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  1. 1. Instructions to Fill-in Project Document A. Project Information: Indicate name and location of the project; Provide name of District/Province; Attach a map of the area, clearly indicating the Project location. Contact Persons information; Project Start and end dates; Cost of the project; Information regarding organizations/authorities responsible for sponsoring, execution, operation and maintenance. B. Organizational Background; Provide a brief background of the implementing organization; Provide collaborative history if any; What prior experience the organization has in the project area?
  2. 2. C. Project Description 1. Goal & Objectives: The Overall Goal and Objectives of the project be explained here; Indicate objectives of the project and develop a linkage between proposed project and the sector to which it contributes; Where possible, the project objectives should be alligned with women development/empowerment, Govts policies concerning gender equality and attainment of MDGs.
  3. 3. 2. Project Rationale, Description & Justification: Provide project background and rationale; Describe the project and indicate existing facilities (for male & female separately) in the area and justify the establishment of the Project; Provide estimated number of male & female beneficiary of the project; Provide technical parameters of the project in quantifiable terms. Also discuss technology aspect of the Project; Provide the details of civil works, equipment, I.T infrastructure, and other physical facilities required for the project. Indicate governance issues of the sector relevant to the project and strategy to resolve them. 3. Project Strategic Relevance: Indicate Primary Thematic Area; Indicate secondary thematic area.
  4. 4. In addition to above, the following sector specific information be provided Social Aspects with Gender Perspective ; Effect of project on the quality of life of residents of the area. Gender integration in project goal, purpose, objectives and activities; Gender disaggregated data is given in the project document; Gender based employment opportunities, closely linked to income distribution; Has sufficient budget been assigned for the development of both men and women; Has women participation been given due consideration during planning and implementation stages.
  5. 5. Education, Training and Manpower Give student-teacher ratio for the project and the national average for the proposed level of education. Year-wise proposed enrolment of the institution for 5 years. Provide Teachers strength in relevant discipline in case of expansion of facilities. Indicate the extent of library and laboratory facilities available in case of secondary, college and university education. Provide details of technical staff required for operation & maintenance of laboratories.
  6. 6. 6 Research Indicate benefits of the research to the economy. Mention number of studies/papers to be produced. Indicate whether these studies would result in commercial application of the process developed (if applicable); Linkages with industry.
  7. 7. 7 For I.T. project Provide Backbone switch & Router specification; Distribution & Edge Switches specs; Networking cable system and specs; Networking/LAN diagram; Software requirements; Availability of services (DSL, Dial-ups, wireless)
  8. 8. Health and Family Planning Projects Indicate whether the proposed facilities are preventive or curative. Population/Patients-Doctor Ratio; Beds per ward Bifurcate the facilities between: In-door Out door; and Department-wise
  9. 9. Agriculture Sector Projects Soils in the region of the project. Potential for agricultural development. Availability of water, both natural and supplied. Crop varieties and livestock species. Potential and desirability of mechanization. Pests epidemic and the kinds of control . Determine the potential yields. Cropping pattern & possibilities for multiple cropping. Marketing and storage facilities
  10. 10. Livestock Projects Give the livestock situation of the country and mention any problems connected therewith; Potential for Livestock development. Present and future herd size; Land required per animal for feed. Their species age characteristics and production capacity; Determine the potential of livestock breeding. Vaccination issues.
  11. 11. Other Production Sector Projects Fisheries Projects: Give area for fishing and the legal rights to that area; the availability of trawlers; amount and type of fish likely to be available. Forestry Projects: Indicate nature and state of existing forests their growth rate and any problems connected therewith. Give details of species; rotation and anticipated rotation and volume yield. Indicate availability of complementary services, e.g., access roads, saw mills etc.
  12. 12. Water Supply & Sewerage Projects Present and projected population and water availability/ demand. Indicate source and water availability (mgd) during next 5,10,20 years. For waste water/sewerage, provide present and future disposal requirements, gaps if any and proposed treatment methods and capacity. Indicate present and proposed per capita water supply in the project area, comparison be made with water supply in similar localities.
  13. 13. D. Project Budget & Annual Phasing: 1. Capital cost estimates Basis of determining the capital cost be provided. It includes market survey, estimation on the basis of previous work done; Abstract of cost. 2. Physical Phasing: Provide year-wise estimation of Physical activities by main components as per following: Component-wise, year-wise physical phasing Items/Description Unit Year I Year II Year III Total A. B. C.
  14. 14. 3. Financial Phasing: Capital cost be worked out on the basis of each item of work as stated above and provide information as per following. Year-wise/component-wise financial phasing Items Year I Year II Year III____ Total_ Total Local FEC Total Local FEC Total Local FEC Total Local FEC A. B. C. D. Total
  15. 15. 4. Annual Operating Cost; Item-wise annual operating cost for 5 years. . 5. Demand Supply Analysis Existing capacity of services and its supply Projected demand for ten years Capacity of projects being implemented both in the Public & Private sector Supply demand gap Designed capacity & output of the proposed project
  16. 16. 06. Financial Plan Sources of financing (a)Equity: Indicate the amount of equity to be financed from each source Federal Government Provincial Government Foreign Equity (indicate partner agency) NGOs; Beneficiaries (b) Debt: Indicate the Local & Foreign debt, Interest rate, Grace period and repayment period for each loan separately. The loan repayment schedule be also annexed. c) Grants: Local and Foreign
  17. 17. 07. Project Benefits/Costs Analysis: Financial: Income to the Project along with assumptions. Social: Quantify benefit to the target Group Environmental: Environmental impact assessment negative/ positive. Quantifiable output of the project Unit cost analysis Employment generation (direct and indirect) Impact of delays on project cost and viability
  18. 18. 08.Implementation of the Project a) Implementation Schedule Indicate starting and completion date of the project: Implementation time in months. Item-wise/year-wise implementation schedule in line chart correlated with the phasing of physical activities.
  19. 19. 08.Implementation of the Project b. Result Based Management (RBM) Indicators Indicate Result Based Management (RBM) framework indicators in quantifiable terms in the following table. Input Output Outcome Targeted ImpactBaseline Indicator Targets at Completion
  20. 20. 9.Management Structure and Manpower Requirement Administrative arrangements for implementation of the project. Manpower requirements during execution and operation of the project be provided by skills/profession. Job description, qualification, age and salary of each job be provided.
  21. 21. 10. Certificate Prepared by _________________________ Name, Designation & Phone# Checked by _________________________ Name, Designation & Phone# Approved by _________________________ Name, Designation & Phone#