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Social Media Workshop for Leeds Met third year PR students, March 2012


  • 1.s ummary quic k intro to Umpf why bother with s ocial media? key platforms day in the life of a PR and s ocial mediaagency creative s ocial media campaigns cas es tudies s ocial media #fails what to do next and top tips ques tions ? blogger c hallenge

2. Umpf a quick introduction P R and s ocial m e d ia age ncy lau nch e d in 2009 Top te n s ocial m e d ia age ncie s in th e U K (accord ing to e - cons u ltancy) Be s t s ocial m e d ia age ncy in Yorks h ire (accord ing to th e D ru m ) C IP R G old winne r Be s t U s e of S ocial M e d ia D ad i Award for b e s t financial s e rvice s 3. why bother with s ocial media? 4. why bother with s ocial media?View at: 5. why bother with s ocial media HugeGrowingC hanging the PRindus try dramatically 6. why bother with s ocial media Now more than ever, I am looking for a sound understanding of social media in future employees. I would want to know what channels they are active on and how they can demonstrate an understanding of how brands can benefit from social media on a wider level above and beyond day-to-day Twitter and Facebook updates. Adrian Johnson, Owner, Umpf 7. why bother with s ocial media I would no longer employ someone who shows no sign of a social media life. Just being on Linkedin is not good enough either. I want prospective PRs with a demonstrated involvement in social media. Jono Marcus, Director of Digital Innovation, Citizen Brando 8. why bother with s ocial media Aside from the obvious day-to-day ability to use the likes of Facebook and Twitter, the social media skills employers are looking for relate much more to brand use of platforms. Being aware of good case studies where brands have used platforms not only to engage but also to make money is essential. every good PR campaign inevitably crosses into social media, even if its not at the heart of the push. For me, social media is just another weapon in our arsenal, and while it obviously shouldnt be forgotten, we cant forget the benefits of other PR practises. Were given the opportunity to see what people think of our clients and our efforts for them by utilising searches, replying where necessary and reporting back to give a wider view of the success of a campaign. Rich Leigh (@goodandbadPR), Account Director, 10Yetis 9. Key Platforms - Facebook 10. Key Platforms - Twitter Micro-blogging, using 140 characters or less With promoted Tweets, the platform is starting to form amore concrete approach to generating revenue 11. Key Platforms - Pinteres t Works like a digital corkboard Growing incredibly quickly The hottest new social media platform 12. Key Platforms - Quora Works on the basis of answering questions posed by thecommunity, and is used in Googles algorithm; great for SEO Tends to be more high profile representatives of companies the most corporate of platforms Has kudos, but has not grown much since its launch c. Jan2011 13. Key Platforms - Flickr Primarily photo-sharing platform Small element of interactivity 14. Key Platforms - Ins tagram Primarily photo-sharing platform that sits within Twitter Small element of interactivity but primarily used to boostcontent on other platforms Famous for the great filters it puts on photos 15. Key Platforms - YouTube Purchased by Google and following Panda Update 2.5 moreinfluential in Googles search algorithm 16. Key Platforms - Fours quare Location-based check-ins, unlocking badges for challenges Being overtaken by Facebook places? Offers and incentives based on check-ins 17. s o, how are brands us ing s ocial mediaTo MonitorTo E ngageTo Innovate 18. to Monitor...Paid platforms : Free platforms : 19. to engage 20. a day in the life of a s oc ial media agenc y Social media content plan Monitoring posts and updates about your clients using a desktop tool such as Tweetdeck Complaints resolution Engaging with online influencers Competitions and giveaways Keeping up-to-date with social media news Writing blog posts Updates on the move via an iPhone 21. a day in the life of a s oc ial media agenc y 22. to innovate S ocial MediaC as e S tudies 23. Tweet Pie 24. Tweet Pie 25. Health365.coms Ouch Map D ou b ling of s ite traffic D ou b ling th e m onth ly s ale s ave rage 26. WI and S toves Real J am Fes tival 27. Quora and The White Hous e White House announced it would use Quora to answerquestions on State of the Union address in January Whilst a small platform, it shows that institutions are keen touse Quora as an intellectual platform and one that attractskeen thinkers and those who are politicised 28. Heinz G et Well S oup 29. The Worlds Firs t Facebook C ooker 30. Facebook campaigns a word ofwarning 31. B loggers and J apan Following the devastating Tsunami, Japan recognisedbloggers influence Japan Tourism offered 10,000 free round-trips to bloggers... Provided they blogged about their trips and posted on socialnetworks 32. J immy C hoo C atch-a-C hoo 33. B MI and Ins tagram Holidaymakers encouraged to snap the beautiful country ofItaly, accompanied by #miaitalia on Twitter Over 2,500 entries in total, with a winner chosen each weekand then an overall winner: 34. S ocial Media#Fails 35. Fails 1 36. Fails 2 37. Fails 3 How to rectify? 38. what can you do now? Familiarise yourself with all platforms and how brands are using them creatively Read social media news sites e.g. econsultancy, mashable, The Drum Read industry blogs and leave comments Get on Twitter and engage with people in the industry Use social media to network, it is never too soon to start Twitter, Linkedin are ideal Use it creatively to help your job hunt? Start a blog it doesnt have to be industry related 39. top tips from the indus try Try not to overshare Social media channels are public make sure you are happy with your Facebook privacy settings Remember, a potential employer can (and probably will) look you up online Think about the tone and content of what you are tweeting would you say it out loud? 40. thank you for lis tening Any Q u e s tions ? 41. blog challenge Write a b log p os t re vie wing a s ocial m e d ia cam p aign from th e p as t 1 2 m onth sO b j ctive seE xe cu tionR e s u lts S e nd it to lou is e @ u m p k b y M ond ay 1 2 th M arch , 5p m We will u p load all e ntrie s to th e U m p f b log and p ick a winne r b as e d on th e conte nt you p os t ranks (b as e d on vie ws , re twe e ts and com m e nts ) Winne r re ce ive s 50 gift vou ch e rs