Process of school magazine front cover

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Process of school magazine front cover.

Process of school magazine front cover.(continuing from my manipulated images PP)

I have changed the background to a purple to white gradient, I have chosen these colours as I feel that it works with my magazine because our school has purple as one of its main colours.

I have added my Masthead in large text and black writing to allow it to stand out and be one of the main things that the audience see when they look at the magazine.

I have now added a FREE sign in a black star to make it stand out and for the reader to know that they will be getting more than what they expected.

I have added a strapline at the bottom of my front cover to tell the audience a little bit about what the magazine is about and what will be included in it.

I have now added two coverlines to allow te reader to know what the magazine will entail without opening it.

I have added a sub image to my coverline to allow the audience to know what the article is about without even reading the text.

I have added a Main coverline which is in a lighter colour which I feel makes is more effective as it stands out more than the other coverlines.