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Renton Intern Seminar

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WSU INTERN SEMINAR at Renton School District

WSU INTERN SEMINARat Renton School DistrictMarch 9, 2015

Seminar AgendaWelcome and IntroductionsRSD Opportunities and Advice for InternsDebra Tito, Executive Director of Human ResourcesDLT Initiative Work Kassie Swenson, Administrative InternLeadership PresentationDr. Tammy Campbell, Assistant Superintendent, Learning and TeachingQuestions and Administrative Intern Updates IntroductionsBuilding Our Connections


Renton School District Debra TitoExecutive Director, Human ResourcesRenton School District Opportunities and Advice for Interns

Renton School District ProfileSchools: 15 Elementary (Includes MCELC) 3 Middle (4th coming soon) 3 High 5 Additional Sites 15,135 Students835 TeachersRace/EthnicityOur Vision: High quality instruction and learning for EVERY child, EVERY day in EVERY classroom and environment

Department of Learning and Teaching Administrative Internship

Calibration WalksBridging CCSS, TPEP, Instructional Best Practices

Equity and AccessCultural Competency, True Colors Training, Book Study

Common SystemsConsistent Budgeting Process

Department of Learning and Teaching Common Budget Tool Development and TrainingSchool LeadershipPresented by: Dr. Tammy Campbell Assistant Superintendent,Department of Learning and Teaching

The Ultimate Outcome

Know Your Theory of Action: What has to happen on a daily basis for each student in your classroom, school, or district for you to achieve the ULTIMATE OUTCOME?Video

What Are the Cultural and Structural Systems That Need to Be in Place?CulturalStructuralBelief in thepossibility and potential of all students and familiesBudget, policiesand procedures support the beliefs and valuesRecognizethe importance that the TOA needs to be shared by all stakeholdersSystems and protocols for developinga shared visionGrowth mindsetwecan all improve and get betterSystems for ongoing highquality professional learning for everyone Learner stancesas individuals and organizationallyHighfunctioning teams at every level, collaborating, coaching, consulting, calibrating their work in accomplishing common goalsStudentvoice, student need, student results informs all decisionsQuantitativeand qualitative data drives our decisionsQuestions?