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Les Mills Global Scoreboard - Trends from over 4000 clubs with Les Mills Group Fitness

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  • 2. BACKGROUND: THE SCOREBOARD SURVEY Attendance is the key metric in our industry. Its our most basic success measure and the driver of sustainable profit. Its also our biggest risk in light of a changing market landscape. Accurate attendance data is vital for our industry to learn and grow. The Scoreboard Global Metrics survey was initiated by Les Mills just over a year ago to review the industry, with Agent support in all regions. The survey is designed to record and track accurate club and group fitness attendance data, for both Les Mills and our competitors. Just over 4,300 clubs have taken part in the four rounds of the survey. We must continue to encourage more facilities to participate so that we can continue to build robust data and provide regional insight into industry trends. This data reminds us of the power and potential of group fitness. In particular how Les Mills group fitness programs fills classes, maximising club capacity and helps to build engaging and profitable clubs, thereby helping to grow the fitness industry. The following report is a summary of key insights and considerations for Round 1-4. It also highlights Agent-specific territory results. For the most part, local sample sizes were still too small to make strong comparisons with global averages. We have included this information so you can see the potential of this data in future.
  • 4. Globally, across all Les Mills programs, there are around 3.4 million weekly attendances Les Mills Weekly Attendances 3,396,057 Total Les Mills Attendances Per Week i.e. the average was 3,396,057 (based on 14459 clubs * 234.875 attendances per week)Notes: 1. Sample size: Round 3 n= 1017. Round 4 n=1008
  • 5. Thats an average of over 176 million annual weekly group fitness attendances of Les Mills programs! Les Mills Annual Attendances 176,594,964 Total Les Mills Attendances Per Year i.e. the average was 176,594,964 (based on 14459 clubs * 234.875 attendances per week) * 52 weeks)Notes: 1. Sample size: Round 3 n= 1017. Round 4 n=1008
  • 6. Across all Les Mills programs, over 200,000 Les Mills classes take place each week on average Les Mills Classes per Week(1) 201K Total Les Mills Classes Per weekNotes: 1. Sample size: Round 3 n= 1017. Round 4 n=1008
  • 7. Together BODYPUMPTM,,BODYCOMBATTM ,RPMTM and BODYBALANCETMaccount for 76% of total weekly attendance. Since launch CXWORXTM andSHBAMTM have already gained 4% and 2% share of Les Mills attendances. Les Mills Weekly Attendances By Program Share of Les Mills Mar 12 Attendance BODYPUMPTM 1,264,600 40 BODYSTEPTM 189,900 6 BODYATTACKTM 185,700 6 BODYCOMBATTM 449,500 14 BODYVIVETM 56,500 2 BODYBALANCETM 323,800 10 RPMTM 389,700 12 SHBAMTM 77,600 2 BODYJAMTM 123,800 4 CXWORXTM 112,800 4 TOTAL 3,173,800 100%Notes: 1. Sample size: Round 3 n= 1017. Round 4 n=1008
  • 8. HOW IS THE INDUSTRY HOLDING UP?The economic gauntlet has tested our mettle and made us work harder than we thought possible,. but we are a better industry and better times lie ahead IHRSA 2012 Global ReportIn 2011, revenue increased 2.3% and is expected to increase 2.0% in 2012. The US industry will expand at an annual rate of 2.8% through 2017, to $29 billion, and will serve 48.3 million members. IBIS World Feb 2012The middle market in many industries is under attack from both low-cost andpremium segments. Consumers have high expectations even when the price they pay is low Ray Algar, MD Oxygen Consulting, Author of 2011 Global Low Cost Gym Sector Report
  • 9. WHAT IS DRIVING MARKETS AROUND THE WORLD? NEWISM: The new* has never been hotter. For consumers who have grown up in the Expectation Economy demanding the best of the best, the very notion of the new has become a positive one Trendwatching July 012 2 million patents were applied for in 2010, up from 1.4 million in 2000. World Intellectual Property Organization 2011 The innovation-spurring eco-system is totally transparent, with everything now reviewed and rated [online] the moment its created, meaning the risk for consumers of trying out something new is approaching zilch. Trendwatching July 012 Spending is shifting online, e-commerce is no longer about choice, price but about everything consumers look for in any purchase: status, the right product and a compelling experience Trendwatching May 2012 US e-commerce sales will grow 62% by 2016, to USD 327 billion. European e-commerce sales will grow 78% by 2016, to USD 230 billion. Forrester Feb 2012, * This is not just breathless, eco-unfriendly, product-replacing madness.
  • 10. WHAT IS DRIVING MARKETS AROUND THE WORLD? Everything is getting faster. The online world with its relentless acceleration and amplification of information, of excitement, of attention is of course a major contributor to the NEW Trendwatching July 012 The desire to tell status stories is further fuelling consumers never-ending lust for new experiences, especially acute in a world where so much identity is expressed online. Consumers want to collect and mix-and match as many new and varied experiences as possible Trendwatching July 2012 Consumers dont expect brands to be flawless. In fact, consumers will embrace brands that are still brilliant despite having flaws. Brands that show some empathy, generosity, humility, flexibility, maturity, humour and (dare we say it) some character and humanity Trendwatching April 2012
  • 11. WHAT IS OUR OPPORTUNITY?We are operating in a world of relentless acceleration. The industry is economically viable and growing.Consumers [members] have high expectations, want varied experiences and new choices. 11
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