Nifty Networks

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  • 1. Nifty Networks
    Mrs. Megan Hoopes-Myers

2. Teacher Instructions
Introduction:This interactive virtual tour will give students the opportunity to perform a scavenger hunt to learn about the different types of networks.
Grade Level & Content Area:8th Grade Computer Literacy
Students will be able to differentiate between the different types of networks.
Students will be able to recognize and interpret the standard abbreviation with the networks full name.
Relative Advantage: Integrating technology into the classroom will allow students to complete the assignment at their own speed.Visual learners will benefit from this assignment as pictures relating to different topics will be presented.
3. Student Instructions
View the interactive Nifty Networks Virtual Tour that begins on the next slide.
Complete the Nifty Networks Scavenger Hunt worksheet
You must completely type all of your answers
This assignment is worth 85 points for a class work grade
You will ONLY have two 45-minute class periods to complete this assignment!
4. Nifty networks virtual tour
5. What is a Network?

  • Click on the picture for more information!