How to start affiliate marketing from scratch

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How to start affiliate marketing from scratch

In this file, you can ref free useful materials about how to start affiliate marketing from scratch and other materials for how to start affiliate marketing from scratch such as affiliate programs, affiliate tips

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I. Affiliate marketing guides

When it comes to starting out as an affiliate marketer, the most common hindrance is a website. Many new to affiliate marketing stumbles from the fact that unlike well-known super affiliates they do not own a website to start selling in the first place. It can be quite intimidating, but it really is an easy task to overcome. Yes, you can sell from scratch.

There are affiliate marketers whose primary selling point is through PPC advertising, that is, placing and paying for ads on the search engines and having a website for several landing pages for those ads. If you dont have the means to reach to this medium, you can start small by focusing on your organic efforts.

First, the product: Almost all affiliate products can be targeted from what the current trend is to what is familiar. It is mostly free to join affiliate programs in networks like Clickbank and KeywordSpy. If youre just getting started, choose a product thats already known to you and thus would be easier to market. For more tips on this, check out this article on falling for the right affiliate program.

Second, the website: There are lots of mediums to start promoting affiliate sites. Blogs are the most common. Wordpress and Blogspot are the commonly used blogs for affiliate marketing and they are easy to use. For webpages there are also Squidoo, Yahoo! Geocites, and Hubpages. Start by registering (for free), then creating your blog or webpage is as easy as following a step by step procedure, and in a few minutes, voila! You are ready.

Do not be intimidated in posting your affiliate links or graphic ads when HTML codes are not really your forte. Blogspot, for example, offers an easy enough process in adding elements into your blog. Go to Layout, add a gadget to the sidebar section of your blog, add an HTML box, and paste your HTML code and save.

Templates and free designs online are there to help you set up the overall look of your website. After that, it is all about keeping your blog/website updated with relevant information about your products. Other techniques you can invest your time on to start organic traffic is submitting to directory listings as well as participating in related forums and blogs to link back to your site. Write a informative articles and submit them to article directories to reach out to more audiences and inform them about your blog or website. And absolutely no careless linking to other websites for the sake of backlinks, spamming may give you, and your site, a reputation that would not help your affiliate sales.

Nowadays, you can create and learn almost anything online for free. And I mean ANYTHING. Take this advantage to download ebooks and read about website promotion and affiliate marketing for beginners to get familiar with tools and techniques. Start small but keep learning to master your skills.

II. Affiliate marketingstrategies

Affiliate marketing is a low-cost way for merchants to build awareness and showcase their products and services. The model is simple; it works as a commission-based referral system. A partner or affiliate markets a merchant's products for a "piece of the pie."

Affiliate marketing experts often make an income that can tally over five figures per month, however only 1 to 5% of thousands of marketers achieve this level. When an affiliate reaches this elite level they are often referred to as a "super" affiliate.How does one become a super affiliate? Can anyone do it? Super affiliates have common tactics that they embrace and put into place. Anyone can become a super affiliate, but it will not come without blood, sweat, and a hefty time commitment. The typical super affiliate possesses the following traits: Persistence Patience Thirst for Knowledge

These three traits combined with the following strategy gives you the formula for the makings of a "super" affiliate.

1. Find a Unique NicheThe mistake that many affiliate marketing hopefuls have in common is that they try to offer everything under the sun rather than focusing on a specific niche market. Do not scatter your efforts, focus on your niche, promote it, and sell it well.

2. Search Engine MarketingOnce you've built your affiliate storehouse you will need to promote it. Many affiliates use pay-per-click engines. I suggest that you learn how to achieve organic search results or hire a search engine marketing company. This will save you from spending all your profits on pay-per-click engines. Only use pay-per-click engines if you know what you are doing, otherwise all your profits may end in the hands of Google Adwords or Overture.

3. Know Your Product, Know Your AudienceCreate a resource. By taking the time to learn about the products and/or services that you are offering you can create information that builds your credibility. That credibility builds trust. If your viewers do not have trust in you more than likely they will not purchase from your storehouse. If you want more information on the psychological process that an online buyer goes through I suggest that you read my article on the Five Levels of Internet Marketing and the Sales Process. This will help you in creating a web site that converts well, which in return will increase your cash flow.

4. Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Promote products from different merchants. This way if you have a problem with receiving payment from a merchant, or their products do not convert well the effects on your business will be minimal. Watch out for exclusivity agreements; remember this is your business. Protect yourself and diversify so that you do not feel the famine effect if something goes wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting niche products from different merchants.

5. Seek Knowledge and Embrace Change

If you are familiar with Internet marketing at all you know that what worked three months ago may not work today. Stay on top of the trends. Seek knowledge, start by learning something new about affiliate marketing daily. For example remember those marketing tools called "banner" that use to drive sales at an astronomical rate a few years ago? Well those banners developed a term called "banner blindness." That means most online viewers will not click on banners even if they do pertain to what they are looking for. To be a "super" affiliate you must always spend time reading, learning, and embracing the changes in Internet marketing.

6. Don't Give Up

It's hard to do, and most of the time those dabbling in affiliate marketing give up way too soon. Monitor your statistics, watch to see what is working and what is not. Make changes when necessary. Do one thing daily to promote your storehouse and be patient. Before you know it you will start getting payments.Remember that it will not happen overnight. Encompass and develop the persistence, patience, and knowledge. Then follow the tactics I've mentioned above and you are on your way to becoming a "super" affiliate.

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