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  • 1. SEC.5 - MELS EXAMSecondary 4-Enriched English

2. The competencies The MELS exam evaluates competencies 1and 3 (Interacting orally in English andWriting and producing texts.) Competency 2 (reinvesting understanding oftexts) will comprise of some of theevaluations you completed for Much AdoAbout Nothing and most of the evaluationsyou completed for Of Mice and Men. 3. The dates The C1 evaluation takes place at theend of May. You will be pulled out ofclass, in teams of four, and you willhave to discuss a given topic. The C3 evaluation takes place on June5th, 2013 from 9:00-11:00 (2 hours) 4. The preparation You will get a preparation booklet, afew days before the oral evaluation. Itwill contain texts and questions thatwill help you prepare for the exam. This booklet must be filled out but itwill not be evaluated. 5. The speaking evaluation 6. The written production Your written production will be anopinion text. The MELS requests a word-count of 225words. You may produce a longer text but anytext shorter than the minimum word-count of 225 is an automatic fail. 7. The opinion text the structureThe introduction:Starts with a general statement to bring up the topic.States the problematic situation.States the writers opinion (thesis statement).States the aspects on which the writer will base his/herarguments. OPTIONAL IN A SHORTER TEXTThe body:Each argument must be supported by facts and/or details (based on thearticles in the preparation booklet OR based on other RELEVANT facts orexamples), reasons, arguments, examples and personal experience.The body should have one or two paragraphs (one per argument)depending on length of text.The conclusion:In the conclusion, the writer should sum up his/her main reasons forhis/her opinion.The writer can also finish with one last argument to strengthen his/herpoint. This last argument does not need to be supported like in the bodyof the text (the argument should be strong enough to stand on its own). 8. The written production Opinion text 9. The practiceRead the following article: 10. The practice In pairs, write a strong introduction paragraph on thefollowing topic:Based on recent young drivers statistics, should thegovernment impose an 11 oclock driving curfew fordrivers aged 16 to 24? 11. The practice Finish the text individually (body and conclusion).Based on recent young drivers statistics, should thegovernment impose an 11 oclock driving curfew fordrivers aged 16 to 24?