Analysis of film magazine cover for our gangster film !

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<ul><li><p>Cuff link, suggesting wealth and the idea that the character cares about his appearance.Wearing a suit, suggests wealth, power, formal, serious, and business minded.Glasses gives the impression of a shallow person. Audience cannot see his eyes; showing how they cannot make a judgement on his character because they cannot connect with him. This automatically gives a negative impression of him. There is a negative aura about them because of the fact that you cant make a quick judgement about his character.Title of magazine emphasises the idea of a magazine that would feature new upcoming British directors and producers.Include other candidates film titles and images to advertise their films like a real film magazine.</p></li><li><p>Dark background to hide identity and create the idea of a mysterious figure.Tie suggests the idea of a hidden identity.Hoodie also used to cover up that identity.Using of other films that people are creating in our class.Still havent come up with a name. Liable to change.Is ideal font to put on a movie magazine but is liable to change.Bringing you the best in new cinema. (new sell line)</p></li><li><p>The idea of the bat indicates violence.We did not choose this type of bat and changed the name of the film because it would be like an American gangster film when we are doing a British.Hoodie also used to cover up that identity.Starring out into the audiences eyes for intimidation.Image portrayed like that of a thug.Tattoo suggests involvement in a gang.</p></li><li><p>Title of magazine that we chose. Font style still in debate.Decided to focus on the three central characters: male protagonist, the male antagonist in suit and the protagonists right-hand-man.Decided to let the protagonist hold the weapon, now a cricket bat, to show as it is the main weapon used.Is with the character as he matures.Merging half gangster and half suit. Links to him having two sides to his persona. Links with the poster that we plan to make.Symbolises division: hooded character on the left and suited character on the right, gives impression that he is on both sides.Made him look this way to make him look informal and intimidating. Leaning towards central character to suggest a bond/link between each other.Made him stand away futher from two characters. Standing in the shadow to imply hes a threat to other characters, directly or indirectly.</p></li></ul>