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  • 1. Mousse Description Mousse is a cake shop with a modern Japanese style sweet caf. Mousse caf offers a cozy and warm atmosphere in a contemporary Japanese style. All the products used at Mousse caf are designed to give customers delicate feelings. The logo we use communicates the characteristics of our business subtly. A circle represents a shape of cake and the sun, which customers can link it to the sun presented on Japanese flag. A triangle represents a piece of cake beautifully cut and ready to be served. The color dark brown for the name symbolizes a chocolate cake; yet convey modern and soft feelings. We dont use dark because it is too strong, which is contradictory to the message and the design of our products we want to conveydelicateness. The light brown of a piece of cake represents a feeling of coziness; moreover, it also gives the same of direction of the tone and feeling. The red color directly represents the national color of Japan. It also symbolizes freshness and cherry, which is prevalently used to decorate the desserts. We pick Mousse as our shop name because it is easy to pronounce and remember. More importantly, it relates to our products since it is a type of desserts. The name itself has a nice composition of the alphabets as well. The double S makes the word look overall proportionate. The pattern we use makes the design look more creative and interesting, yet not complex and clustered. It represents Japanese origami and Kimono, which are the strong identities when we think of Japan. Consistency is important to convey a single message and represent identity; thus, we use a duplication of the shape in the logo to create pattern. Besides, it is easy to recognize that the pattern identifies Mousse even there is no an official logo placed in the pattern. In order to create a strong identity of Mousse, we try to maintain consistency as much as possible for our products. All products must give the same feelings and senses of modernization, simplicity, and connection to Japan with a nice combination.