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Last Holiday Hi, I`m Katarzyna, English teacher.I spend my holiday mostly at home in, in my garden with my daughters. We went on some trips, by the lake and to swimming pool. I spent one and a halth week in Roztocze, a beautiful place, with my family and friends. I miss my holiday

Kasias HolidayHi!. In last summer I was with friends in Kozienice. We went to the pool and the lake. Twice a day we had dance classes. We played billiards and went for walks. It was a really great holiday. Rest of holiday I spent at home.

Hi! I`m DanielLast summer I spent at home. Every Mondays and Thursdays I trained Volleyball in the Students Sports Club.In last holiday I was in Kudowa Zdrj. Kudowa Zdrj is in the mountains and bordered by the Czech Republic. I was also in the Czech zoo. In Kudowa Zdrj I was a 3 weeks. The rest of the holidays I was in home. :)

PIOTREK:In summer I was in Hungary with my family and friends. We visited and walked through cities. The weather was sunny. We were swimming in the swimming pools. Sometimes in the evenings I was watching movies with friends. We stayed there for a one week.~Holiday~Most of my time this summer I spent with my friend Veronica. When she came to the grandmother we often met and we spent a lot of time together. In August we went to the lake to Ostrw, to ride there every day on roller skates :D also visited family in Warsaw. This summer was very interesting, I hope that next year will be the same ;)