New Zeland Ingles

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2. The flag 3. Shield 4. Music

  • The tipical music of the new zeland is maori.

5. Culture

  • The haka is a typical dance of the Maori culture is a war dance used to scare the opponent.

6. Cultura pakeha

  • pakhea culture derives from the British settlers but differences have been increasing over time as more equality.

7. Festivals

  • International Art Festival of New Zealand is one of the most important.

8. Food

  • New Zealand's cuisine is a fusion of cultures like the Maori, European and Asian cuisine.

9. Geography

  • The country is divided into two islands of the notre and the south.

10. Life and society in New Zealand

  • Life in New Zealand is very quiet. That distingue New Zealand with other countries is that it has many restaurants and very beautiful and there is very little population.In society is very equal and no discrimination and people who come is very welcome .

11. Pronunciation

  • New Zealand English
  • Maori Language

12. The New Zealand Alps

  • Alps of southern New Zealand is going north and south of the island, which makes communication of the northern coast of the south. The highest point of the island is Mount Cook to 3754 meters.

13. Weather