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Subject and object questions

Presented by: Sumaya Jumaa

Person Time, moment Position, place Specific thing , object

Randa is calling. (Subject question)Who is calling?

When he get up?He get up at 7:30 Am. (object question)

David has lost his wallet.What has David lost?

Where is the teacher living?The teacher is livingin Istanbul.

Lets read a passage

Carly's FamilyCarly has a large family. She lives with four people. Carly also has two pets.Carlys mom is a doctor. Carlys mom works at the hospital. Carlys mom helps people who are sick.Carlys dad works at home. Carlys dad cooks for the family. Carlys dad drives the kids to soccer practice.Carly has two brothers. James is ten years old. Scott is fourteen years old.Carly has two pets. Jinx is a small, black cat. Diego is a large, brown dog.Carly loves her family!

Quick quiz

DescriptionDrawing Mathematical Sing English songOr dance Pronunciation


General questions Grammar

Writing Ask your teacherOne question Start Vocabulary Pay one diner to your departmentCourtPuzzle


1 Zoom in 2 what is it?3 The weather is 4 What is it ?

1 This is flag for ..2 Zoom in ..3 Caterpillar become

1 The season between spring and autumn .2 Water that falls from clouds in the sky. 3 Zoom in .. 4 After number 9 ?

Describe your mother.

Describe how to make a cake .

Describe you classmate.

M 1M 2


Write special thank for your classmate.

Write 3 adjective that describe your mother.

Write 3 things that make you happy

What do you do in your free time ?Which person in your life has motivated you the most ?Who was the best teacher that you have ever had ?Are you scary of going to the doctor? What phobia do you have ?ABCDE

M 3M 1M 2

The car is in the garage. (object questions)

The car is in the garage.(subject questions)

The caterpillar become a butterfly. (subject question)

Complete this sentence with suitable preposition . Hes interested --------- computer. inonofBe careful ------- that glass. Dont drop it.forwithon