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Startup l'ultime expérience Francis Piéraut, ing. M.Sc.A. President & CEO QMining [email protected]

Startups ultime experience

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Startup l'ultime expérience

Francis Piéraut, ing. M.Sc.A.President & CEO QMining

[email protected] janvier 2012

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1. Cheminement & QMining2. Ce qu'il faut savoir avant de joindre un

startup?3. Startups Avantages/désavantages 4. Montreal startup communauté5. L'avenir des startups, la révolution continue6. Demo QMiner: le futur du monitoring

intelligent d'applications web7. Startups, ne manquez pas cette opportunité

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1ère cohorte gagnante du concours Laval Virtual (France)

Luc Duong, Alexandre Cadrin, Louis Granger, Francis Pieraut

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Polytechnique stageMicrocell-labs

Samy Bengio

Research Scientist in Machine LearningGoogle Inc.

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Marketing (user clustering)

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Après Poly (promo 123)

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Projet Euro-Vélo 200012 pays ~ 9 mois ~6 000 km


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Maîtrise recherche appliquée(apprentissage statistique)

Yoshua BengioProfesseur titulaireDépartement d'informatique et de recherche opérationnelleChaire de Recherche du Canada sur les algorithmes d'apprentissage statistique

Réseaux de neurones profonds

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NLP: Junior Research Engineer Decision Systems: CSO Web monitoring Machine learning specialist* acquired by BMC $130-160 $M

Music recommendation: R&D director

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QMining Story


Idillia, Dakis, DV3

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- Tech startup bootstrapping from consulting

- Technology: data-mining/big-data

- Market: IT & Web Marketing

- Solution: SaaS in the cloud

- Awards & grants: JP, FDM, CQE, NRC-IRAP-YEP


QMining Profileyour data storms solutions

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New Market●Trend

Virtualization, Cloud, App complexity, Consumerization of IT tools

●Shift in paradigm for IT From controlled to uncontrolled environment

●Pain/ProblemApp performance issue more difficult to resolvePerformance issues frequency

●Emerging IT needsTool to find performance issue & link everything togetterMonitoring simplification

●new market in App Performance ManagementQMining -> App Data Analytics (5 functional dimensions to APM )

Same trend in Marketing & Media industries

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You might be loosing $ due to bad user experience right now

Real-user experience

Smart alarms

QMiner Your smart way to manage

real users performance For webapps, websites and APIs

Real-time monitoring+ =

#1 → % of users affected#2 → Causes#3 → SolutionsWant to drill down? go to qminer.com/analyze/131463


See your global user metrics in real-timeDiscover issues in minutes

Get global root causes in minutes

Make your IT more efficientPrioritize issues by user impact

Reduce loss by quickly identifying root causes Enforce consistent screening process


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Case study QMiner

cakemail (email campaign marketing)

Where to replicate servers?

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Acquisitions Landscape

Startups● New Relic

(Tenaya Capital)

● ExtraHop (Madrona Venture Group)

● Prelert (Fairhaven Capital, Sierra Ventures)

● AppDynamics (Greylock Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners)

● BlueStripe Software (Trinity Ventures and Valhalla Partners)


Big Players●Google (urchin) ●IBM (coremetrics, i2)● Adobe (Omniture)● CA Technologies (Wily)

● Microsoft (AVIcode)

● Oracle (AmberPoint)

● BMC software (Coradiant:$100M-$160M)

● Compuware (Gomez)


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7.0 QMining TeamDavid Francis ?? Ricky Luc

●President & CEO: Francis Piéraut P. Eng. M.A.Sc●Performance Engineer: David Yanez B. Ing.●Front-end Engineer: Ricky Marcelin Soft Engineer●Data Scientist: Luc Belanger B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Collaborators- Christian Desrosiers B. Ing. PhD: Professor ETS ● Sébatien Pierre: President Ffunction: Data visualization expert● Patrick Gauvin B. Ing.: Senior Software Engineer consultant● Danny Deschêne B. Ing.: Performance Engineer consultant● Christian Jauvin: B. Sc., M.Sc.: Research Engineer consultant● André Girard: B. Sc: System Administrator

Advisors● Strategy: Laurent Piéraut eng., EMBA Manager at Reinmetall● Lawyer: Gaston Bruneau Managing Director at Insight Prof. ● Strategy/Layer: Pierre-Yves Leduc STIKEMAN● Strategy: Jonah Kowall Research Director IT Ops at Gartner● Finance: Robert Therriault financial professional at Blue Note Mining● Financing: Fabrice Lucherini ITA at NRC-IRAP● Market Strategy: Mike Grandinetti

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Montréal startups eco-système

Page 18: Startups ultime experience

Startups Montréalais en recrutement



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- stabilité- politique+ flexibilité+ apprentissage+ diversification+ fine pointe technologique + employés clés + vue cycle complet

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Opportunité(transition + facile)

StartupStartup Cie établie+ difficile

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“The Hockey stick”

Ventes $



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Avant de joindre un startup?

Êtes vous prêt à tester vos limites?

Êtes vous assez pationné,organisé et motivé?

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Avenir des startups?

En expension●Accès au marché (web & smatphones)●Maturité des composants (paypal, google apps)●Maturité des technologies de mise en change (cloud)

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QMiner recrute été 2012

Data Cloud Engineer●Geek back-end●Leadership●Organized

[email protected]

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Vin est fromage ce soirvenez renconter des startups en

recrutement QMining

[email protected]