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A man whose job is to lead people to their seats in the theater or cinemaUsher: ngi ch ch ngi

1. Used of television, film or video images2. Extremely high quality, with very clear, sharp outlines and detailsHD: High-defination

1. A film/movie that is about a particular time in historyCostume drama film: phim c trang2. People wear costumes from that time

1. A script for a film Screenplay: Kch bn2. Including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets

1. A person who is employed to play a very small part in a film/movieBackground actor or extra2. Appears in a nonspeaking or nonsinging capacity, usually as a member of a crowd

1. A young actress who is publicized as a future starStarlet: Ngi sao tr c trin vng2. A small star

The voice on an unseen commentator in a film of television programVoice-over: lng ting

1. An unusually successful hit with widespread popularityBlockbuster film 2. It achieves huge sales

1. A film/ movie is about crimes and strange eventsMystery film2. Everything is only explained at the end

A film/ movie that is made especially to be shown on TVTele-film

1. A film/movie that is based on imagined scientific discoveries of the futureScience-fiction film2. Often deals with space travel and life on other planets

1. The process of making films/ movies, video and computer gamesAnimation film2. drawings or models of people and animals seem to move

1. Words that translate what is said in a film/movie into a different languageSubtitles2. Usually appear on the screen at the bottom

1. A film is not suitable for children to watch without an adult2. It has the PG labelParental guidance

1. A person who replaces an actor in some scenes in a film/ movieStand-in or double : Dv ng th2. Especially in difficult or dangerous situations

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