictures and printswhich representrole of the middle class

2. The Age of Enlightenment 3. Nobility and clergy take advantage of peasants 4. Third Estate crushed by the heavy levies imposed 5. Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette 6. Nobility enjoying a stag hunt 7. Forming a budget for France 8. The Great Fear 9. The Three Estates on the way to Versailles 10. The Marquis de Lafayette 11. Oath of the Tennis Court 12. Three Estates hammer out aconstitution for France 13. Fall of the Bastille 14. Signing the Declaration of Rights 15. March to Versailles 16. Jacobin Clubs 17. France at war with Europe 18. September Massacre 19. Execution of Marie Antoinette 20. Reign of Terror 21. Robespierre 22. The five headed Directory 23. Napoleons coup d etatFall of Directory