Latin America Independence

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Notes on Toussaint L'overture, Simon Bolivar, and Miguel Hidalgo


  • 1. Latin America Independence

2. Toussaint L Overture Born Nov. 1 1743 in what is now Haiti Born into slavery Allowed to learn to read and write Raised Roman Catholic Worked as a house servant Gained his freedom by age 33 3. Toussaint L Overture Slave revolt on October30, 1771 Acted as the doctor forthe slave army Feb. 4 1794 was namedCommander in Chief ofthe French colony byNapoleon 4. Toussaint L Overture Instituted social reforms Builtroads, schools, hospitals By : M Erikson , and governmentbuildings Enhanced agriculture Rebuilt the armedforcesBy: treesftf 5. Toussaint L Overture Wrote a constitution that gave all citizens equal rights By: kretyen Appointed himself governor for life Able to pick his successorBy: One Laptop per Child 6. Toussaint L Overture January 1802 Napoleon sent 20,000 troops to arrest LOverture LOverture is tied up and sent France and thrown in a dungeon where he dies soon after 7. Simon Bolivar The Liberator 8. Simon Bolivar Born July 24, 1743 in Caracus, Venezuela Family was very wealthy Received an excellent education in Spain Returned to Venezuela in 1807 9. Simon Bolivar Napoleon installed hisbrother as King of Spainin 1808 This led to resistancemovements in SouthAmerica Venezuela declared itsindependence fromSpain in 1810 10. Simon Bolivar August 6, 1813 Bolivar led a military campaign from what is now Columbia to take control of Caracus, Venezuela and establish the independent country of Venezuela 11. Simon Bolivar In 1817, with the helpfrom Haitian troopsBolivar took the capitalof what is nowColumbia Sept. 7 1821, theFederation of GranColumbia was created Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, and Panamawere created from thisarea 12. Simon Bolivar Bolivar continued to work to liberate other areas of South America Feb. 10, 1824 the Peruvian congress named him dictator of Peru 13. Simon Bolivar August 6, 1825 - theRepublic of Bolivia wascreated in honor ofBolivar August 27, 1828 -Bolivar declaredhimself dictator of GranColumbia which wasmade up ofColumbia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, andEcuador 14. Simon Bolivar Uprisings in many parts of Gran Columbia led to an assassination attempt on Sept. 25 1828 Bolivar resigned as dictator and planned to move to Europe Bolivar died after a long bout with tuberculosis on Dec. 18, 1830 15. Miguel Hidalgo Leader of Mexican Independence 16. Miguel Hidalgo Born May 8, 1753 Catholic priest in the town of Delores in New Spain Midnight Sept. 10, 1810 Father Miguel Hidalgo rang the church bell and gave a speech calling for the death of all Spaniards 17. Miguel Hidalgo Father Hidalgo raisedarmies of free Mexicansand swept throughparts of Mexico andkilled many Spaniards Father Hidalgo wasexcommunicated fromthe Catholic Church forhis actions 18. Miguel Hidalgo Was captured royalist forces after a battle Was defrocked and executed by firing squad on July 30, 1811