Putting it into practice

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Putting it into Practice

PsychoLesson ObjectsFind out you initial reaction to the filmSee how well you can micro read a film

Draw up the following chart on your a sheet of paper

Positive Negative Interesting


On your second sheet of paper write down everything you noticed about:Mise en SceneLocations and SettingCostume and PropsUse of Lighting/Colour

Try to explain what you think it means

Camera Angles

Camera Angles


The Setting

The Spider and The Fly Mary HowittWill you walk into may parlour? said the spider to the fly,Tis the prettiest little parlour that you ever did spy,The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,And Ive got many curious things to show when you are there.Oh, no, no, said the little fly, to ask me is in vain,For whoever goes up your winding stair can neer come down again.

Spider = Norman, Fly = Marion, Parlour = web = trapeven hurt a flyWhat is going to happen to Marion is blindingly obvious in the chosen setting of this scene hiding in place sight7

Mise en Scene


Psycho It took seven days to shoot the shower scene, seventy camera setups for the forty- five seconds of the now famous footage and not an actual bare breast or plunging knife to be found in the final cut, just illusion and montage.

In groups On the paper write the use of micro elements you spot

Some that I spotted!

CameraworkClose up of legs to build tension can not see what is going on aroundClose up of shower head to build tension and running water feels like life running out Close ups of happy face juxtaposition creating contrast with murderMid shot of the murder gives the audience more clues allows suggestion of violenceExtreme close up of eye to avoid giving graphic detail of violence and to show the soul/life slipping from the eye High angle shots to show her a weak

Camerawork ContMainly tracking was used to follow the actions of the victim and build tension.Scene does end in a pan could represent life moving from the victim, demonstrates that the scene has come to an end Close up of water going down the plug hole life going down

Editing Large number of cuts crosscutting between the shower head and her showering creates a spooky effect foreshadowing that she wont be there.Cuts between the murderer and victim Montage during the killing scene with cuts to feet and stomach means that we could avoid seeing the knife enter the skinGraphic match eye and plug hole

MES White and clinical this created a contrast with the gruesome murderShadow of murder creates lack of audience conectionMade the blood more apparentIsolated help not near by Knife could show the blood repeated action

Sound Running water heightened tension created cover for the murder and footsteps Sound as the curtain being pulled back was diegetic so we knew the victim was aware somebody was there. Music added tension when the murder was taking place clearly identified this as the climax as the action . Matched the beat of the stabbing so we could imagine the knife going in at the second

PerformanceFacial expressions were focused on happy and scared Posture faded as life went from her body You could see the arms wrestling and struggling Eyes open at end to show suddenness of the murder and confirm lifelessness.Calm movements prior to attack showed she was confident and contentShowed shadow of killing moving with purpose

Your Turn! Scream!