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  • 1. LA1040Elements of the Law of Contract
    Ramona Vansluytman
    Academic Year 2011-2012

A simple contract (that is, a contract made not under seal) requires an offer made by one party and accepted by the other, valuable consideration given by either side, or a common intention that the agreement should be legally binding
An offer is made when one party makes it clear, by words or actions, that he is prepared to be bound as soon as the offer is accepted by the person to whom it is made. An offer is thus quite different from an invitation to treat, though it is not always easy to distinguish the two.
5. Grainger v Gough [1896]

  • Grainger v Gough [1896] AC 325, HL

6. AAwere London agents for a French wine merchant X; they distributed catalogues and accepted orders which they passed on to X, X reserving the right to refuse any order. The case turned on whether X was liable for tax on contracts made by his agents in England. The House of Lords held that the distribution of catalogues was an invitation to treat and that the offer was made by the intending purchaser. This offer was transmitted by AA to X, and the contract was not made until X accepted the offer in France.