How To Find Your Dream Bug Out Location (BOL) For Your Hobbies

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<ul><li><p>How to Find Your Dream Bug Out Location (BOL) for Your Hobbies By Ken Jensen</p></li><li><p>Outdoor Activities Could Affect Your HappinessIf you like to Mountain Bike or Trail Run, you will generally want some hills or more to ride bikes or run on. If you love to geocache, you can do this almost anywhere, but if you prefer the wilderness caches, you probably dont want to look in downtown Chicago. </p><p>Do you hike? Hikers usually want to be away from it all. You may want to be close to some awesome waterfalls that you can hike</p></li><li><p>Climate Effects Your Activities and Your Property</p><p>If you enjoy winter sports like ice-fishing, skiing, or snowboarding, it will be extremely difficult to do these things in Florida. But Florida may be great for the person that loves to scuba dive every weekend.</p><p>If you enjoy gardening, but dont want to fight the land, then you probably dont want to live in</p></li><li><p>Your Land and Soil can Affect Your Activities</p><p>Do you collect rocks and different minerals? Do you enjoy polishing, cutting, and tumbling gems as a hobby that will second as an income? You will want a location that will provide you the ability to do</p></li><li><p>Think About ENJOYMENT when You Choose Your Bug Out Location (BOL)</p><p>Please dont forget the things you enjoy when you consider your bug out location. Four years later, you dont want to despise your land because it seems like non-stop work.</p><p>Mankind was built to work, but also to play. If you neglect what you enjoy, you will be miserable, depressed, and will hate your property. As a result, you will REGRET your</p></li><li><p>Connect with Us!</p></li></ul>